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Earthquakes’ Bingham to train with FC Copenhagen

David Bingham Earthquakes (San Jose Earthquakes)


Let the offseason training stints begin.

The San Jose Earthquakes announced on Tuesday that goalkeeper David Bingham would train with Danish club FC Copenhagen for two weeks. The training stint runs from Nov. 7-20 and will allow Bingham to continue to stay sharp and fit during the first few weeks of San Jose’s offseason.

The 24-year-old Bingham has made five league appearances since being acquired by the Earthquakes in 2011. He started one game this past season, a 2-1 victory over FC Dallas at Buck Shaw Stadium on Oct. 26.

What do you think of Bingham training with Copenhagen? Anxious for the avalanche of MLS offseason training stints that will be announced in the coming weeks and months?

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  1. I like these training stints, however very very few of them really turn into anything, and in some cases it might give players moves they’re really not ready for. Like shea, he is not epl quality which is why he never plays, but because he trained with arsenal, stoke thought he must be a pretty good player. This is the same thing I fear with agudelo who trained with Celtic, Liverpool and Stuttgart, and then sealed a move to stoke. I guess it keeps these players sharp but if its only for a few weeks it doesn’t do too much

    • they obviously convinced someone that they could be EPL quality if they got inked to a transfer..

      the only bad thing that can really happen during these loans is a serious injury, (Gonzalez at Nurenburg) but that not worth staying home for.. Bring on “the Avalanche” off-season loans!

    • Agudelo to Stoke is pending work permit, which will be decided on appeal because he won’t make the 75% cap criteria. Based on his level of recent senior team appearances (or lack of same), it may be uphill. It’s never certain how that goes, some big US names have been denied permits in the prime of their careers while some lesser lights have been rubber stamped.

      But I am generally not a loan fan. There is an injury risk, and I just don’t believe in giving the milk for free. If teams want our best players they can pay the transfer fee, sight unseen. We shouldn’t risk getting our players hurt so they can kick the tires with less downside.

      I think loans are more valid for dis-used players who need more time and perhaps a change of scenery. Look at English teams, they lend their unproven kids and surplus veterans. I think the USL loans are more in that manner, and it is less known that I think MLS has legalized in-league loans as well, I just don’t know if it’s been done.


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