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Report: Johnson held out of Sounders practice for undisclosed reasons

Eddie Johnson


Things in Seattle appear to be going from bad to worse at the most inopportune time.

According to a report from the Seattle Times, the Sounders, winless in their last six matches, practiced without Eddie Johnson on Wednesday ahead of their Sunday season finale against the LA Galaxy. No specifics were given for Johnson’s absence, but Sounders head coach Sigi Schmid hinted at it being for disciplinary reasons and said that the forward’s status for the weekend is “up in the air.”

Johnson, Seattle’s leading goal-scorer for each of the past two seasons, had stormed out of practice on Tuesday after being visibly upset. The 29-year-old U.S. Men’s National Team forward then posted some interesting quotes on his Instagram account on Tuesday and Wednesday that read, “I believe in treating people right, but I’m not going to waste my time trying to treat somebody right who doesn’t know how to return the treatment.” and, “Don’t let your loyalty become slavery. If they don’t appreciate what you bring to the table … let them eat alone.”

Earlier this season, Johnson celebrated a goal against the Columbus Crew by saying “pay me”. The celebration has been discussed at length this year by media and fans as has been the topic of if Johnson is deserving of a pay raise or Designated Player slot from Seattle.

Johnson has nine goals and two assists in 20 games this season. He scored 14 goals and had three assists in 28 matches in 2012.


What do you think of Johnson being held out of Sounders practice? Expect him to return in time for Sunday’s match? Should Seattle give him?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. While I completely agree that EJ is underpaid, his actions by making it public and ranting about it on social media is just a recipe for disaster. EJ , you’re not the only one getting underpaid. Many many players are in that same situation. MLS needs to improve on salaries very soon, pay market value for these players. However going about the way you have only makes you out to be nothing more than a
    “MAN CHILD”……….GROW THE ____ UP!!

    • EJ – Failed at Fulham, Cardiff City, Aris, Preston, and Puebla.

      Dempsey – arguably the best American field player with 7 years of EPL experience, the large portion of that as a starter.

      EJ’s contract is the contract he signed when he was awful and Seattle still paid him six figures (which they should). he’s revived his career and absolutely deserves a raise…a raise that Seattle has said repeatedly they plan on giving to him. and given his performance, he has every right to ask for a big contract. and maybe this frustration is stemming from a disagreement between the number EJ wants and what Seattle wants. it’ll be interesting to see what the deal is as more info comes out.

      • EJ didn’t fail at Cardiff or Aris. Neither team could afford or wanted to spend what Fulham was asking in transfer. He was a fan favorite at Cardiff and I believe one of the top scorers on Aris. If you look back at the economic turmoil and societal uprisings in Greece at that time then you really couldn’t expect Greek clubs to be dropping big money (big money for Greece but relatively small for the Premier League at that time) on players when they were just trying to stay afloat.

      • Didn’t fail at Cardiff? He had 2 goals in 30 app. Not sure what your definition is but that is a terrible strike rate.

      • he scored 7 goals in 60 apps while on loan. 0 goals in 19 apps with Fulham. so, 7 goals in 79 apps in Europe. there is nothing successful about that to back up the argument that he deserved a bigger contract when he first arrived. $175k was fair and while we all agree he deserves a raise now, to compare EJ’s and Dempsey’s starting MLS salaries makes no sense. apples and oranges.

      • I don’t agree with EJ storming off but it does illustrate an inconvenient truth for the MLS. For every Dempsey, Donovan and Gonzalez getting big DP money there will be several players that are almost as good that will feel grossly underpaid. Clint is definitely better than EJ but not 24 times better which is the ratio of their respective salaries. This type of disparity is bound to cause resentment and the MLS better get a handle on it or this type of thing will repeat itself all over the league.

      • Clint is definitely 24 times better/more valuable than EJ.

        And I say that as someone who is hugely disappointed in how the Dempsey transfer has played out so far. EJ’s had a big last 12 months or so but as they say, form is temporary, class is permanent.

        I expect EJ’s hot streak to return to his stepovers to nowhere shortly enough.

  2. Statement from EJ: It’$ not about the $$$$$. I ju$t want to be re$pected. I may not be a$ good a$ Demp$ey, but I can $core lot$$$ of goal$$$$$$. #NotReally

  3. Houston has Cummings playing for $239K with 187 minutes and no goals or assists. By comparison even 9 goals, much less 14 last year, for EJ’s $150K, is a steal. EJ is also as productive as Martins for 1/10 the cost.

    That being said, EJ should behave more professionally and I don’t blame them for the discipline. Seattle, though, might have done well to tie this up earlier. It is idiotic to be throwing money fits on the eve of the playoffs but I think they are also playing a little game with EJ/Dempsey/Martins that might or might not backfire on them.

    FWIW, I think Seattle is doing this as a gesture because they’ve clinched the playoffs and this weekend is just about seeding. If this was playoff week I think they’d tell him to shut up and then play him.

    • The only thing I disagree about is his production. His scoring rate is not much different on a per game basis. Everyone in the stadium agrees he deserves more money, but we’re a humble city, if not fan base. 🙂

      You keep that crap indoors, in my opinion. Given a fair valuation, I wouldn’t be terribly disappointed to see him leave at season’s end. Bit of a head case for my liking…

      • I don’t think it’s possible for Eddie to keep anything “indoors.” That’s simply not how divas like him operate

  4. My guess is that Seattle is renegotiating Rosales, or planning on being done with him.
    They are offering a DP contract to EJ ($500k ? 700k ?) and EJ doesn’t think it is enough.

    EJ, you are free to go anywhere at the end of the year. What is he upset about, the chance of Seattle being the highest bidders out of a billion teams in the world is about zero….unless, unless, unless Seattle is overpaying him ?

    • you get that he’s not actually free to go anywhere he wants right? This is the MLS, if he wants to stay in the US, he has to deal with the clear as mud free agent system in place… mainly, going through another draft process. I can’t blame him, they over spent on Clint, and given how much he’s meant to the club the last two years, I’d be pissed too if I was being lowballed.

      • i think he meant: “anywhere he wants, as long as the organization is willing”. obviously, if someone doesn’t want to pay him what he thinks he deserves, that will limit his options.

  5. I wonder if he ever gave any money back to Fulham or any of the other clubs he under performed at, or if he expected them to honor the terms of their contracts and cashed the checks just the same?

  6. Funny thing is.. When the Kansas City Wizards used to pay EJ $900,000 a year. He was the most overpaid player in MLS. Not only is he unworthy of that salary, he was the laziest player on the field. Seriously didn’t even look like he was trying in the games I went to.

    Any Seattle fan who hopes he gets DP money, this is what you are going to get as soon as he has his last big payday.

  7. Seattle keeps getting stranger and stranger. It’s pretty entertaining between EJ’s tweets and Sigi’s pressers and the teams losses.

    The Sounders are going to have to dump or reduce in pay Rosales. EJ wants DP money and I can’t see how Seattle can afford him along with Martins, Deuce and Rosales. Let’s not forget they’ll want to leave options open on bringing other players like, oh say, a proper center back. Neagle is also deserving of a pay increase to (not sure his contract situation) because he’s become pretty valuable and a lot of other MLS teams would love to have his skills and versatility.

  8. Eddie Johnson is one of the few American pros that grew up broke in an inner-city environment. This is a guy who told MLS 36 that he grew up idolizing drug dealers because of what they could afford to have; perhaps there’s a connection with that mentality and his behavior. He signed a contact, he deserves more money, but he can agitate for that when the team is not imploding. I agree with most: he’s not a professional. But most people are a product of the circumstances they actualized in. I was really happy to see him do well, but he has no clue when it comes to the “bigger picture” ie there’s room for professional development beyond the immediate pitch for people who had successful soccer careers. What a dummy.

      • I don’t know EJ personally or know anything about his upbringing so I’m not commenting on that, but it wouldn’t surprise me for the journalist or team who put together that insider episode to stretch, editorialize or exaggerate the truth to fit their “rags to riches” narrative.

        Especially considering that people’s notions of what “rags” and “poor” mean can be pretty relative.

      • that’s why im curious if it was fabricated. because his mom and himself talk about growing up in poverty and in the inner city. me, knowing nothing about his upbringing, took the episode as truth given EJ was the one telling us that. but like you guys have pointed out, Bunnell, FL certainly isn’t inner city. but it sure seems like he was broke and if it wasn’t for the Sawyer family, EJ wouldn’t have been able to afford playing.

        “The median income for a household in the city was $21,210, and the median income for a family was $25,231. Males had a median income of $27,500 versus $17,891 for females. The per capita income for the city was $13,274. About 20.1% of families and 22.5% of the population were below the poverty line, including 32.5% of those under age 18 and 13.1% of those age 65 or over.”

      • I haven’t watched the episode and didn’t know the show existed. So I can’t comment on it. I just don’t classify that area as inner city. It may have never been easy for him but he managed.

      • the only thing this confirms is it isn’t “inner city” in the terms of Southeast DC or something like that. simply because he played against him doesn’t mean anything given EJ’s travel soccer was paid for by the Sawyer family because EJ’s mom could not afford it and was on welfare.

        i do agree, i wouldn’t consider it inner city but the town clearly is not wealthy. and EJ’s neighborhood might as well have been inner city by the way it looked in the episode.

      • Sam you are crazy. Check a google map ” S Bacher St, E Booe St, & S Chapel St. is the general area he grew up in.

        tell us if you think this is a well to do neighborhood.

      • I never said anything about it being a well to do neighborhood. I only said he wasn’t broke and it wasn’t inner city. Low population a low income just mean that it is poor. EJ found a way to play on an expensive soccer team growing up. He had it tougher than others but I just wouldn’t describe him as a poor inner city kid.

    • Seattle does have to abide by the salary cap, they already have 3 DP’s…. doubt they have any flexibility financially at this point.

  9. I know that this is the internet and speculation runs rampant here, but can we wait ’til we get some more info about the situation before calling a dude an unprofessional, never-was, hyperbolic-prima dona who was rescued off the scrap heap when nobody (not even his momma) wanted him, cry baby, money grubbing, once overpaid, once under-performing, envious, covetous, jealous much, team wrecking, home wrecking, locker room wrecking, now playing, now scoring, now winning, still sinning, crying and whining, pissing and moaning G.A.M.

    Can we hold off on all this at least until we can get some more info?

    Pretty please …

    • 1. would you have said that at the start of the season?
      2. do you think his contract has a “renegotiate at will” clause?

      I sympathize with the man and want him to see him rewarded for a great season, but this will not help his cause.

      • I’ll play

        1. Yes. He should have got a bump when in January
        2. Yes. This is America. Covenants aren’t worth the paper they’re written on anymore.

        (Except for making changes to a ticket on Price Line. Com)

      • not sure what reality you’re living in, friend, but I’d sure love to visit next time my paycheck comes around…

        EJ does not have the kind of leverage you seem to think he’s entitled to, and what little leverage he’s built up this season up and walked out with him when he left practice.

    • Obafemi is already known name and done well for first season in MLS. Most DPs need two season to explode in MLS.

      Dempsey, well Dempsey is Fulham’s legend and carried Fulham Europa Cup final, done well in the World Cups, help carried USNT, and I do agree Dempsey is being overpaid.

      Don’t forget Johnson failed with Fulham and other Champions clubs, Johnson only does well with CONCACAF level teams and sucks vs elite national teams. NOTE : Johnson failed hat-trick vs Argentina, in 2003, under 20’s World Cup.

    • no, he did not deserve it when he signed his contract. he failed in Europe and Seattle took a chance on him. Dempsey is a proven player as well as Martins. don’t be naive. Seattle has made it clear they have every intention of giving him a much better contract at the end of the season. yet EJ still acts like this.

    • EJ deserves it way more then Dempsey or Oba ?

      OK, so I will expect where ever he ends up, that he will make more then.
      Wanna wager on that ?

  10. This smacks less of a training dust-up of EJ and Sigi than it does a call from his agent saying things aren’t going well in discussions for next year with the FO. Sounders have consistently said, very publicly, that they agree with him, EJ deserves much more money than he’s getting but they are limited by salary cap etc etc and will make it right next year. If there’s been any backtracking at all on that promise, EJ has every right to be upset – an athlete’s career is short and he has a family to provide for.

    I’m just guessing, but so is everyone else. Which brings up a larger issue. Sounders, for all their marketing wizardry in fan relations, are remarkably naive when it comes to PR. Nature, and sports journalism, abhor a vacuum. “No comments” on the true status of injuries or rosters or who is going to be the starting GK this week or – more to the point – whether something is disciplinary or not, is a recipe for the darkest, wildest speculation by fans and journalists. Fact is, no one knows what this is about. Could be something in EJ’s personal life for all we know. Could be that those quotes on his Instagram account have nothing to do with this or have been taken out of context – the account is full of look-how-cute-my-kids-are photos and inspirational sayings. Journalists have jobs to do – leave them without the facts and they will have to start reading tea leaves or jet trails in the sky in order to do their jobs. As has happened in this case. A little transparency goes a long way in PR.

    • “EJ has every right to be upset – an athlete’s career is short and he has a family to provide for.”

      if only he hadn’t accidentally signed that contract that said that he would get paid a certain amount.

      • His contract ends after this season. He has been playing on a promise – repeated publicly – that the Sounders would make it up to him with a new contract next year. As they have with others, like Rosales.

      • He is not playing on a promise…he is playing on a contract he signed that pays him a fixed rate through the end of the season. He can sign with a different league next year if he doesn’t like what MLS has to offer when it comes time for a new contract.

  11. honestly, EJ is really starting to bug me. he thinks he is the sh!t because he has revived his career. bro, good job, but get your ego in check.

    granted, i have no idea what happened, but my immediate reaction to reading this was EJ is being a diva.

  12. Undisclosed reason meaning he’s probably whining more about “Pay me.” Does he deserve a raise? Absolutely. Does he need to make a scene of it? Nope. The old Eddie Johnson is coming out. Strikers always have big egos, but the smart ones know when to let it come out.

  13. Walking off the field doesn’t get EJ any closer to where he wants to be. It is not going to make the Sounders want to pay him more, Jurgen Klinsmann play him more or potential suitors want him more. EJ should probably suck it up until the WC then try to get a transfer during the summer. I am sure there are clubs in Mexico that would pay him more than he is making in the MLS especially since EJ made all Mexico painfully aware of what he is capable of.

  14. Eddie isn’t feeling all that different from what an average person would feel. His actions however are not helping his cause. In his mind this form over the past two seasons is his “true” form and everything that came before it doesn’t count, or is in the past.

    Not many people when it came to their day jobs would say to their boss “yeah at the previous job I was totally overpaid, so now that I’m doing well, I’m OK with you underpaying me relative to the market and relative to that other guy you brought, paid 10x what you paid me, who hasn’t done squat”
    His should grit his teeth, play well and get a Joe Flacco-like payoff at the end instead of self-destructing. But I don’t buy what the other posters are saying about how they would be OK with being underpaid because Fulahm overpaid him years ago.

  15. It could be that Eddie “pay me pay me pay me” Johnson is not happy that his good buddy Clint Dempsey was brought into the team at a salary about 25 to 30 times higher than Eddie’s. It just sort of seems that Seattle began to disintegrate about the time Clint made his dream move to MLS. Every USMNT fan’s worst fears about Clint’s move to Seattle appear to now becoming reality. The upheaval at Seattle has the potentially to negatively affect the USMNT. Clint needs to go back to Europe in the January transfer windown. Honestly, playing at Sunderland would be better than what is happening for him now in Seattle.

    • Let’s be clear here. If EJ had not (by his own actions and failure to perform) become a charity case for the club that took him in to give him “one last chance” then I don’t think the gap would be that big. In other words, if EJ has a problem with the fact that Dempsey’s stock higher than his based on recent form in previous leagues, that is not Deuce’s problem, that is EJ’s problem…

  16. I think Eddie needs to remember what league he is in. If he wants to ‘get paid,’ then he seems to have two options: (1) Finish out the season and then demand a trade to become another team’s DP, because I doubt that will happen in Seattle. The reason Dempsey got the big contract is, despite his current form, because he was consistent in England for an extended stretch of time and made himself into one of the most popular U.S. NT players of this generation. Eddie Johnson has done neither of those things. (2) Finish out the season and tell your agent to put out feelers in Europe. I doubt he would get much attention from the big leagues, due to his past failures, but maybe an upper echelon team in a second tier league would give him a chance.

    The two things he should not do, though, he has already done: (1) Don’t become a disruption to your club in-season. It is simply not an attractive ploy to use when you want more money. (2) Don’t use the word ‘slavery’ to describe your situation; it is clearly hyperbole, and it just inflames the situation for no reason. Plus, you are a professional athlete who has been given a myriad of second chances: there are people out there much worse off than you, so stop whining.

    • I think Seattle or any team in MLS for that matter would be wearing at giving him a bump in salary because of his past. Seattle is not getting a return on Dempsey’s contract so for them to do it again with EJ is going to be a tough sell. Right now EJ is the king of the aerial goals but does he do anything else? sounds to me like a one trick pony.

      • I am guessing based on the Jersey sales the sounders are getting a decent return on their investment in Dempsey, now on the field that is a different issue.

        One reason the Sounders are so up and down this year I read they have used 33 different line ups in 34 games.

  17. and once again my man EJ starts playing with the “self-destruct” button.

    Look, he’s suposed to be a PRO-fessional, folks. I get that he works hard, I get that he may be are passionate and tempermental. But if this is about money, it’s a bed EJ made himself and he needs to lie in it until the time to renegotiate. If this is about someone “disrespecting” him, that sucks, but it does not give a person permission to stop leading by positive example. No matter the reason, It does not help EJ’s cause to be pulling himself offline at a time when the team needs him most … what club wants that personality in their locker room? If the coach is being a d*ck, deal with it until practice is over. Most folks will know it’s the coach’s issue, not yours. As soon as you storm off, then it’s as much about your reaction as anything else and now you’re a d*ck, too! At the end of the day, EJ’s got 18 guys counting on him to make team as important as EJ. EJ will have a whole offseason to take care of EJ. But if he doesn’t take care of his team right here and right now, he’s only making the job of taking care of EJ that much harder, whether it is at Seattle or anywhere else.

  18. Kind of appears at least from the outside bringing in Dempsey just disrupted the entire Seattle locker room. They just aren’t playing as a unit any more. Who really knows what this is all about but Sigi is probably on edge as the team spirals down.

    • Based on what? The spiral has been a collapsing defense and the fact that there has been no continuity in the attack due ot injuries and call ups. It is almost amazing Sigi held it together for so long.

      The only difficulty Dempsey brings is that they now have three players who essentially fill the same role. It is a contnuation of the problem from last year trying to find a way for Montero and EJ to work together. They actually got that worked out (until the playoffs) but it is even more complicated now.

      I like EJ, but he is going to be the odd man out because he does not have the temperment to feed Dempsey and Martins.

      • I’m just saying it appears that way because the decline kind of matches up with Dempsey coming in. No he isn’t the one letting the goals in but he also hasn’t delivered on the feild. I just think when make such a huge deal over a signing then they don’t produce, other players start to wonder whats going on. Even more so when a player like Dempsey really wasn’t a team need. It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen it in MLS anyway.

  19. I do agree USNT regulars deserve a bigger salary in MLS, but not DP status. Only MLS could raise maxium salary to 600k with some bonuses without a DP, and increase salary cap by 500k-900k with DP exemptions.

    • With all due respect, can you logically explain why USMNT regulars deserve a bigger salary in MLS, but not DP status? Are you saying that because, for example, Brad Evans has been anointed by Klinsmann to play out-of-position at right back for the USMNT over much better right backs who play the position at their clubs, such Eric Lichaj and Geoff Cameron, that Evans should get an automatic increase in his MLS salary? Just askin’.

      • DP should be for major stars well known International stage. Not just in national level (MLS). DP salary should be above 700k, to attract bigger names or potential stars (for future transfers).

        I don’t mean “all USNT regulars” but players like Besler or Zusi upcoming USNT’s International names. Besler and Zusi deserve more because their names and performance are known International level and done well with USNT, and usually carry their MLS teams : reason for being called by Klinsmann.

  20. Watched him at FCD and the same ego issues derailed him there. With the Iceman pushing him he had better zip it or JK will drop him before he knows what hit him. This is amazing- he goes on a nice run and he wants top dollar after SEA pulled him off the scrap heap…so if he goes into a slump he would offer to take a cut?

    • EJ didn’t give any of his Fulham money back, did he? But he has a problem with Seattle, who brought him back from the netherworld? I think it was Taylor Twellman who said that given what he was paid at his other stops for underperformance, he should just consider it payment in advance.

      He should play, score goals, kill it in Brazil and write his own ticket.

      I was going to write that you never see athletes give money back when they underperform, but then there is Gooch at AC MIlan: honorable, stand-up guy.

  21. Johnson isn’t good enough to be a DP or has no big name value. If Johnson is going to be a “crybaby” after being rescue from the Sounders after failed career abroad, let Johnson go back to International market (where history is against Johnson). But, I do agree Dempsey’s is amoung biggest jokes in MLS history.

      • What would you call the highest paid soccer player in MLS that doesn’t perform?

        True, it may be temporary but as of today, the original commnet is valid.

      • you can’t make a blanket statement like that based on the limited time he has been in the league. saying “in MLS history” turns the comment into hyperbole. i read the same comments about Beckham and i doubt anyone would say that now. give it time before saying something like that.

        we all know it’s been disappointing but i’m not ready to say it’s been one of the biggest jokes in the history of the league.

  22. Sounds like a fall out with Sigi Schmid. Coaches get frustrated when teams are losing and generally lash out at players. Certainly not good for Eddie Johnson’s career to be on the bench.

  23. I don’t blame him he has been one of the sounders most consistent performers yet Dempsey and Martins are getting paid a whole lot more and it really isn’t fair. I commend him for taking a stand about it. He has earned a pay raised based on performance.

    • Honestly, this is ridiculous. The guy signed a contract and agreed to be paid a specified amount of money to play soccer. Yes, he’s played great and is line for a raise, but that doesn’t give him the right to disrupt the team to make his point. This is the epitome of unprofessional.

      The guy has been a beast all season, but as a Sounders fan, I can’t say I’d be that disappointed if he’s offloaded. The guy is such a Prima dona

      • It happens in other sports, it’s called a holdout, he’s like what 29 now. He is in the prime of his career, athletes careers aren’t that long. His performance indicates that he should be paid more and obviously Seattle rather not raise his pay so he most likely frustrated about it and I am only speculating but at the end of the day he most likely have 4, 5 maybe 6 years left as a pro and I doubt he will be performing at such a high level in 5 years. Seattle has a right to cancel his contract at anytime he should have a right to earn more if his performance indicates that he deserves and truthfully he does.

    • On the other hand…

      The gave him a chance when no one else would, when he was out of football and consisdered borderline washed up.

      And he signed a contract. And the team has acknowledged that they need to look at it after the season. And he knows that MLS contracts and salary caps are complicated.

      And he is “taking a stand” (if that is what it is) while the team is in a crisis and need to get right before the playoffs.

      I like Eddie. I have loved his comeback. He deserves a raise. And I don’t have any clue what’s really going on here. But if he is really chosing now to “take a stand” he needs to be a GAM and do his job for the rest of the season

    • Martins has been better than EJ this year in the majority of games i’ve watched. I get the frustration at Dempsey getting paid so much but targeting Martins would be foolish. He took a while to acclimate to the league but has created a lot of chances and does something that many DPs dont do, actually give effort consistently.

    • Martins and Dempsey deserve their contract off the bat. EJ couldn’t cut it anywhere in Europe. Seattle took a chance on him and it worked out. Seattle has every intention of upping his contract yet he still acts like this.

  24. All that goodwill he’s accumulated by returning to MLS and the NT has gone out the window. dude is gonna miss his shot at Brazil with this behavior

    • Nah, he’s not pulling that stuff with Klinsmann. He may not be with Seattle next season, but if healthy, he’s in Brazil…

      • I’d combine th salaries of Pajoy, Ruiz, and Saragosa to bring EJ to DC. That equals about $400k. He’s worth it, especially when compared with the production of who he’d be replacing.

      • I think you mean the other way around. If he acted like a prima donna at DC, he’d get benched in no time. Olsen doesn’t have the patience for that behavior, as is evident with his benching of Davies in ’11.

        That said, if his head is on right, I would take him at DC in a heartbeat.

  25. EJ is gone from Seattle next year. He is going to want DP money and they wont want to wrap up another DP spot on a striker. Martins and Dempsey are not going anywhere. It is a shame cause EJ has been good but I’d be surprised to see him in Seattle next year.

  26. Can’t wait to hear Sounders fans try and defend Eddie this time. He is not a pro. He never has been. Nine goals in 20 games isn’t a bad stat. He can perform on the pitch. But he is a disaster to any team in the locker room. This isn’t going to help him with JK. Teams don’t need stars. They need pros. Eddie is neither.


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