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FC Dallas condemn Sounders to fourth straight defeat in Hyndman’s final home game

MattHedgesFCDallas1-SeattleSounders (USATodaySports)


One day after publicly announcing his intent to resign at the end of the season, FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman received one of the best parting gifts he could have asked for.

Though FC Dallas have been eliminated from the playoffs, they played very well against an injury-ravaged Sounders side, winning 2-0 as the Sounders spiraled to their fourth consecutive defeat after winning five straight games recently. With the defeat, the Sounders can no longer earn the Supporters Shield title.

Early on, both Jair Benitez and Fabian Castillo had terrific chances to put the hosts up top but they couldn’t put their shots on target.

The second half was where all the action began, as the Sounders had two opportunities to take the lead within two minutes starting in the 51st minute. First, Brad Evans found himself wide open near the far post but put a volleyed shot high and wide, while a minute later, Clint Dempsey’s flick on header was fired wide with an overhead kick by Lamar Neagle.

A few minutes later, Hyndman brought on Brazilian left back Michel, who made all the difference for the team on the score sheet. In the 64th minute, a delightfully curled ball from Michel found the head of Matt Hedges, who headed past Sounders goalkeeper Marcus Hahnemann to take the lead.

With the Sounders pressing forward for the game-tying goal, FC Dallas hit them on the break in the 87th minute, when a shot by David Ferreira was deflected into the path of Michel who finished into an empty net, securing all three points for Hyndman and FC Dallas.

The loss means that the Sounders could still potentially miss out on the playoffs, though they’ll clinch a place in the postseason with a San Jose Earthquakes defeat on Sunday.

Here are the game highlights:


  1. a part of me hopes that seattle fails to make the playoffs, clearly Sigi just isnt getting through. this team has been to hot and cold for a couple years now. it seems like every summer they go on a tear and then every fall they completely lose it

    • I hope they don’t make the playoffs at all. They don’t deserve it and would only embarrass themselves further. I’m a Sounders fan that admits that they are the worst team in MLS in the last month and a half and have been unwatchable in how awful they’ve been.

  2. So how many games is Dempsey getting for his suspension? Surely MLS will follow their rules are retroactively suspend him for violent action against an opponent when he intentionally tried to kick the Dallas player.

    • Experiment ?

      The guy is a quality player and one of the best on the US Nat team, how is this in any way an experiment ?

      Dempsey is hurt and still not the reason we (Sounder’s fan) lost.

    • Did you see the game? Dempsey played fantastically. Some of his touches were incredibly skillful, the rest of the Sounders tended to fail to capitalize on them. I thought it was heartbreaking watching him put in so much effort with an injury and still 2-0.

    • A team can break out into an intra-squad fight on the field and still find a way to have more cohesiveness than Seattle. I only saw the highlights but dempsey looked good. Anyone think he was good throughout or just on the highlights?

      I’m glad to see Brad Evans and Dempsey muff golden opportunities for Sounders but they better be clinical with golden opportunities for the US.

      • I saw the game and thought it was Dempseys best as a Sounder, except for the retaliation early ( shoulda gotten a yellow)
        His touch and vision was great, and his p@ssing was on the money. I dont think he missed one until the 72nd minute ( have to check the stats but he was very effective) – and he was playing with a bum wing
        The Sounders problems were not Deuce today. The midfield was non existent (and once again Rosales was subbed early, which continues to confuse me), Evans missed an open volley and was wide on a perfect throughball by Dempsey

        I know everyone has been down on him, but this loss was not on him whatsoever.. this team looks in disarray, poorly organized, and poorly coached imho

      • Everyone is not down on him…everyone that is bad mouthing him WANTS to be down on him. We have been through this before for way too many years. LD decides to play in the US, and guus start crying over it, with irrational statements like Landon should not make the Nat team or be a super sub.

        Now that Dempsey made the same choice they had to jump off his bandwagon or admit they were being whiners.

        They jumped off. Hope they break their legs on the fall

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