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Szetela caps off quality performance with first goal in nearly five years

DannySzetelaNewYorkCosmos1-CarolinaRailHawks (Getty)


HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. — Danny Szetela couldn’t remember the last time that he had scored a professional goal.

The New York Cosmos midfielder scored the first of four goals for the club on a night where they routed the Carolina RailHawks, 4-0, in arguably their most complete performance of the season. Szetela, making his eighth consecutive start in central midfield, was superb at both ends of the field, with his tireless running, pressuring of the ball, supplying passes, and of course scoring.

“I think it was in Italy,” pondered Szetela after the match. “You can tell me, maybe.”

The 26-year-old midfielder was in fact correct. Prior to Saturday’s victory, Szetela’s last goal came on October 18, 2008 while he was on-loan at Serie B side Brescia, nearly five years to the day from his most recent goal, or 1,820 days. And like his goal against the RailHawks, Szetela’s goal with Brescia was credited as the game-winning-goal in a 3-2 victory against Triestina, scoring in the 88th minute to make it a 3-1 lead at the time.

Outside of the goal, Szetela’s performance on Saturday showed how far the midfielder has come after spending the last three years out of soccer. Since debuting for the Cosmos at right back in their 0-0 draw on August 10 at the Tampa Bay Rowdies, the New Jersey native came off the bench in the Cosmos 3-0 defeat to the Carolina RailHawks a week later in central midfield, and has started there ever since.

“Four months ago he was playing in local leagues,” said his head coach, Giovanni Savarese after the match. “He came into preseason and then he’s been growing every week. Today he had a tremendous performance, he scored a goal, coming inside the (box) as we ask him to do, finishing great, and just the effort in the middle and the quality. It wasn’t only about the pressure winning balls, it was as well the quality of his passes, his positioning, his confidence, he looked very good today.

“I think he hasn’t reached the top yet, I think there’s still more that he can grow.”


  1. I’m surprised at all you immature morons talking trash about Danny, the guy came back from a career ending injury to once again play pro soccer, and he’s not supposed to be happy? Stop knocking the guy, he’s a great guy, and overcame a lot to get where he is now. Keep it up Danny!

  2. It seems rude and snide remarks have become the norm on most forums these days. I think the human race has lost its ability to logically debate a topic in modern times.

  3. Szetela was also thrilled to get his first trophy as a pro, even if it was just a participation trophy. The after match celebration at Chuck E. Cheese was also off the hook.

    • +1000

      How many other dedicated NASL stories are put out by SBI that are non-Cosmos related? I must admit though, smart move by the Cosmos to try to bring legitimacy to their new brand to the American fan.

      SBI is the main haven for the American soccer fan so it’s the perfect place to target.

      • It’s very simple. There is a significant amount of interest in how the Cosmos do. There is not very significant interest on more detailed articles on the other teams in the NASL.

        It’s not complicated.

      • I think you’re overstating the interest in the Cosmos. Compare the amount of dedicated Cosmos articles to well just about anything else on SBI and it should be apparent that the Cosmos probably have a ‘partnership’ with SBI. Its not like online sports journalism is a bastion of integrity.

  4. need to change the NASL name soon.

    whenever MLS gets its 24 teams, change NASL to something like 2MLS or Junior MLS or something better than NASL.

    • Except for MLS doesn’t own or manage the NASL. Won’t ever happen–MLS would have to in essence do a hostile takeover.

  5. Would not be surprised if an MLS team comes in for him soon. At one time he was a brighter prospect at CM then Michael Bradley. Too bad he wanted to act like a rock star when he was young instead of a professional soccer player.

    Good luck in his continued resurgence as a professional player


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