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U-17 USMNT to face Brazil, England, Portugal at Nike International Friendlies

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The U.S. Under-17 Men’s National Team will be put to the test in December.

U.S. Soccer announced on Wednesday that Richie Williams’ U-17 team will take part in the annual Nike International Friendlies and Development Academy Winter Showcase next month, with the Americans facing off against Brazil, England, and Portugal.

The U.S. will first play Portugal on Dec. 9, then go up against England two days later before taking on Brazil in their final match on Dec. 13. All of the U.S. matches will kick off at 5 p.m. ET and be streamed live on

The competition runs from Dec. 9-15 in Lakewood Ranch, Fla.

Here is the full schedule:

Monday, Dec. 9
2 p.m. – England vs. Brazil
5 p.m. – USA vs. Portugal

Wednesday, Dec. 11
2 p.m. – Brazil vs. Portugal
5 p.m. – USA vs. England

Friday, Dec. 13
2 p.m. – Portugal vs. England
5 p.m. – USA vs. Brazil


What do you think of the U.S. U-17 team playing Brazil, England and Portugal? Who would you like to see called in?

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  1. While Mexico is playing Nigeria in the finals of the U17 World Cup in UAE on Friday, USA will be playing in the “Nike International Friendlies.” US can win all that but until these youth team do anything at the big stage all these are just a waste of time.

    • that’s an incredibly simplistic view. these U-17s are missing out on the World Cup, so why NOT play against Brazil, Portugal, and England? even if just friendlies. most certainly is not a waste of time, IMO.

      • A proper response but JBo does have a point: the kiddies ultimately need to be in a position where they can benefit not only from stern competition, but also from extreme pressure. For where we are (not in the cup) it’s good…but we need to strive for higher. I will congratulate USSF when they meet these teams in the next U17 cup.

      • i agree, and certainly don’t think i said anything to suggest otherwise. i’m simply pointing out that these friendlies are not a waste of time, as implied by the comment from JBo. are they the same as the U-17 World Cup? no. but they certainly serve a purpose.

      • What purpose? How many times have they played these pointless friendlies? Years ago they beat Brazil and what did that translate to?

    • We usually qualify for youth tournaments.
      Thomas Rongen (U-20s)
      Caleb Porter (Olympics)
      Richie Williams (U-17s)

      Amazingly, Richie Williams got to keep his job so he can screw up another cycle with his crappy coaching and Napoleonic power trips!

      • And I still think the firing of Thomas Rongen was a poor decision, but I guess it paved the way for total Klinnsman oversight which will probably be better in the long run.

    • Who cares. They are simultaneously planning for the U-17 final and home and away series with New Zealand with the age group of players that won the first U17.
      Kiddy cups are meaningless or Nigeria would have about 5 stars on their jersey instead of a perennial World Cup knockout

      • You mean the same group that lifted Mexico from their slump during the second half of the Hexagonal in 2009, that won back to back Gold Cups against the US, an Olympic Gold against a start studded Brazilian team and dominated the region during the first two years of this cycle?

        I’m all for basking in their misery and watching them squirm but by any objective measure, that 2005 U17 WC winning class has achieved plenty of individual and collective success when compared to the other teams in our region.

      • That age group won a gold medal at the Olympics in London. Truth is, if we had won two U-17 WC’s, and where a game away from winning a third, after beating Sweden, Italy, Brazil and Argentina we would be bragging and rubbing it in everyone’s noses like it was nobody’s business. So let’s not get too grand. I’m certain that all of that and maybe more will come in due time for the USMNT, but we haven’t gotten there yet. I don’t care about Nigeria; in general talented soccer nations win “kiddie” tournaments. And if you think it doesn’t matter then you didn’t watch the highlights of the dramatic ending vs Brazil and also the Argentinians losing their heads and getting two players sent off at the end. The Argentinian team is so distraught they don’t want to play the match that decides third and fourth place.

  2. How the F is Richie Williams still the coach of the U-17s after failing to qualify for the World Cup (and after benching Junior Flores)? I thought Klinsi was in charge of the program from top to bottom, and that he wanted to implement a certain, possession-oriented style. Great. I’m all for it, and I can see it coming together. He’s got Tab Ramos with the U-20. Caleb Porter was with the U-23s. The full national team plays the way he wants, even with the B team at the Gold Cup. But the Ankle Biting Midget of Death (ABMOD) with the U-17s? How does that fit with the rest of this picture?

      • How the hell did Caleb Porter stay on after not only failing to qualify for the Olympics but losing to Canada!

    • are you serious. you should look at Beto’s post above which is correct — last year the U-17s drew Brazil 4-4, Beat Turkey 4-1 and lost to Portugal 3-4 under richie williams. how many countries would want to exchange with us for those results? how many national teams at any age level showed such strength across 2 world class and 3 very strong opponents in a single tourney? of course, some fans can’t put coming up short on the scoreboard after 90 minutes on a 3rd world pitch in panama last year into any sensible context. would you have crucified georgetown’s john thompson after cinderella villanova upset them in the ncaa finals back in 87? get real. losses happen in any game or sport, what matters is how the team is developing and performing and playing — not in any snapshot 90 minutes — but in general. good luck to the US players and coaching staff in this great tournament with the world’s best, great results over all and hopefully moving forward for this group

  3. last year they drew Brazil 4-4, Beat Turkey 4-1 and lost to Portugal 3-4.

    this year should be just as difficult.. props to Nike and USSF for scheduling such strong friendlies..

  4. Glad to see they decided to schedule some “confidence building” cupcake opponents! This should be interesting great move US Soccer.


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