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SBI MLS Team of the Week: New York Red Bulls

Tim Cahill

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After 17 prior seasons of disappointment and heartbreak, the New York Red Bulls exercised some of their demons on Sunday night when they clinched the Supporters Shield.

Four second half goals from the Red Bulls were enough to pull away from the Chicago Fire as they overcame an early goal from Mike Magee to win. Goals from five different players including Thierry Henry and Tim Cahill made the Red Bulls an easy choice for SBI MLS Team of the Week.

The Red Bulls beat out the Vancouver Whitecaps, Sporting Kansas City, and the Portland Timbers for this week’s honors.

What did you think of the Red Bulls performance? Which team stood out to you in MLS Week 36?

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  1. Those fat demons DO need some EXERCISE! Get those horned & winged bastards on a treadmill or bike. Lol, I think you mean “exorcise”.

  2. Congrats on the supporters shield and I do think it is an important trophy. However, an unbalanced schedule makes it far easier for an eastern team to win it, at least in the current structure.

      • Well I think RSL or Portland would have more points if they played DC and Toronto 4 more times than New york did or KC.

      • Fair point but RSL lost to NY and Portland tied so they had their chances. NY had a very good record against the other playoff teams we just kept dropping points against the rest

      • But 1 head to head game does not make a season as this trophy attempts to represent. The more games against an inferior eastern conference is a huge advantage.

    • I think it may be a little easier for an Eastern team but it’s fairly close. If anything the major advantage comes from having two doormats like Toronto FC and DC “worst team in MLS history” United in the east while the west only has Chivas USA.

      Fun fact – all three of those teams took points off RBNY this season.

  3. It must have been like the Tower of Babel down on the field for Chicago players last night, it was so loud in RBA. The celebration in 101 for Sam’s goal was epic – mosh pit status. Talk about playoff atmosphere… Imagine what MLS Cup would be like?

  4. As articulately as you may put it, keep in mind… The players, purists, and true football fans know that the Supporter’s shield is the real trophy…

    • Well then let’s stop playing right now. Tell me, would you be saying RB are playing for the real trophy in the Cup playoffs if they had choked yesterday away somehow?

      Typical Eurosnob crap. Or RB crap, whichever, it’s all the same.

  5. As a Fire fan that game was tough to watch. what was not tough to watch was a packed red bull arena, the spectacular goal from Henry.
    World class goal. and seeing the franchise right the ship. I bet MLS headquarters was ecstatic and cant wait for a new york derby. finally, Mike Petke is the kind of coach to hire NOT some european coach who knows little of the game here. way to go red bull now win the cup

    • who did, i watched the replay a few times and cant figure out who got the last touch on that one. Sure it wasnt cahill’s gut/knee.


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