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Red Bulls rout Dynamo again to move closer to Supporters Shield

TimCahillNewYorkRedBulls1-SeattleSounders2013 (BrandonBleek)

The New York Red Bulls didn’t need long on Sunday to show just how serious they are about winning the MLS Supporters Shield.

Seven seconds to be exact.

That’s how long Tim Cahill took to deliver a record-setting opening salvo, scoring the fastest goal in MLS history and setting the tone for a 3-0 Red Bulls romp over the Houston Dynamo at BBVA Compass Stadium on Sunday.

The victory marked the second romp in Houston for a Red Bulls side that is now one win away from lifting the team’s first major trophy. A victory on Sunday vs. the Chicago Fire would give them the MLS Supporters Shield and home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Cahill races onto a long Dax McCarty pass, chesting it forward and blasting a shot past Tally Hall just seven seconds after the match kicked off.

“We went out there and we enjoyed the game and you can tell in the end with the result and how hard we worked for each other,” Cahill said. “It’s a big moment for us to be in this situation.”

Houston failed to break through the Red Bulls defense as the Dynamo searched for an equalizer,  and Ibrahim Sekagya headed home a Peguy Luyindola pass close to goal to make it 2-0 in the 65th minute.

Before the Dynamo could respond, the Red Bulls made it 3-0 just 10 minutes later when a Jermaine Taylor clearance attempt blasted off his own teammate and into the path of a wide-open Bradley Wright-Phillips, who finished the chance to secure the victory.

The loss keeps the Dynamo in sixth place in the Eastern Conference heading into the final weekend of the regular season. Houston needs a victory in their regular season finale vs. D.C. United, and a loss from either Montreal, New England or the Chicago Fire to secure a place in the post-season.

Here are the match highlights:


  1. I believe the relative lack of posts from NY supporters is indicative of our traumatized and paranoid state at even the THOUGHT of actually winning something, ANYTHING, meaningful. Let alone talking about it before anything actually happens. Seen too much & now I’ve said too much.

  2. I still believe in my mls prediction, timbers vs impact at pdx. As for mls supporter shield, anything can happen. U got red bull, timbers and skc but im giving it to timbers.

  3. Before soccer specific stadiums, soccer teams had to play second fiddle to american football. Build soccer specific stadiums and soccer remains second fiddle to american football in some of these stadiums. Frustrating.

    • That’s just not true. Yes, LA, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Columbus, etc. host other events in their stadium and many times these events are football games. While the field is sacrificed on some occasions it is still good business. Soccer does not play second fiddle to football in any of these stadiums. Also, the field had no impact on the result in this match. The field still looked better than the Dynamo.

    • Even with a goal inside 15 seconds the football marks were the first thing I noticed. Why!? Beautiful stadium loses credibility so fast with the football markings… what a shame.

      • I wish it were just Texas! How many games this weekend had handegg lines over them? I think the green spray paint may make it worse!

        Still better than 10 years ago though where every field had them…

    • It’s all about the Benjamins. The question is who gets what percentage of the revenues. As businesspeople rather than soccer purists, they want their additional revenues. So Houston gets football and rugby and everything else. But so do many other venues as people point out.

      I must remind people, the best attended team plays in a football stadium on turf. The worst attended team plays on grass in a SSS. There are other dynamics besides stadia.

  4. Not a big surprise in light of results earlier this season….2-0 away, 4-1 home.

    I think our central backfield has a Matt Schaub immobility problem. All three goals I’m not sure if more athletic backs would allow. Slow to react to the ball, too easy to split.

  5. As a die-hard Dynamo fan I can truly say that tonight’s game was terrible. How do you put up 20 shots but only 3 were on frame? New York put up 5 shots and buried 3 and should’ve had 4 if not for the crossbar.

    The pitch looked terrible. The weather was perfect but players kept falling and slipping all over the place (Dynamo players). It’s retarded that there were 3 games played during the week leading up to this game (college football practices & games).

    I knew last week when Houston failed to beat Kansas City that beating New York was gonna be a no-go. The strikers have got to do better. People wanna say that Houston’s defense is bad but it only looks that way because we’re playing against the number 1 conference leaders in the East which include Tim Cahill, Thierry Henry, etc. Those guys get paid lots of $ because they can finish.

    Hopefully either Montreal, New England, or Chicago loses next week and Houston beats DC United so the Dynamo can sneak into the playoffs.

    • I was telling people back in preseason I didn’t think we’d addressed forward correctly. Nor did we sign anyone to fix it in the summer. It’s like the Texans with their #1 and #2 QBs. At what point does having a position staffed poorly become a FO/coach problem rather than a “blame the player for being themselves” issue. You can coach up kids on finishing but let’s be real the problem is depending on a bunch of vets who just aren’t very good. Hence 39 GF and -1 GD.

      I mean, Bruin has had an off year, but Barnes has been playing out of position all year, and I don’t think you have to be a genius to question signing Ching (deteriorating, almost retired), Weaver (2 goals in 2 years), Carr (didn’t play til August last year, no games this year), and Cummings (2 games worth of minutes no goals). Knowing we were struggling for goals we signed Lopez and traded for Carrasco.

      TSU football was part of the deal.

      • TSU was part of the deal but was Rice? They were part of a double header there last weekend I believe. Pitch is crap.

        Issues all year encapsulated in the game.. can’t score and the back line can’t defend. Sure am gland we signed that Lopez kid as a ‘DP’ summer signing.

        Back to the pitch, I think since we really don’t score any goals anymore with crosses, set pieces and headers we should widen bbva to open up the passing lanes a bit more.

      • One of the more interesting theories about the Dynamo is that as presently aligned we only play particularly well at home because it’s easier to play a deadball game with slow CBs on a postage stamp pitch. If we have to play on a wider field then the play opens up and the defenders can’t stand around to do their job as much.

        The theory on Lopez was he was the #10 this team has been missing since DeRo. But we’re still playing two DMs and the attack looks like it. And then when we do get the ball in there is basically one forward to score it.

        In terms of the defense, Boswell is 30 and was never fast to begin with. I like Taylor on and off but he’s never played consistently well. Ashe is awful. I think we need a defensive overhaul. Not a big Sarkodie fan but I think his ability to get downfield and hit a cross is useful and we can see if he learns to play defense.

    • There’s a thin line between our homefield streak and playoff runs and being just a little arrogant about how far our vets can take us…..remember 2010? In terms of competitiveness for silverware I think we continue to ignore the important of the forwards. Too dependent on deadballs.

      I like our chances with DC coming up but we’ll have a midweek CCL game too.

      I’m hoping that like the Texans the Dynamo see heavy turnover this offseason. Their is a strong core to the team but some ageing players and unproductive veterans.

      • you were right about forward.

        When i saw the field condition against KC i looked up info on our TSU contract. All I found was a TSU message board stating it was for 30 years.

        Someone please tell me they meant 3 years.

  6. Noooooo!!!!

    Are we going to have to change the DCU cheer for the Metros…..? From: “How many trophies have you won? Not a one!” — to “How many trophies have you won? Just the one!”

    • Redbulls might get two trophies before the season is over. I dont give them a huge chance of winning the cup. Considering any hot team can just go on an unbelievable run.

      But RBNY with Cahill, Henry, Espindola, they can beat anyone. Robles is getting awesome just in time. If the midfield can keep it together, and the defense stop giving up stupid errors who is better?


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