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Klinsmann adds three to USMNT squad, Johnson forced out by injury

Chris Wondolowski


The U.S. Men’s National Team’s 20-man roster is now a 22-man roster.

U.S. Soccer announced on Thursday afternoon that head coach Jurgen Klinsmann added Chris Wondolowski, Brad Davis and Clarence Goodson to his squad ahead of World Cup qualifiers against Jamaica and Panama. The addition of the three players would bring the total amount of players in camp to 23, but Eddie Johnson has effectively been replaced by Wondolowski and sent back to the Seattle Sounders after suffering a groin injury in training on Wednesday.

Wondolowski, Davis and Goodson are expected to join the rest of the U.S. squad in Kansas City on Thursday afternoon. They join Michael Orozco, who was called in as a replacement for the injured Omar Gonzalez, as players to be added to the team after the initial roster announcement was made this past Sunday.

The Americans, who already are assured of a place in next summer’s tournament, host Jamaica at Sporting Park in their penultimate World Cup qualifier on Friday.


What do you think of these roster additions? Happy to see Wondolowski back with the U.S. or would you have preferred to see someone like Herculez Gomez or Juan Agudelo?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. When I hit this article there were 85 comments, but only 70 were about Wondo. Where’s the love, people?

    I’ll trust JK for now, and we’ll see where we gow.

  2. Wondow is going to score two goals…he’s always on the same page as LD. I think this group of mids and forwards will have good chemistry…hopefully Mix plays as the 8 instead of JJ. Wondow in the locker room is good luck…JK’s rabbit’s foot.

    • He might score twice because this game is unimportant enough to be controlled by gamblers. Wondo probably won’t score against Panama, though.

  3. It’s pretty clear that all Klinsmann did was call in players that had been in camp before. It seems clear that new players are going to have an almost impossible ability to integrate themselves into the full national team at this point. I do like having Goodson around, because he’s been a solid performer for the USMNT, Also, I wouldn’t expect to see Wondolowski get any PT this qualifying cycle, If JK valued Wondo over Boyd and AJ, he would have been called up originally.

    • We know what Wondo and Davis can offer and what they cannot offer. I wish Klinsi used the camp and maybe even games as an opportunity to test some young talent like Arriola or the Hoyos brothers (although I think Michael Hoyos might have to file for a one-time switch from Argentina – not 100% sure about his curent status).

      • The Hoyos brothers are still property of Estudiantes.

        They have decided to be available for the US as Argentina is no longer an option for Michael.

        Kevin is on loan and playing in Honduras while Michael is on loan in Crete.

        Arriola has played about 7 senior games for TJ.

        Do you think these guys have any shot at playing for the US in Brazil?

        I don’t because I don’t see anything these guys have done so far in their careers as any kind of preparation for the World Cup.

        JK is past experimenting with players but has said he will keep the door open in case anything should come up. I take that to mean if Arriola, for example, becomes the dominant Liga MX all star player for TJ and takes them to a championship, scoring and making lots of goals along the way.

        Or if the Hoyos brothers get transferred to NYRB and become the reason the Red Bulls win their first MLS Cup.

        Or if Josh Gatt comes back from knee surgery, apparently he is now walking w/o crutches and rehabbing, and leads Molde on a good run in the Champion’s league if they are in the Champion’s league.

        They’ll have to do what Herc did. He forced his way onto the 2010 World Cup because he could not stop scoring so many goals in Mexico.

      • I don’t think that these guys have much of a shot of playing in Brazil, but so does the 30 year old striker and 31 year old left midfileder that Klinsi invited. I agree that these young players might lack of experience, but they have potential. At 18, Arriola is already ahead of Corona on Tijuana’s depth chart and Corona has a realistic chance to going to Brazil. Hoyos was good enough to play for Argentina U20 and for Boca so he has talent.
        In Brazil, they don’t have a problem taking a talented youngster to the WC, even if he is not ready to play a play immediately with the idea that the experience of being there would help them to prepare for the future world cups. For example, they took a 17-year old Ronaldo to the 1994 WC and he did not play a single minute. I am not even suggeting that these guys must go to Brazil, but it would be a good idea to invite them to a camp and get to know them better and if they do well, test them further in WC qualifying games particularly since the USMNT has already qualified.

  4. Klinsmann would deny it, but letting Wondo and Goodson stay with SJ for Wednesday’s game instead of calling in more players from the start is a way of messing with the MLS standings. Without Wondo’s goal SJ would be out of the race and the bye means neither will miss a SJ game.

    This is the first year in 4 seasons that Wondo is not leading or tied for the goal lead in MLS, instead, he is a miserable 10th (tied with Donavon, Cahill, Jack Mc and others). He, like Magee (this season) and Keane, simply finds ways to get in good spots to get shots. Of the 3, my impression is that Keane is the best finisher, but no others in MLS have been able to consistently stay at or near the top of the scoring table for so long. One thing a lot of people fail to recognize about Wondo is that he has tremendous endurance and keeps moving and making runs for the whole game, eventually the defense loses track of him, whether that is due to the defenders’ exhaustion or simply because if an attacker makes 50 to 100 smart runs in a game he will get open for 3 or 4 shots, it is part of what makes Wondo so effective, that and he puts over 40% of his shots on goal.

  5. Glad to see Wondo back. Works his ass off, has a fire that we don’t see from some of the other guys, and has been in good form since the Gold Cup run in the summer. Probably not a starter, but he’s a great guy to have on the bench, both for sub goals, and because his attitude is great. People who don’t rate him at all are wearing Euro tinted blinders…

    • I hope your being sarcastic. Also heaps of people in mls are ahead of him. Agudelo or Rowe deserve call ups before wondo. Also why davis? Head scratcher!!!!! Zardes has been doing wonders at LM for Arena and the fact that he pairs well with landycakes is A+.Same goes for Magee who is light years ahead of davis. Goodson. I like goodson! I really wanna see ogbuniyi called up.

      • If you think heaps of strikers in the mls deserve callups ahead of Wondo, then you either don’t watch the MLS or are very biased.

      • it’s not about deserving at this point. we’re building a team for Brazil, and in a lot of people’s opinion, Wondo/Davis basically have no chance of going to Brazil and are too old to be considered for after 2014 for the A team. So why not get someone young in? i think that is the frustration people are showing.

      • Now is not the time to “try out” new guys for Brazil. If Wondo gets in the game somehow and does well, and there are a couple injuries, he could end up in Brazil. Also, he has not been given that many chances to prove himself for the NATs.

      • idk man, Klinsmann’s recent comments make it seem like there are certainly U-23 players on his mind. i’m sure scheduling played the biggest part in Wondo/Davis. no MLS games to conflict with this weekend.

      • bryan,

        Are you referring to these comments from one of JK’s latest interviews?
        . Do you see any young players as potential candidates to emerge?
        Klinsmann: No, nothing that hasn’t been here yet that I would talk about. Because we monitor the Under-20 kids that went with Tab Ramos to Turkey. We monitor some youngsters that come through the European scene. But as of today I wouldn’t say they’re ready for our team right now.

      • nah, this one:

        “I’ve always said that the door is always open, and maybe there are still some surprises around the corner that we don’t know yet,” Klinsmann said at a news conference on Thursday ahead of Friday’s match against Jamaica at Sporting Park (6:30 pm ET, ESPN/UniMas).

      • bryan,

        Where do you get Under 23’s from that?

        It sounds more like a cover all your bases statement like if he calls up Starikov or Grella or Preston Zimmerman.

        Now they would be out of left field .

        It could be Gooch or o

      • GW – honestly, i’m not sure. it’s just how i read into it. those surprises could be Gooch or Dolo. or a Chandler.

      • “Not been given that many chances to prove himself for the NATs”….Are you kidding me?
        Wondo had the entire GC this year without much in the way of opposition (no Jozy, AJ, Brooks, Dempsey, Gomez was injured and EJ was a late addition) and he couldn’t do a thing with the chances outside of a single game.
        Neither Wondo or Davis is worth a damn and shouldn’t see the field at all.

      • At this point Klinsmann is not going to bring in any new players. Not for qualifiers, even though we have qualified. The January camp will be the last chance for any players that have not had a shot yet.

  6. Who cares. This is our opportunity to see AJ and Boyd now. And everyone freaking out about Wondo vs Magee vs whomever – we’re looking at Jozy, EJ, AJ, Boyd and Herc making a WC roster in front of any of these guys, and that’s if you don’t count Landon or Dempsey as forwards.

    • I don’t think Gomez (or Boyd) is ahead of Wondo. Gomez is not as good at making runs to open up a defense and he is certainly not as consistent a goal-scorer. Gomez might have an edge in speed, but the fastest players are not necessarily the best. Boyd is certainly bigger, but so far most of his time with the USMNT has not been very impressive, certainly much less so than Wondo, who did score multiple goals when finally given some consistent playing time.

      • Gomez is a work horse. Wondo is not. Gomez can finish. Wondo can’t score into an empty net. His gold cup goals were against awful teams

      • both are absolutely ahead of Wondo. Gomez is coming back from injury, before that, he was THE starter up top. Gomez and Boyd are ahead of Wondo. especially when you make the discussion about strikers likely to make it to Brazil. Wondo is at the bottom of that list.

  7. I don’t understand the hate re: Wondo’s call up. He is in good form in MLS right now, he had a good enough summer for USMNT to have another shot, especially after USMNT has qualified for the World Cup. The guy works hard and does get into good positions on regular basis. The Quakes won’t play until the 20th.

    It would be interesting to see how Mike Magee would do. But he’d never been called to the senior team. I think he is the guy Klinsmann may call during the friendlies in the run up to the WC. He is 29, by the way, not that much younger than Wondo.

    • Wondo isn’t really in “good form”, at least compared to last year. You can put some but not all the blame for his steep decline in goals scored on the injuries to the supporting Quakes players (Lenhart, Gordon, Chavez, Beitashour, the list goes on and on….). It’s interesting that the two stats that Wondo has had a steep increase in this year over last are fouls committed and off-sides. That says to me that he’s been feeling the weight of his contract, pushing too hard to get goals, and consequently has lost sight of his real strength – he’s a goal-poacher, not a creator or long-range threat.

      Still, congrats to Wondo for the call-up. I hope we get both him and Goodson back intact and able to play in our next match on the 20th.

  8. I see it now !!!
    We can’t outwardly pretend to lose to help knock Mexico out.
    So we call in regular players then replace then with more sucky ones due to “injury”
    With Wondo starting up top Mexico might as well start planning for 2020

    • Let’s see, he tied for the lead in goals scored in the Gold Cup despite not playing in as many games as Donavon and Torres. You can argue that it was weak opposition, but no one else was scoring those goals.

      • Wondo was demoted to the bench as the GC was played due to his crap play. He’s not worth a roster spot….an injured Fabian or Dempsey at 10% of their usual play are better than Wondo & Davis.

  9. Seattle plays on October 13 and 19. LA plays on October 16 and 20. Of the six possible games that the injured Dempsey, Johnson, and Gonzalez can play, what’s your over-under on how many they actually play?

  10. We all know Jurgenns selection methods by now, or at least the sensible do.

    Familiarity and form above all else

    Those who aren’t here, aren’t because of lack of form, only regaining form or haven’t been involved much at all before.

    Stop babbling on with complaints. He’s called up who he has and let the conversation begin with.what what we can do with this group and who will finally get the shine and such

    • “Let the conversation begin with what we can do with the group”….OK, start with sitting Davis & Wondo at the far end of the bench.

  11. don’t know if Wondolowski is good enough to compete versus the Panamas and Jamaicas of the CONCACAF. He’s more of a Belize and match-fixing Guatemala caliber difference-maker.

  12. Can we all stop complaining about the impact of National Team call ups on MLS Clubs? No club anywhere in the world likes having their players called up to the national team, and wisely, most top flight leagues don’t schedule against the FIFA dates. How in the world people can go from saying “Why isn’t Wondo getting called up?” to “I think Klinsi is trying to scr*w with the MLS West” is beyond me.

  13. this was very well played by klinsman, he really works with the clubs to get the best in both sides. I would have rather seen Gomez get called up but let him get more time healthy with his new club. I like the davis and goodson call. Also maybe instead of three target men (altidore, boyd and wondo) i would have liked to see corona brought in

  14. San Jose and Houston don’t play over the weekend, so why not? Klinsmann will play the strongest possible group against Jamaica and play more reserves than regulars against Panama. Eddie Johnson can rest up for the big Seattle v. Portland game on Sunday.

    • If EJ can’t go for the US than I’d be surprised if he plays against Portland on Sunday. This is more bad news for Seattle depending on the severity of the knock to EJ. We shall see.

  15. So we bring in a forward but not Magee? I wonder if he is even in the conversation? Maybe the Fire will not let him go because of the playoff run.

    • The Fire do not have a choice to refuse (unless of an injury) I agree that Magee would be a great choice, but he is not JK list yet.

      I think JK is messing with the MLS West. Bringing in two more players from the same MLS team (who will most likely not play) and whose team in a fight for a playoff spot is just plain nonsensical.

      • SJE have played an extra game, so they have a bye this week. They don’t play LAG til 10/20. They’ll get Goodson and Wondo back fine. Long as they don’t get hurt.

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