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Timbers vs. Sounders (SBI Live Match Commentary)



The Seattle Sounders have made the trip south to Portland to take on the Timbers in their latest Cascadia derby clash (9pm, ESPN).

The Sounders and Timbers are currently in the hunt for the MLS Supporters Shield, and the winner of today’s match will move into pole position for the trophy, and first place in the Western Conference. Seattle will be looking to snap a two-match losing slide that has seen the Sounders blown out for two weeks straight.

The Timbers enter riding a wave of confidence after putting together a five-match unbeaten streak to close within a point of the Sounders for first place in the West.

SBI will be providing live commentary on tonight’s action so please feel free to follow along here. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (SBI Live Commentary is after the jump):


  1. From a completely neutral spectator, a few observations:
    1. Despite the injuries, Seattle looks totally discombobulated. It looks like they have no midfield play and they pulled their best playmaker so early? 3 games in a row and I don’t see an organized team
    2. Portland linked up much better, and home field advantage was evident.
    3. Red card was deserved… even though it was a weak elbow, and then a half hearted fall to the ground, it was just pure stupidity to put yourself in that position..
    4. All of Seattle’s players going nuclear after the card showed two things… One, the ref did let one or two fouls go uncarded previously & their frustrations erupted… but you can also see a team that seems to be Quickly unraveling.
    5. Deuce may not be Deuce… but he ain’t Seattle’s problem, they look undercoached and undisciplined… and their midfield is weak
    6. Portland seems to be peaking at the right time, Nagbe is getting more dangerous each game

    • Oh you’re such a tough guy!

      That poor little Will Johnson should have taken that intentional elbow to the throat like A SEATTLE SOUNDER AND HE SHOULD HAVE STOOD TALL LIKE A SOUNDER!!!!#@

      You people are ridiculous. He didn’t fake anything. He didn’t even fall to the ground and roll around.

      • He did walk right into his back looking for that kind of response from Alonso. Its still a red of coarse but Johnson got exactly what he wanted.

      • youre the rediculous one. he came up to alonso initiating contact and fell to his knees like a little whimp. so the elbow was intentional and a red. fine. but that little scum bag looking was looking for a fight and he got one. he was looking for an excuse to flop and draw a card. i guess he got what he wanted

  2. Second half summary: Lumber Jills dive and whine and complain every chance they get, and the refs continue to favor them all the way. Woodwork saves the Lumber Jills in the first and second halves. Sounders the better team and lose the match to the refs and the woodwork.

    Lumber Jills have nothing to be proud of.

      • and you are the annoying @sshole that incessantly hates sounders fans for no reason. let us complain.have you never complained about anything before? get over yourself and quit looking for reasons to hate sounders fans. the annoying sounder haters are more annoying then the annoying sounders fans themselves

      • Let him drool.. he knows for nothing.. his kinship is allied with those who drink from the river that runs under Jeld Wenn

    • It took 3 minutes because of the Sounders and their pursuing and surrounding the referees including Alonso who knows exactly what he did. So no, if there is justice you shouldn’t get that time back. Screw them for wasting their own time.

  3. Die hard Sounder fan, but I’m ashamed at what I’m watching. Clear red card and absolute disgusting behavior by the rest of the lads getting in the face if the ref. Be better than that Sounders!

  4. This game has been incredibly one sided from the ref. Chara decks Dempsey early, gets nothing and fouls about 4 more times and gets no card. Al Hassan pulls dempsey down and gets nothing. Alonso just did a stupid thing and deserved that red but this has been poor from the ref

  5. Inexcusable behaviour by Seattle.


    Several Sounders players just grabbed referees. Bans. All of that garbage. ALL OF THEM.

  6. First half summary: Timbers supporters’ spurious claims to have “bigger d!*#$ than you,” Sounders dominate until last second goal against the run of play, and Sounders supporters are clearly heard above Timbers “fans” on national TV.

    Timbers should be ashamed to even attempt to chant “We don’t hear a f#%&*^! thing” with the Sounders in town. Just not true.

    • I was at the game, near the sounders section(118) and they were audible the first 20 minutes of the game and then completely drowned out by the Portland Crowd.

      The Vancouver traveling supporters were much louder

    • Hey, A$$hole,

      they were wearing black armbands because the wife of the equipment manager died unexpectedly on Friday. But that’s OK, don’t let it get in the way of your irrational hate…


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