What's next for Agudelo?

What's next for Agudelo?


What's next for Agudelo?

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Days after the stunning news that he would not be receiving a UK work permit, young American forward Juan Agudelo is in limbo as he heads toward the January transfer window as a free agent.

With his Stoke City deal appearing to be dead in the water, what happens next for Agudelo? The speculation has already begun, while Agudelo’s representatives work to find a new solution.

Here is my Goal.com piece on Agudelo’s situation, and how his options stack up. The 20-year-old striker isn’t likely to be short on options, and as a free agent, he should be able to find a good number of suitors across the pond. The chances are still very good that he will be playing in a good league in Europe two months from now.

What the work permit rejection and failed Stoke City move means Agudelo is likely to have to wait until next month for a better idea of just where he will go. Spain is a possibility for the young forward, and leagues like the Dutch League and French League are also possibilities. Scottish side Celtic has been linked to Agudelo in the past, but that move doesn’t appear to be a likely one at the moment.

What do you think of Agudelo’s situation? Glad he’s not going to Stoke City? Hoping he changes his mind about MLS and comes back, or think he needs to go to Europe to boost his game?

Share your thoughts below.

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