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Dempsey and Brooks nearing return to action at respective clubs

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Though they weren’t called into the U.S. Men’s National Team for the two upcoming World Cup qualifiers in the next week, USMNT fans can take solace that both Clint Dempsey and John Brooks are nearing a return to action.

Dempsey, who missed his third consecutive match last Saturday in the Seattle Sounders’ 5-1 pummeling at the hands of the Colorado Rapids, is continuing to improve his fitness in training and according to Sounders head coach Sigi Schmid he’ll be in the game day squad when the Sounders face the Vancouver Whitecaps on Wednesday evening.

Meanwhile in Berlin, Brooks is recovering from an elbow injury suffered on September 22 and returned to first-team practice on Wednesday, participating in some light running according to his club Hertha Berlin’s website.

“While running I have no problems so far but I’m not sprinting (yet)!” Brooks told Hertha’s website. “It is now important that I have my arm completely healed.”

The 20-year-old centerback will likely be reintroduced to his club side slowly but in the meantime, he said he will keep an eye on the USA’s results in their qualifiers, though he’s not sure if he can stay up late enough to watch the games live.

“I don’t know if I can stay awake so late,” Brooks said, “but probably I’ll look at the results the next day.

“I hope that next time (the USMNT plays) I’m there!”


What do you think of these developments? Happy to see both Dempsey and Brooks back in training? Do you see them both in the USMNT squad in November? What impact does their absence have on the current USMNT squad?

Share your thoughts below.


    • Interesting, I read “I don’t know if I can stay awake so late, but probably I’ll look at the results the next day” and thought, oh wow, there is dedication.

      He cares so much about the team that he will Probably check the score. The kid plays in the Bundesliga, I am sure he can afford a DVR. Why cant he at least record the game and watch it in the morning, since he appears to be a morning person, and he doesn’t have a game to get ready for. How many soccer fans could say the same thing about probably checking a score for any World Cup Qualifier at this stage.

      I guess we can all take something different from the same article?

    • The injury and sitting out Saturday also mo made it so seattle wouldn’t 3 starters in 2 big games. What a joke MLS plays not only one game, but is making teams play multiple games during the international break.
      Not sure Seattle wants to see all their money go to having him recover with the club to go play two meaningless games in qualifying.

  1. Maybe Dempsey should, I don’t know, work out more and stay in shape? Dude must have been sitting on his butt, playing FIFA, and eating Cheetos in the off season.

    • Bale has been hav ing the same problem as Dempsey because he had little to no pre-season. Gues that makes him lazy and good for nothing, too.

  2. Although it is ideal to have Demps with the USMNT, I think it is more valuable for him to be with the Sounders. We know what he is all about and what he brings. I think it is more valuable to see some of the other players – Aaron in particular – get tested.

    Unless something drastic happens, we know Dempsey will be there next summer. And we relatively know where he will play – paired with or underneath the forward spot. Who knows, his starting spot may be tested at that point but we know he will be there.

    The important thing now is to have him be as sharp as possible. Let him build up his time with the Sounders – get some goals and gear up for a nice load spell in Europe for the winter.

    • Kev –
      After the 2010 WC I wondered if Dempsey & Donovan wouldn’t potentially be moved from starters to impact subs (Ala Colbi Jones in 2002). My thinking at the time was could their bodies hold up to tournament play, would the depth in the USNT player pool catch up, etc…. IMO there is still a real possibility that one or both may be religated to the super sub role….or be in a rotation. With the arrival/progression of Fabian Johnson, Aron Johannsson, Bedoya, Zusi, Mixx, etc, the possibility still exists. That said as long as both are healthy I expect both to be on the flight to Brazil.

  3. Is there any chance JAB could get called up for the second game? I assume that’s a no, but I really want to see him play again, the one game we have so far with the USMNT isn’t enough to satisfy me!

      • He needs to be at Sounders so he can improve his game. Curetly he is not playing well with sounders and needs to get playing time with his team. And this gives us good look at what are attack and team would look like if Dempsey got a yellowcard or injured. Also time for some other guys to step up and show what they can do.

      • Yeah, he missed three games so he could fake an injury to skip a couple of nat team games.

        It is not just your comments, you are overrated as a coach too.

      • I’m a Sounders fan and it doesn’t seem unreasonable to suggest that Dempsey could have contributed v Colorado, but was held out to ensure his availability v Vancouver and Portland. From the Sounders perspective, that’s a 2 for 1 trade.

        I don’t know who you think said he faked injury for 3 games to avoid a call up.

      • My guess he could have been in the 18 on Saturday, but Seattle didn’t want him called in for meaningless games when the knew EJ and Evans would be gone.

      • Suspicious? Hardly.

        Even if he is healthy enough to actually get out on the field and play, he is way short of match fitness and it would be impossible for him to be at the level that JK has repeatedly said he wants Clint to maintain if he is to go to Brazil.

        And Dempsey certainly would not be at his usual standard and fit and ready for Jamaica by this Friday.

        So by JK’s standards, Clint does not deserve to be there anyway

        If Deuce stays in Seattle and works back towards match fitness, he is more likely to be ready sooner. After all he has to make a decision on a loan soon.

        At this point the sooner Deuce gets squared away at Seattle the sooner he will be fit for the USMNT.

        Besides he has already been replaced by AJ haven’t you heard?

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