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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

Vincent Kompany of Manchester City and Nikica Jelavic of Everton

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Following a rough trip to Aston Villa and a disappointing Champions League performance against Bayern Munich, Manchester City look to get their season back on track with a home victory over the English Premier League’s last unbeaten team.

With three wins and three draws to start the season, Roberto Martinez’s Everton squad enter the Ethiad Stadium early Saturday with confidence and an impressive record against Man City in recent seasons. Tim Howard and the Toffees sit in fourth place after Monday’s victory against Newcastle United, which featured another fantastic performance from on-loan striker Romelu Lukaku.

The day’s EPL action wraps up at the Stadium of Light, where winless Sunderland prepare for their battle against a reeling 12th-place Manchester United. David Moyes and the defending league champions were stunned at home by West Bromwich Albion last weekend, and a midweek draw at Shahktar Donetsk did not do much for the Red Devils’ confidence heading into their final match before the international break.

While Man United battle Sunderland, defending Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich continue their hunt for the top spot in their league in a road match against Bayer Leverkusen. First-place Borussia Dortmund, who take on Borussia Monchengladbach in the league’s early Saturday offering, will definitely have their eyes on the result of this battle between their two biggest competitors in this early season race.

If you will be watching today’s action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today’s TV schedule is after the jump):

7:45am – NBC Sports Network – Manchester City vs Everton

9:30am – GolTV – Borussia M’gladbach vs Borussia Dortmund

10am – NBC Sports Live Extra – Cardiff City vs Newcastle United

10am – NBC Sports Live Extra – Fulham vs Stoke City

10am – NBC Sports Live Extra – Hull City vs Aston Villa

10am – NBC Sports Network – Liverpool vs Crystal Palace

10am – beIN Sport en Español – Elche vs Espanyol

11am – beIN Sport – Monaco vs Saint-Étienne

12pm – beIN Sport en Español – Rayo Vallecano vs Real Sociedad

12:30pm – NBC Sports Network – Sunderland vs Manchester United

12:30pm – GolTV – Bayer Leverkusen vs Bayern München

2pm – beIN Sport – Levante vs Real Madrid

4pm – beIN Sport – Barcelona vs Real Valladolid

6pm – Univision – América vs Guadalajara

7pm – MLS Direct Kick – New York Red Bulls vs New England Revolution

7:30pm – MLS Direct Kick – Columbus Crew vs Sporting Kansas City

7:30pm – MLS Live – Philadelphia Union vs Toronto FC

8pm – UniMás – Tigres UANL vs Toluca

8pm – Univision Deportes – Atlante vs Monterrey

9pm – MLS Direct Kick – Real Salt Lake vs Dallas FC

9:05pm – Telemundo – León vs Puebla

10pm – NBC Sports Network – Colorado Rapids vs Seattle Sounders

10pm – Univision Deportes – Atlas vs Cruz Azul


  1. I don’t know what is worse, Sunderland’s passing or Altidore’s hold up play. He was constantly beaten to the spot and out muscled but at the same time GoingUnderland can’t string a series of more than 2 passes together past the midfield.

    • Just once I’d like to see him fight, gamble that his man’s gonna get him the ball, and duck in for the near post instead of constantly dropping off and hoping for the miracle ball. We all know he get’s crap service like the Johnson ball in the first half with nothing to finish, but he’s gotta make something for himself then. Instead, he’s just been giving up, and that’s the real problem.

      • I would agree that he gave up by the end of the first half. Also you’re right that he constantly just dropped off to the back post and never made any near post runs or cut in front of the defender. I think he has a confidence issue… it has gone from an all time high to an all time low in the blink of an eye.

    • You should have seen Fulham vs. Stoke. So many give aways and bad passes, both teams were really close to bad. At least Cameron wasn’t as bad as many of his teammates and it was a terrible give away in their own half by Stoke that led to the winning goal by Fulham. Both teams made Sunderland look good by comparison.

      • There may be a sentence but I don’t think there’s any actual intellect there. He’s key was a really good EPL player for a long time. Jozy is very similar to Heskey in many ways though he’s a better finisher.

      • Hahaha nice… Hope Altidore enjoys the championship next year. Hell, he will probably be loaned to to some bottom table Turkish team in January.

      • Possibly but he’s a better player than this Sunderland team. We’ll have to see who ends up with the team (hopefully Poyet). If he does end up playing lower Turkish football, he’ll have more support and will be able to build his form back up for the World Cup.
        Also, you are a moron.

      • No, -1.

        What is this? “Also, you are a moron”

        You had a good comment, stick with that and be done with it. The other guy made his comment, which had some truth. Maybe Jozy is not cut out for the Premier League and it is possible he could get loaned out. There is too much hate on the internet. Does putting down other people make you feel better about yourself?

        Anyway, on Jozy, I always thought a move out of AZ was a bad idea right before the World Cup. He was getting lots of playing time and top seven in league scoring. Why mess with a good thing. This move to Sunderland is looking very similar to his stint at Hull City where he also received bad service and didn’t score many goals. He deserves to go to a better club than Sunderland. Although he is much better now than at Hull City, he still needs to try harder to get in a better position for a pass. A lot of the time in today’s game, it looked like he was just standing, walking, or waiting for the ball to come to him. He needs to have a bit more energy in his game. Put more pressure on the defenders which could open up some space.

      • This is me not feeling the need to comfort a troll with an acknowledgement that I respect his opinion. I can handle it in my own way.

        In terms of Jozy, I agree and have said as much several times. You watch enough minutes over last 5+ years and you can tell when he’s simply not trying cause he’s frustrated. He’s always run hot and cold like this. If he wanted to, he could have muscled his way much more through the second half. Body language is important with him because he will show exactly how he’s feeling and will play to that level. He’s not Giggs or Bocanegra. You look at Jozy’s face and you can see it all there cause he doesn’t hide it (which might not endure him as much to his next manager regardless of his talent)

    • what exactly are the similarities? you know, besides them both being big and black?

      and i would argue that heskey was very much cut out for the premier league.

    • Well you didn’t really expect him to score against Man U. If he doesn’t get one in the next 2 against Swansea or Newcastle maybe you start to worry.

    • A rising tide lifts all boats. Hard to score goals when your team you’re playing with is crap.

      It’s like the difference between Chicharito with Man U and with the Mexican team. With Manu U he’s a scoring threat. With Mexico he’s Pee Wee Herman without a bike.

      • eh?

        Hernandez has a stellar record with Mexico. Already on his way to being the all time leading scorer before he even hits his prime. Provided Mexico qualifies, that is. Otherwise he will be waiting until 2015 to suit up for Mexico again.

      • He’s more referring to the fact that Hernandez has only scored 2 in this round of qualification (8 matches) and that was back in March. As Mexico has been sliding this year, so has his form with the Tri and they’ve only scored 4 goals total which is partly his problem.

      • considering that Hernandez has over 30 goals in less than three years playing with Mexico that’s a pretty dumb comment.

  2. It is honestly incredible that some of these Sunderland players get paid to play professional soccer and are missing passes and crosses by 10+ yards.

    • No. Because Arriola’s cross didn’t lead to a goal. He played a give and go with Arce, who took a shot that bounced off of Herculez and into Martinez’s path for the goal.

      • Verbeeks style only works because in Holland most teams would rather try to play well than win. They don’t do that in the EPL.

        Then again Martinez does it and succeed pretty well. Wigan got relegated though… which kinda shows the problem.

      • Wigans manpower was ehh but the the thing is sunderland has good players they just need discipline (not dicanio style) but verbeeks.

  3. Moyes managed to make Man United even more direct with those two subs.

    Januzaj was actually looking to interchange positions and look for space, so no wonder he got taken off.

  4. The toughest thing about being an American soccer fan is being surrounded by the fear, inferiority complex and self-loathing of so many other American soccer fans. The sky is always falling and it’s always the worse case scenario for USMNT players, whether it’s Bradley, Altidore or whomever. Sunderland is terrible. Its tough to put in all that work and see your teammates give away the ball time and again. That pass was another case in point.

    • Yes but as an American I expect Jozy to continue to battle through adversity and not keep his head down. It’s an American mentality.

    • The second toughest thing is the amount of fans that believe the Americans never make mistakes and it’s always their teammates/coach/whatever else that causes them to not be the best

    • The second toughest thing is the amount of fans that believe the Americans never make mistakes and it’s always their teammates/coach/whatever else that causes them to not be the best

    • Agreed. It’s ridiculous the way people react on here when an American goes through a patch of not scoring, or is on the bench for a game or two. It’s like all of the positive things they have done, even recently, doesn’t exist.

      • Jozy hasn’t scored in 7 games. That is the fact. It’s more like a valley turning into a desert.

      • “Jozy hasn’t scored in 7 games. That is the fact.”

        Altidore has 0 goals in 6 league appearances. He has 1 goal in 2 cup appearances.

        I can never remember are facts supposed to be true or just made up?

    • People on this site and others seem to be extreme, either too down or overly excited by some US player. US players are so much better than before and we have so many more good players, and a couple of really good players, but we are hardly world class yet. The important thing is that soccer is growing and increasing in quality year by year in the US and will almost certainly continue to do so.

  5. and now they’re losing. Altidore can’t win a ####ing ball anymore. He just shrugs his shoulders every time it comes to him.

  6. Manonne is way better than Westwood. Shame. Honestly why isn’t Mavrias even on the bench the kids a boss his crossing is really good

  7. How long before Sunderland bring in another forward through transfer? 0 goals from their forwards. Midfielders share blame.

      • If he’s going for Giaccherini, its even worse. He’s got 2 men there, and he managed to avoid both of them.

    • Overall their midfield is pretty inept, but I’ll admit that they do look better today – bodes well. However, selfishness is a trait that is difficult to change, no matter how much their chemistry improves

      • Really, the difference in this game has been Sunderand’s backline which has been strangely competent. If it wasn’t for Vidic’s horrible touch, they’d have produce the exact same amount as every other match.

      • Vidic deserved booking for his elbow to the back of Jozy’s head within the first 15 minutes right in front of the ref…instead not even a whistle.

    • This is why Jozy has not scored. They can’t even feed him the most basic simple pass. Sunderland could have put this game to rest already.

      • a player who thrives on service, Jozy, who gets weak support there from this team

        most of us here know that I think, but some hate Jozy always and vulture any chance to prove it

  8. Every single time Altidore looks to head the ball back down on a long ball, Cleverly is the first one there to pick it off.

  9. Sunderland’s midfield remains inept. It’s good they’re up 1-0, but they’ve had so many chances to play better balls into the attacking third. Lots of hopeful 50/50 balls to Altidore, poor crosses, and taking too long to get the pass off.

  10. ####ing hell Jozy. Go on a run. Try to get a little bit tricky in the box here. If you’re gonna piss and moan about not getting the ball, earn it.

      • I didnt say it was a great pass. It was a good professional play.

        He controlled the ball, side footed the ball to a teammate. The teammate ran into trouble and lost a ball.

        It doesn’t matter whether it was fancy, it was controlled, and went where it was supposed to go. he didn’t put his player in a bad position

  11. You’ve gotta give Moyes credit for what he’s achieved this season… spent over 11 years trying to get Everton ahead of Manchester United in the premiership table and now he’s finally succeeded! — glennaldo_sf (bs member)

  12. Goal Sunderland and Jozy does not celebrate. I’ve noticed jozy tends to make the run to the far post when he should be cutting into the near post.

  13. Fabian Johnson wasn’t in the lineup today with Hoffenheim. Jones didn’t play. Danny Williams bench for Reading, Spector, Ream, and Lichaj started in the Championship.

  14. Some quality strikes in the EPL today. Sturridge, Remy, Bent with nifty moves in and around the box to create space for their goals. Hoping we add Jozy to the list of strikers on the tally sheet as maybe ManPoo is a bit vulnerable (or given Sunderland’s D, they will romp anyways).

  15. here’s the line-ups in full:Sunderland: Westwood, Celustka, Colback, O’Shea, Roberge, Cattermole, Ki, Gardner, Johnson, Giaccherini, Altidore.Subs: Cabral, Larsson, Wickham, Cuellar, Dong-won, Borini, Mannone.Man Utd: De Gea, Rafael, Evra, Vidic, Jones, Carrick, Cleverley, Januzaj, Nani, Rooney, van Persie.Subs: Giggs, Smalling, Chicharito, Welbeck, Valencia, Kagawa, Lindegaard.

  16. What in the world is going on with Edu, is he still injured or just super out of favor? I have to think he would be better than Stephen Ireland and the like.

    • he ain’t going to Brazil. Got injured back in May and still recovering. He should have moved back to Turkey or joined a French club. He won’t get any PT at Stoke. its gonna cost him a shot for Brazil but doubt he has much chance since our mid-field is now Bradley, Jones, Cameron, Diskerudd. Not to mention likes of Kljestan or Torres or Beckerman.

    • He and Shea have played in a couple reserves matches but are yet to even make the bench. Stoke City had started the season strong while both were injured but now they’ve only scored one goal and gotten one point from the last 4.

  17. Ummm… Just because you’re up 3-0 doesn’t mean you get a pass on marking in the box. Liverpool taking foot off the pedal against CP in the second half.

  18. City were the better team but that penalty was bogus. As a defender Zabaleta should be ashamed to be diving in the box and fooling the ref, what goes around comes around for that. If that was a penalty Everton should have had one in first half

  19. So I guess Howard is credited with both a save on the initial penalty and then an own goal as the ball went from Howard’s hand, to the post, away from the goal, then off Howard and in. Wow. Now THAT’s a bad luck own goal. Nice save though!

  20. Pretty weak penalty there for city. I really can’t stand watching Naismith for Everton, the only premiership he should be playing in is up in Scotland.

    • watched the second half. (great game, by the way.) he started at right back, and then moved to center back later in the game. in the second half at least, he looked solid; good defending, good attacking.

      i’m assuming ream did well too, but it was kind of just a wall of defenders for bolton (understandably), and i couldn’t really pick him out on my crappy stream.

  21. Evertons first real test. Baby Drogba Lukaku looks like a steal. But everton arent finding him in thje second half. Was a bigger threat in the first.


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