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MLS Week 34 (Your Running Commentary)


Sporting Kansas City and the Houston Dynamo have one of the better rivalries in MLS even though it doesn’t get as much attention as some others, and the traditional Eastern Conference powers face off again tonight (8:30pm, MLS Live) in the evening’s marquee match-up in MLS.

The Dynamo are at BBVA Compass Stadium tonight with a chance to close the gap on Sporting KC for second place in the East with a win. Sporting KC needs a victory to keep pressure on the New York Red Bulls for first place.

The evening’s other two matches feature Western Conference foes, as the Seattle Sounders take on the Vancouver Whitecaps at CenturyLink Field (10pm, MLS Live). The Sounders can move a step closer to the top spot in the West, and the Supporters Shield race, with a win against a Whitecaps side that has seen its playoff hopes all but disappear. Anything but a win will eliminate the Whitecaps from post-season consideration.

The evening’s final match features the San Jose Earthquakes playing host the Colorado Rapids at Buck Shaw Field (10:30pm, MLS Live). Both teams are missing multiple players to international call-ups, but the pressure is on San Jose to secure a win to put pressure on the Rapids for fifth place in the West.

If you will be watching tonight’s matches, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. I didn’t see tonight’s game so I can’t comment on Dempsey, I just know he’s coming off an injury and had no real preseason..
    But this hatred is so strong I still don’t understand why some of you seem to want him to fail so badly.
    I will remind everyone that Beckham had a terrible start to his Galaxy career, so bad Donovan called him out, Arena had to have a big sit down, Becks went on all the late night TV shows..
    And by the time he was done he was a winner at 37 and great to watch
    Similar thing happened to Henry when he came to the Red Bulls…

    He’s not close to 100% obviously, but stop with the dramatic hatred….

    • The difference is Dempsey played in this league before. He knows the issues with travel, turf, and severe climate change. If he joined another prominent European team in such bad form he wouldn’t even make a game day roster. As a pro making so much money in this league, injury is the only acceptable reason for his bad form.

  2. Okay, now it’s getting interesting, even with Seattle absolutely refusing to do anything that would benefit the Quakes’ thin playoff hopes.

  3. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. Seattle Sounders are fake. Dempsey will realise his mistake and eventually sign with Timbers, the real club. LOL

  4. Manneh running roughshod on Sounders D. This was the week that Seattle eats the games in hand and so far it looks like it’s not working out too well. Their next game this week is in Portland and the Timbers are going to take it to this Seattle defense.

    Everyone sees the trend now. Very fast young forwards slice and dice Sounders CB’s, first it was Deshorn Brown, tonight Manneh and this Sunday it will be up to Max Urruti. If the Timbers win this next Cascadia match they’ll be first in the west.

  5. Quakes coulda’ won 3 or 4-0 tonite if not for Irwin- he’s a good keeper. Still a long shot to make the playoffs, but who out there is looking forward to playing us first round?! 😀

  6. So incredibly excited for the Sounders to bring in a new front office and coaching staff. Sigi sucks, and bringing in Dempsey was the dumbest move in MLS history. This team is all hat, no cattle.

  7. points lost SKC, points lost LOL, Seattlle LOL what can i sayother than good job Hubcaps,,, hold the result SJ hold it steady

  8. Since his initial days in MLS, Dempsey has been one of my favorite players of all time. Just a great story. Not the greatest player ever but I have always admired and followed him and cheered for his success. I loved his grit and determination, and perseverence in adverse circumstances.

    That’s why it is so gosh dang hard to watch him SUUUUCK this bad. I don’t want to be too reactionary and I know he will probably get it together. But is this one of the most embarassing and painful sporting decisions in a long time???? $9,000,000.00???? Painful. Just painful.

    • At this point it’s completely fair to say that Clint Dempsey has been without question one of the worst signings based on expense and return in not only MLS history, but American sports history.

      This is Albert Haynesworth territory. Hot dogs it. Disrespects the game. Doesn’t produce. And now the injuries.

      • Its far to early to say it’s anywhere near that level. I’d say the MLS lost the chance to captilize on any hype surrounding the signing. However if helps them in the playoffs and Seattle make it to a final this slow start will be forgotten.

      • At this point it’s completely fair to say that Subway Jared’s comment has been without question one of the worst comments based on overreaction and jumping to premature conclusions not only in SBI history but in American blog history.

        Relax people. At the rate this blog is going, we are going to be overreacting not only game by game but minute by minute. Show a little perspective please. He’s coming off an injury and played 40 minutes. Good Lord.

    • It’s hard to defend Dempsey in rave green. But I like that he sucks for the Sounders. In the perfect world of soccer fans that don’t belong to the tribe of Puget, Clint Dempsey would forever suck for this club but still produce and terrorize for the US.

      Of course it can’t work like that but I’m just daydreaming here.

    • He came on as a sub in the 50th minute cause he isnt fully fit. Also it wouldn’t shock me if Jurgen and Sigi talked about it and let Dempsey stay, he desperately needs to gel with this team

      • Unless he’s playing center back I’m not sure how much help he can be right about now… Sounders are picking a hell of a time to have the wheels fall off, I tell you whut….

  9. Sounders need to figure some stuff out and fast before the playoffs, they are just playing awful right now. This is the wrong time of year to be falling apart

      • This team still has Yedlin, Oba, and Alonso. Sigi does fine with mediocre talent. Can’t coach better than average talent.

      • MLS salary cap hurts seattle. Big contracts with three DP’s including a whopper in Duece. Not to mention EJ wants to get paid (even if Rosales leaves) this leaves little room for the role players. This team has never had a real premier defender and that’s glaring. Hurtado? Traore? I’m talking shut down defenders like Olave or Collin.

  10. BBVA a “soccer specific” stadium? You can see the football line hashmarks and the field is all torn up from a game played yesterday. The announcers made note of it when someone slipped on a goal-scoring opportunity.


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