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Austria 1, USMNT 0: Match Highlights

Alejandro Bedoya of USA and Martin Hinteregger of Austria

Photo by Thomas Eisenhuth/



  1. I have a great question. Why is soccer so against replay? Most European’s I meet also wan’t nothing to do with it. Why not get the call right? I have heard the same arguments that many stated against the use in NFL and MLB. As an american I love replay. With FIFA it comes across as a control thing. They try to use soccer as a agent of social change instead of the sport it is.

  2. Jozy did better, but poor finishing. Defense was suspect, especially Omar. Jermaine jones had his worst game I can recall. Geoff Cameron played quite well, he needs to be on the field, and he’s a big upgrade over Evans at rb.

  3. I didn’t get to watch the game, so feel free to add to what I have to write.

    1) Looks like Jozy played very well. He had a couple of flashes of pure striking brilliance. Should have scored on the last little play in the highlights. That near post was screaming his name. If he can fix those little errors, Jozy will be dangerous for the USMNT.

    2) Defense looks scared, unorganized and undisciplined. That goal was scored due to poor communication and positioning. Beasley isn’t good at LB people…

    3) The team seemed to have played well.

    Again, I didn’t get to see the actual games and highlights miss a bit too much.

    • Ya, I was working. Didn’t see it either. People seemed to make us out to be worse than we were. It looks like we good chances to score and we were playing 20 year old with 2 caps at CB. Meh.

    • No Jozy did not play very well as a striker. He often he takes to long with the ball, when you think here he has a chance the dude jut takes to long to set himself for a shot. He s also easily pushed off the ball, for someone that looks to be big and strong.


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