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MLS reveals 28-player Waiver Draft list




Major League Soccer hasn’t named its 2013 champion yet, but off-season team-building begins today.

MLS is hosting their Waver Draft draft at 3:30 pm, where 28 players released by 13 clubs will hope to be scooped up for next season. Some notable names appear on the draft list, including Philadelphia Union’s Kléberson, who helped lead Brazil to a World Cup win in 2002. D.C. United will select first in the draft after winning just three games during the 2013 season.

Here is the full list of players available in the MLS Waiver Draft followed by the selection order:

2013 MLS Waiver Draft Player List

Goalkeepers (5): Patrick McLain (Chivas USA), Paolo Tornaghi (Chicago Fire), Oka Nikolov (Philadelphia Union), Brad Stuver (unattached), Doug Herrick (unattached)

Defenders (5): Drew Beckie (Columbus Crew), David Carney (NY Red Bulls), Bilal Duckett (New England Revolution), Don Anding (Philadelphia Union), Greg Klazura (Vancouver Whitecaps)

Midfielders (13): Daniel Antunez (Chivas USA), Marvin Iraheta (Chivas USA), Kyle Hyland (Columbus Crew), Matias Sanchez (Columbus Crew), Alam Syamsir (D.C. United), Paolo Del Piccolo (Montreal Impact), Maximiliano Rodriguez (Montreal Impact), Gabe Latigue (New England Revolution), Greg Jordan (Philadelphia Union), Kleberson (Philadelphia Union), Phillip Lund (Seattle Sounders), Michael Thomas (Toronto FC), Alex Dixon (Houston Dynamo)

Forwards (5): Aaron Horton (Columbus Crew), Lionard Pajoy (D.C. United), Matt Horth (New England Revolution), Marcus Tracy (San Jose Earthquakes), Danny Koevermans (Toronto FC)

2013 MLS Waiver Draft Selection Order

1. D.C. United (16 pts.)
2. Chivas USA (26 pts.)
3. Toronto FC (29 pts.)
4. Columbus Crew (41 pts.)
5. FC Dallas (44 pts.)
6. Philadelphia Union (46 pts.)
7. Vancouver Whitecaps (48 pts.)
8. Chicago Fire (49 pts.)
9. San Jose Earthquakes (51 pts.)
10. Montreal Impact (49 pts. – Eliminated in playoff Knockout Round)
11. Colorado Rapids (51 pts. – Eliminated in playoff Knockout Round)
12. New England Revolution (51 pts. – Eliminated in Conference Semifinals)
13. Seattle Sounders (52 pts. – Eliminated in Conference Semifinals)
14. LA Galaxy (53 pts. – Eliminated in Conference Semifinals)
15. New York Red Bulls (59 pts. – Eliminated in Conference Semifinals)
16. Houston Dynamo (51 pts. – Eliminated in Conference Championship)
17. Portland Timbers (57 pts. – Eliminated in Conference Championship)
18. Real Salt Lake (56 pts. – MLS Cup finalists)
19. Sporting Kansas City (58 pts. – MLS Cup finalists)


What do you think of the MLS Waiver Draft player list? Surprised by anyone’s inclusion? Do you see many team’s using their selections? Which players would you like your team to select?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I forgot about Marcus Tracy. I thought the Dynamo had his rights after drafting him high even though he went to Europe….How did he end up in San Jose. Didn’t he score a sick amount of goals in college and was a top American prospect? Just wondering…

  2. In another article here it said the Red Bulls were releasing Barkladge, so I thought he would be on this list. What is his status? I think he’s better than anyone on this list.

    • I think Ben will realize his mistake and use his prime spot to reaquire.

      To be honest, I’m amazed to see his name on this list! I figured MLS would’ve completely cut ties with Syamsir after DC got him off their payroll. Either that, or work out a $10mil transfer to Inter – everybody wins!

    • Really? There aren’t any superstars but there are a lot of good situational players there.
      Carney, Pajoy, Koevermans, and Paolo Del Piccolo could find spots on most teams.

  3. this is why MLS is Mickey Mouse. No free agency, all players enter league through drafts except for DP’s or allocations or whatever crap rule MLS comes up with.

    Look, part of what makes a team and a league fun to follow is free agency and seeing what clubs sign with players during the off season. When you take this away and replace it all with drafts its just not fun to follow.

    Even the WNBA gets this

    • So the conga line of talent from small markets to big ones is part of what makes a sport fun to watch? So, the idea that an RSL and a Sporting KC can hang on to a core of talent and learn to play an attractive, effective style is boring, because watching everyone flow to two or three big market clubs is more exciting?

      • Tony,

        that wouldn’t happen. Look at Baseball.Small market teams get the playoffs every year.

        And you have to factor in that a lot of top MLS players will be jumping to Europe anyway. This idea that free agency would lead all the MLS teams to join the Sounders or LA Galaxy is just not true.

        MLS teams(just like MLB) will be successful or not based on how good their academies are.

        Not having free agency is hurting this league.

      • Not the way it works in soccer. How many teams outside the top three or five biggest payrolls win league titles? Doesn’t happen any more.

        And in baseball, 18 of the last 19 World Series winners and 16 of the last 19 WS losers were in the top 15 when it comes to payroll.

      • San Jose, Houston, and RSL have been very successful with their limited spending. Portland and KC were very good this year as well.

        Last year’s MLB playoff field favored small market teams. And while Boston and St. Louis do spend a lot of money, the core of their teams are guys that came up through their system.

        European soccer favors the big spenders, but there is a lot more parity in American sports than that, with or without salary cap.

    • Oh, and last I looked, team can go out and sign up to three big name players through a process that sure looks like ‘free agency” to me.

      • Do you think Henry or david Beckham couldn’t go where they wanted too? How is that not a type of free agency?

        More to the point, you have not demonstrated why free agency is a good thing? For example, root for any team in Spain either than Real madrid or Barca, what chance do you have of ever winning a chanpionship? Why is that good?

      • who said it was? What does La Liga have to do with MLS and free agency? La Liga also lets Real Madrid and Barca negotiate their own TV contracts. That’s why that league is so one-sided (and i agree..mostly unwatchable)

  4. I hope Houston’s house cleaning goes further than Alex Dixon if we intend to continue competing at this level. Too talented a midfield to be bogged down by a lack of scorers and an iffy defense.

    • …while former wunderkid Adu plays largely anonymously in Brasil and former World Cup winner Kleberson plays largely anonymously in the US. Maybe Orlando City can use that as part of their script when Disney follows the preposterous marketing adventures Angels in the Outfield and The Mighty Ducks dodecalogy with a story of an autistic child who befriends a talking dog and learns about the world through soccer.

      • “Dodecalogy” great use of Greek

        Houston has released Alex Dixon, Josue Soto and Francisco Navas Cobo, all HGPs. Not so good scouting their own academy

      • Lmfao “…while former wunderkind Adu plays largely anonymously in Brasil…”

        He’s anonymous BECAUSE HE DOESN’T PLAY

  5. Two guys ended up being picked up, Paolo DiPiccolo (New England) and Brad Stuver (Columbus). Both formerly played for Montreal.

    I have to admit, I haven’t really seen either of them play much, but I remember that DiPiccolo was a bit of a hot prospect in the draft and only slipped because he had signability issues (he had a trial with a Bundesliga club). I imagine the Impact released him for a reason, but not surprised to see someone take a chance on him.

    • More importantly, DiPiccolo makes for a few hard to figure he’s American future prospects in FIFA 14 since they just recycle names. I’m always like “What? That guy’s not Italian???”

    • FC Tucson, a USL Pro team that has existed for three years and finished in the middle of the standings last year, beat Chivas USA this month.

      “Yeah, but Chivas USA wasn’t playing their A team and hadn’t played together since the playoffs started,” you say. True, but Chivas USA started Bocanegra, Avila, and Torres, while FC Tucson didn’t have a full team because many key players were still out of state playing for their college clubs. They also had barely practiced because so many of them were out of the area. And the guy who scored the winning goal is still in high school.

      So yes, a team of MLS castoffs could beat CUSA without any miracle or even strong luck needed. And yes, I am from Tucson and don’t simply follow CUSA around hoping for bad news.

    • I’m a Union fan, and Kleberson definitely still has something left in the tank to offer. Probably doesn’t have the workrate to be a consistent 90 minute player and isn’t a reliable defender. Still, I don’t think anyone is going to pick him up because he’ll want too much money. He was a DP last year.

  6. Dixon and Tracy, some former USA prospects – still young might be a good pick up
    Koevermans and Kleberson, former international players on the tail end of their career that if healthy could be useful…

    looks like a couple potential squad players.. over/under total picks made 4

  7. So instead of waved players entering the open market, they will enter a draft? How are these players different from some of the bigger named players that are out of contract or didn’t have options picked up with their current clubs? For example, Alston and Reis for the Revs.

    • The re-entry draft is used for bigger names. But since MLS is MLS I have no idea what qualifies one player for the Waiver Draft and another for Re-Entry. Except of course, getting waived.

      • Please do not reveal the occult source of this most obscure knowledge as to how some players qualify for the reentry draft, and some, uh, don’t…no one is supposed to know, even though it’s openly published and has been for ages…it’s only for those who know, or who can be bothered checking the league roster regulations in less time than it took for a cliched, “oh the league is so murky and byzantine” responses.

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