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Savarese signs contract extension with Cosmos

Carlos Llamosa & Giovanni Savarese (Mike Gramajo / SBI)


With his team on the verge of clinching a place in the NASL Soccer Bowl, the New York Cosmos made Giovanni Savarese an offer he couldn’t refuse to remain with the club for the long-term.

The Cosmos announced on Tuesday morning in a press release that Savarese has signed a “multi-year” extension to remain with the club after leading his side to first place in the standings through 12 weeks in the NASL Fall Season and an undefeated campaign at home. Per league and club policy, terms of the contract were not disclosed.

“What Gio has achieved as a first-year coach is exceptional,” Cosmos Chairman Seamus O’Brien said in a club statement. “He’s managed to put together a cohesive squad playing good soccer in a very short amount of time. We have a vision for the team’s future and Gio has proven on the field that he’s the man who can help deliver it.”

The 42-year-old former Striker was hired as the team’s head coach on November 19, 2012 and charged with putting a team together from scratch. Through his vast scouting network and array of contacts, he was able to sign former MLS players like Carlos Mendes, Hunter Freeman, and Danny Szetela as well as bring in a number of international players such as Marcos Senna, Roversio, and Ayoze, to name a few.

“It’s an honor and privilege to coach this storied club,” said Savarese in a statement. “I’ve had tremendous support from day one with our ownership group and I have the benefit of working with a great staff and group of players.”

If the Cosmos (7-4-1, 25 points) tie or win their next match at the San Antonio Scorpions next Saturday, they’ll clinch a place in the Soccer Bowl where they’d meet the Atlanta Silverbacks on November 9 at Atlanta Silverbacks Park. The Silverbacks earned the right to host the Soccer Bowl based on them winning the NASL Spring Season.


What do you think of this news? Happy to see Savarese sign an extension? Do you see him improving the roster in the winter?

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  1. Cosmos in MLS for the 25 or 26 team, since MLS will go for 26 teams by 2024. The magic number is 28, according to wvhooligan connections he has. Remember, will MLS go for warm weather markets or cold markets, even though if they have stadium plans or lots of money.
    Warm markets- Phoenix, San Diego, Sacramento, Vegas, Albuquerque, San Antonio, Austin, Alabama, Tennessee, Tampa bay, nc, sc, Oklahoma, El Paso tx, Louisville
    Cold markets- Detroit, Minnesota, Baltimore, st.louis, cosmos, Cleveland, any Canadian city, Milwaukee, Indiana.
    So there, after Orlando,Miami,Atlanta and Sacramento are in……….which other markets are in from the warm and cold markets. MLS make your selections.
    If i was MLS I would start asking for sss with heated field or some kind of crazy roof cover for the cold markets.
    As for warm markets, good drainage and of course roof cover for the sun n heat.

  2. I have to believe that if the Cosmos didn’t extend his contract, MLS teams would have come calling very soon, like NYCFC, Columbus or Dallas.

  3. Coach Savarese should be given an extension at what ever price he wants. The coach has molded a good team to watch play, one that wins, and he has a good understanding of the fans, the media, and what the owners want the Cosmos to be.

  4. Good Move! Cosmos keep building. Their prioritizing US Open Cup
    Will make cup bigger & provide some juice, even for MLS
    When the Cosmos beat their teams. Also Cosmos in Champions League will do wonders for that competition w/ added pub, the Cosmos gets

      • Laugh all you want. If DC Untied can do it, then half the teams in the NASL can. It’s just a matter of getting the right draws and then catching RSL-like clubs off guard. (DC United, for crissakes!)

      • I’m sorry, how many lower division teams made it past the quarters? And how many lower division teams have ever made the final since MLS started? The answer to both questions is 2. For the Cosmos to have a realistic shot at the USOC, they need to strengthen in a big way. Their current squad is great for the NASL, but it can’t compete with MLS teams.

      • i dont know mike…the cosmos are not like any other “lower division” team…there is no comparison when it comes to squad strength in terms of salary cap as any of these lower division teams…in fact, in terms of sheer numbers, it may be even higher across the board than some MLS teams (of course, this is based off of reported numbers)…..

        additionally, the lower division teams have to start earlier in the compeition than most MLS sides, therefore increasing the likelihood of upsets and early exits….i’d imagine that if all teams started off at the same point we’d see more MLS sides upset….i fully understand that rewarding the top league sides by starting them later is the ‘reward’ of being top level, i’m just talking about how cosmos would compare had they been a part of the competition from the same point as MLS level….

      • It’s really hard to judge without seeing the Cosmos actually play any MLS teams yet. It’s clear that they are a step above the rest of the NASL teams… but can they compete with MLS squads? I think they are probably as good as the likes of DCU and Chivas USA… which doesn’t sound like much, but based on this year, it can win you the USOC.

        I think the Cosmos will do another round of bulking up ahead of the 2014 USOC – which they’ve said will be a priority. And then we’ll be able to gauge just how competitive the Cosmos are against MLS teams. I understand skepticism in thinking they can win it in their first year, but i don’t think you can totally rule out the possibility either. You never know!

      • Well the honest truth is that NASL squads are already competeing against MLS squads in the USOC and holding their own. So I’ve no doubt if the Cosmos are already a “step” above NASL clubs I would assume that they should do well in head to head match ups with MLS… Regardless it will all start to play out in just a few months.

    • I think it’s possible for the Cosmos to win the USOC for all the reasons described below. However, MLS squads have typically faltered at the CCL due to lack of depth. The Cosmos may be able to muster enough talent to pull a DC United (although even that result is an outlier) but will they be able to keep up with the best of the region, particularly if one or more of the starting 11 go down? I’m not rooting against the Cosmos, but I think it’s a minimum of several years before they both win the USOC AND have any chance of making noise in the CCL. And frankly, anything short of winning the CCL, or at least dominating MLS teams in the USOC on a regular basis, fails to fulfill their goal of becoming THE preeminent US soccer team without being in MLS.


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