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Soccer Friday: Your Running Commentary

EdenHazardBelgium1-Croatia (AFP)


World Cup places will be booked while others’ dreams are dashed as World Cup qualifying kicks into high gear on Friday.

One of the most interesting match ups in Europe is new power Belgium visiting Croatia, who are always one to watch in international tournaments and rarely lose at home. The winner of this match will surely win the group and with it, automatic qualification to Brazil next summer.

In South America, while Argentina are qualified and  Colombia and Chile are likely to join, Ecuador and Uruguay battle in a game that could decide who earns automatic qualification and who has to play in the play-off game against Jordan in November. Estadio Azteca takes center stage tonight as Mexico face a must-win match against Panama, knowing that they could be out of the World Cup if results around them don’t go their way.

If you will be watching today’s action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s TV schedule is after the jump):

11am – Armenia vs. Bulgaria – ESPN3

11:30am – Lithuania vs. Latvia – ESPN3

12pm – Moldova vs. San Marino – ESPN3

12pm – Croatia vs. Belgium – ESPN Deportes/ESPN3

12pm – Azerbaijan vs. Northern Ireland – ESPN3

1:30pm – Malta vs. Czech Republic – ESPN3

2pm – Bosnia and Herzegovina vs. Liechtenstein – ESPN3

2:30pm – Albania vs. Switzerland – ESPN3

2:30pm – Luxembourg vs. Russia – ESPN3

2:30pm – Netherlands vs. Hungary – ESPN3

2:30pm – Estonia vs. Turkey – ESPN3

2:40pm – Andorra vs. Romania – ESPN3

2:45pm – Germany vs. Republic of Ireland – ESPN2/Galavision

2:45pm – Sweden vs. Austria – GolTV USA

2:45pm – Greece vs. Slovakia – ESPN3

2:45pm – Slovenia vs. Norway – ESPN3

2:45pm – Iceland vs. Cyprus – ESPN3

3pm – England vs. Montenegro – Fox Sports 1/Fox Deportes

3pm – France vs. Australia (Friendly Match) – Univision Deportes/ESPN3

3:45pm – Portugal vs. Israel – ESPN3

4pm – Spain vs. Belarus – ESPN Deportes/ESPN3

4:30pm – Venezuela vs. Paraguay – beIN Sport Play

5pm – Ecuador vs. Uruguay – beIN Sport en Español

5pm – Colombia vs. Chile – beIN Sport Play

5pm – Honduras vs. Costa Rica – beIN Sport USA

6:30pm – USA vs. Jamaica – ESPN/UniMas

7pm – Virginia vs. Maryland (College Soccer) – ESPN3

7pm – Argentina vs. Peru – beIN Sport USA/beIN Sport en Español

9:30pm – Mexico vs. Panama – ESPN News/UniMas


  1. If Mexico draws against the Ticos in Costa Rica they are in no matter what, but that is easier said than done, though. Panama will be a handful in Panama against the U.S. It will be interesting who Klinsmann starts in Panama. Most of the starters that played today probably get a rest.

  2. Mexico passed down the middle and scored. They always pass side to side then go wide and cross. When they go wide the defense gets organized. This is why Mexico has been sucking. Just saying attacking down the middle should be plan a and going wide as an option. Does not matter if the defense bunkers; create a chip pass and wrestle for it. Good things happen when the ball gets closer
    to the net.

  3. LOL at Mexico’s lightning bolt/super hero jerseys. At least they’ll look good with their fans’ luchador masks when they’re playing friendlies against Guam next summer when everyone else is in Brazil.

  4. England going to the World Cup

    Germany, Switzerland are in the World Cup.

    Let’s get some support for BOSNIA. Nation of just 4million and they are so close to the WC

  5. Lukaku looks odds on to be a BEAST come the World Cup

    dude will only be 21 next summer. If he has a good season with Everton and a decent WC you can expect Barcelona or Real Madrid come buy him next FALL

  6. I think the Dutch just broke Hungary

    RVP is now the dutch’s top scorer of all time. Gotta give him credit. You wouldn’t have expected that 3 years ago? when he scored just once 1 in the world cup

    • Did he even score in the WC? I’ve completely forgotten. He was really out of form, and Sneijder distrusted him so much that he simply would not pass the ball to him. A halfway in-form Van Persie, and the Dutch have a chance in the final. An in-form RVP, and the Dutch might’ve won.

  7. France already up by 2. Reports saying Australia will fire their coach if they lose badly again (despite having qualified already).

    • Portugal vs Israel
      Germany vs Ireland
      England vs Montenegro
      Romania vs Andorra
      Denmark vs Italy
      Gonna flip through all of these

      • Good picks. Will be interesting to see how England deal with Montenegro.

        France also have a friendly with Australia today – they apparently haven’t played each other in over 10 years.

      • hm, scratch that last part about how long it’s been – I think they mentioned a few other matches between the two since then.

      • England have to be composed and FINISH something this english side simply cannot do. Australia has to play well against France. Especially after last months thrashing against brazil. Cahill has to lead this australian team. Osieck is in the hot seat and may lose this post as manager if they lose. Hoping for a 2-1 upset against France.

  8. If Ireland can perform a miracle and beat Germany today and Sweden beats Austria, than Sweden will only be two points behind Germany with one game to go: Germany at Sweden next Tuesday. That game would be epic

    • If there were some extremely impractical results you could have the following teams all be in the playoffs: Spain, Germany, England, Portugal, Belgium, Greece, Turkey, Switzerland. Could you imagine the uproar if England or Portugal got Germany or Spain in playoffs. A 1% chance of happening but I think the internet would explode

      • Apparantly most of the general public in England are so dissillusioned with their national team that they probably would just shrug their shoulders. Don’t worry, the internet is stable, for now.

  9. The winner of Croatia vs. Belgium will not win the group. Belgium will win the group even if it loses to Croatia as long as it doesn’t also lose to Scotland on the 15th. Actually it will probably also win the group with a loss to Croatia and a draw against Scotland


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