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Pelosi signs new Liverpool contract

Pelosi (Getty)


Though he hasn’t played a game in more than nine months due to a serious leg injury, American youngster Marc Pelosi has signed a new contract with Liverpool FC.

The 19-year-old U.S. youth international midfielder suffered a broken leg on Feb. 17, but according to Liverpool, his impressive progression in his rehabilitation from injury hasĀ helped him him earn a new contract.

Liverpool signed the German-born American in November 2011, following some good performances with the USA in the 2011 Under-17 World Cup. Since then, he’s been a member of the English club’s reserve and Under-18 teams, though he’s still waiting for his chance to debut for the first team.

What do you think of this news? Glad to see Pelosi on the road to recovery? Do you expect him to see a first team opportunity this season? Do you believe he may be sent out on loan?

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  1. When he played for the U-17s, he was not the kind of player who dominated physically, but one who was defined by good skill, good decision making and a bit of tenacity. Those kinds of qualities do not fade with age. It is more a question if he is athletic enough to make full use of his soccer skills in games that are full of skilled, athletic players. Apparently Liverpool think he has progressed in that regard despite the injury setback.

    • There’s pretty much no chance of him ever playing for Germany. He lived in the US from age 3 until the day he went to Liverpool, and he captained our U-17s.

  2. Liverpool FC is serious about youth development. Brendan Rogers aims to focus again on the youth. He has taken some criticism this year for putting too much faith in the youth, but it’s part of his plans for the future. LFC. Liverpool has developed some good players in the past including Gerrard, Owen, and Carragher.

    • Its a good to thing that rogers is focused on youth development, gives me hope that Pelosi can one day crack the first team for Liverpool. He was included in the 23 for Europa league before his injury. To sign an extension with Liverpool shows that the clubs rates him highly.

    • Agreed, LFC is very serious about youth development. Though, I don’t think Rodgers has gotten any criticism this year in relation to faith in youth, it was all last season. But even then, most of it was out of necessity with a thread-bare squad. Last year… featuring heavily (age at beginning of season) … Raheem Sterling (17), Andre Wisdom (18), Suso (18), Shelvey (20), Borini (21)… now, they’ve gotten reinforcements in, only Sterling is even on the roster. Suso, Wisdom, and Borini are all on loan and Shelvey was sold. And Sterling, who played in nearly every match over the first half of last season, has started only one Premier league match this year. Rodgers has been managing youth involvement much better now that his roster is more filled out.

      That being said, LFC youth academy is stacked… if Pelosi can hang and thrive there, which before injury he definitely was … then the US will benefit greatly.

      • Sterling hasnt delivered this year so far so I wouldnt be surprised at a loan. The sale or the leaving of Adam Morgan surprised me though. They could have sold him for $100,000 and gotten a sell on claus somewhere in the championship.

        He is a natural finisher, aka has no pace, dribbling ability, or size. Being let go on a free though feels weird.

  3. Let’s keep in mind that he’s 19 years old and yet to make an appearance for the first team.
    For all we know this is as good as he’ll ever be and may never see first team action.
    it has happened to much better players.

    • Pelosi was included in the 23 last year for the Europa League right before he got his leg broken. While part of that was to justify keeping him out of international competition with the US, a big club like Liverpool isn’t going to waste that kind of spot on someone who’s not in their plans. Pelosi was tearing it up for Liverpool at the youth level before he was upgraded to the Europa League squad.

      No one on this board is calling him the best ever or anything like that (unusual for SBI), so your preemptive negative comments are out of place. The fact is, this guy’s good enough to be in consideration as a squad player for Liverpool at 19 y/o. This isn’t common for a lot of Americans. He’ll get his chance somewhere before long. Unless he suffers a career ending injury, your predictions are definitely going to look silly.

      • Mr. Page,

        Chuck is just being very realistic.

        And if Pelosi is really good perhaps the Germans will cap him. One can always hope.

  4. He’s a good player. I remember watching him in various games and enjoying his play. I also saw him get his leg broken… ugh. Hope he bounces back.

    • centrally in a 4-3-3. Essentially Gerrard’s position at the point or Lucas’ position at the base. He played both in the reserves last year

    • It’s not being German-born that people criticize; it’s not being a product of the US system in any way. Using a bunch of players that learned the sport through another nation’s youth system does not represent an improvement over the past when it comes to US player development. Pelosi was a product of the US national youth system from the youngest ages so he is a success story for US soccer.

      • Holy crappp, the US youth soccer development system has proven over the last 50 years that it is terrible in comparison to major soccer countries.(it has been improving though) An American is AN AMERICAN, REGARDLESS OF WHERE THEY PLAY THEIR TRADE. All you people who like to moan about where these players learn to play need to get over it.

      • I didnt say anything about anyone’s Americanism. You obviously dont understand youth player development in this country and the machinations of US Soccer When you do then perhaps you have the right to tell those who do to get over it. We are talking kids’ development, not professional men who “ply their trade” somewhere as you state. Someday you might want to actually read what someone writes, but of course that might interfere with maintaining your own ignorant point of view.

  5. Pelosi is highly regarded within Melwood. he new contract is the most LEAST surprising news He, Jordan Ibe, and Jerome Sinclair are the best of the current crop. Had it not been for the injury, there were rumblings amongst us Liverpool fans that he should be given an opportunity. Given Liverpool deficiency in midfield this season, some may say he would’ve been a squad player this season. He will definitely be in contention going into next season. Good on him for the contract and good on the club for staying loyal during an injury

  6. “impressed the club so much in his rehabilitation”
    …so, he got a new contract because he’s good at rehabbing? Never heard of such a thing.

    • Rehab can be a mixture of things. Either way, for a 19 year old to get such praise from a club like Liverpool, he’s doing something right.

    • Agreed. If you read the cited article, that’s not what it says:

      “Highly-rated American Pelosi, who hasn’t played since February 17, when he sustained a serious broken leg at West Bromwich Albion, is making excellent progress in his rehabilitation and has penned a contract extension.”

      I suspect it’s because he’s good, not good at rehabbing. Regardless, a good sign.

    • He’s good. They know he is good. He’s making progress in rehab, and so they don’t want to release him.

      It’s not like he just joined the club, he’s been a fixture on their youth squads, and showed well for them.

      That they’re willing to hand him an extension is more of a sign of their confidence in his abilities. The fact that he’s doing well in rehab makes it a safe decision for them to extend his contract, as they clearly would have done if he hadn’t been injured.


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