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Timbers vs. RSL: SBI Live Match Commentary

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The Portland Timbers have a monumental task tonight, but they’ll face it in a home stadium with arguable the best home-field advantage in MLS as they face Real Salt Lake in the second leg of their Western Conference Final (9pm, ESPN).

RSL comes in off a 4-2 victory in the first leg, meaning Portland has to win by two goals to force overtime, or win by three goals to advance to the MLS Cup Final.

Join SBI as we provide live commentary on tonight’s match. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Tonight’s commentary is after the jump:


  1. Rsl played boring, typical of them and they wont win mls cup vs skc. I just think the break hurt timbers, they got to relax and.a little too confident. Timbers thought, they would score first and bring the house down on real salt lake but like i said, the break was too long and you can tell the energy was wasted or burned during the break. As fir timbers, keep your head up and maybe another foward can help next year.
    But real salt lake wont win, (ugly name by the way) rsl will have to open and skc will destroy them, dwyer sapong benny and crazy french guy will defend like a warrior.
    Skc 4, rsl 0.
    By the way, MLS give the conference trophy to the conference season top team !!!!!!!! Red bull and timbers deserved their conference trophy, besides supporters shield.
    Then give the team a semifinal ir final four spot.
    Its a long season, and timbers didnt even get a trophy even though they got the most points in the west and red bull as well.
    By the way, make them knock out games and everybody will watch and players will play to win.
    Whats the point of having a long season?
    MLS needs to figure out the playoffs

    • I wouldn’t be so hasty in counting RSL out. They won’t be playing at home, after all. And they’re about due some karmic justice in KC after that screwy ending in the match between the 2 teams in Sandy earlier this year.

      For my part, I just hope the 2 teams don’t bore us all in it…

      • I don’t expect a game with Borchers, Grabavoy, Beckerman, Morales, Rimando, Zusi, Collin, Feilhaber and Dwyer to be boring. Should be hard fought and well played. Of course, I hope they both lose.

    • Great Analysis! TIC. So the Timbers were the ones hurt by the two week break? That implies they were in good position and did well in the first leg. So if the break is what hurt them, what in the hell happened in the first leg?

      Look, the Timbers are a nice and improving team, but RSL is clearly better and it is not really that close. Props to the Timbers Army, classy fans. But how about you show some class and not be a sore loser, El Paso? The two teams played 6 times this year with RSL winning 4 and tying 2. How can you still make an argument who is the better team? RSL proved they are the better team and play the better style. I believe they scored 15 goals against Portland in those 6 games, is that winning ugly?

      You are single-handedly ruining the good reputation that Timbers fans have in this league. You just sound like an ignorant fan that knows nothing about soccer with petty jealousy and hatred driving your lunacy. If anything, you should be grateful to RSL for giving you your best player and the model that your coach used to build your team.

  2. Classy fans at the end. Stayed and sang past the final whistle and celebrated with the team instead of booing their team and throwing stuff at the opponents.

  3. Portland seems to be Seattle done right. I mean from the better turf and stadium to the passionate but unassuming fans to picking up under everyone’s noses a star forward DP who fits in and is arguably an MVP candidate, rather than splashing the cash for a huge name player who seems to bring more turmoil than help to the side. They even do green better!

  4. Well Portland, RSL is intercepting every long cross into the box that you do, so keep trying that on every possession. I’m sure you can make up the goal differential by giving the ball away on 9 of 10 possessions.

      • Maintain possession. It’s a lot easier to score when the other team doesn’t have the ball. They did it for about the last 15 or 20 minutes.

      • This is like suggesting that an NFL team down by 12-14 points with little time left in the game avoid long passes that are riskier in favor or retaining possession with low-risk short yardage plays.

  5. RSL have a choke hold in Portland. Caleb needs to begin making a change soon…Johnson and go with a three man backline. Three goals Caleb.

  6. halftime and RSL is looking good. Keep it up boys.

    Portland is the sexy pick but RSL this post season is different. Everyone is contributing. Palmer has been solid with the exception of the silly yellow he picked up. Portland has burned two subs early and has limited options down a goal. Backline is keeping it together and Rimando is still best in the league. Expect timbers to start taking some crazy chances.

  7. I’m not trying to get all ‘Murrica, but I wish they would show the national anthem. Aside from it being a tradition for most sporting events, hearing the Timbers Army sing it is powerful.

    • Most everyone does. Alexi Lalas too. I guess we should at least be happy that they are hiring Americans instead of just going for British accents, but I can’t help but think that we could do much better.

      • I used too but he has grown on me, kind of like the taste of beer. Hahah I give Twellman an A for effort, not my favorite but I can appreciate his style a bit more as he can give insight on the players perspective.

      • Perhaps overly harsh. I do think he tries. He’s not an absolute mess out there like Harkes was. He definitely tries to be authoritative and controversial at times and usually falls flat IMO. It’s almost like he’s imitating Lalas. Whereas Lalas feels more organic, TT feels like its for effect, and while AL says a ton of dopey things, sometimes he has some unique and original insights. With TT, it’s more like a bunch of dopey things and a bunch of normal, kind of obvious observations. He might get better… I hope he gets better? He kind of commentates like he played.. Lots of hard work but nothing flashy or interesting.

      • Nice observations….I prefer the Univision commentators they are funny and although occasionally are not spot on with their analysis make up for it in passion and entertainment value. Twellmans a rookie maybe he will get better with time…..maybe. 🙂

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