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Dempsey expresses excitement with Fulham return

Clint Dempsey of Fulham celebrates scoring the equalising goal with team mates

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  1. The Dempsey hate is hilarious. Form is temporary and class is permanent. Clint produces and thats all that matters. If anyone actually watched practices you’d see Clint is easily the most clinical finisher on the USMNT

    • Most clinical finisher on USMNT? Maybe the USWNT, and even that is a maybe.
      He’s no where near Donovan. Period. And I don’t hate him, I like him as a player. He brings a ton to the US and has made a lot of very important goals for club and country. But I do hate the exaggeration of his talents like he’s the second coming. Never was, isn’t and never will be. And there’s no shame in that. I also hate that he’s our captain. I know Donovan screwed himself out of that spot but I see Bradley as 10X the leader and having 10X the respect vs. Demps. And so it goes. Cue the “Michael F. you’re such a ‘hater'” replies. “How could you think anything other than what everyone else thinks – that Dempsey is Jesus! You should be stoned!”

      • Going by there national team numbers Donovan scores about every 2.75 matches, Dempsey every 2.8. Sure, theres alot of other factors to work in but overall it’s pretty close. I think what tips the scale for some people is that Dempsey had more success in Europe.

      • For some context the only players anywhere near them are McBride, Wynalda and Jozy with an average of about 1 goal every 3.1 matches. So is it Donovan or is it Dempsey? I don’t know but to say it’s not even close is kind of silly.

        As for Dempsey being captain, Bradley is stil just 26, and his day will come, most likely the entire next cycle. Also the moment after Mexico where everyone is around him chanting “Deuce is the captain of our ship!” says to me everyone is at least fine with it.

      • he was absolutely brilliant for fulham his last 2 seasons. coming from someone who watched just about every match. Also for those that don’t know, Clint is friends with the woman doing the interview (Sarah Brooks) and she was just having a bit of fun with him.

  2. There is too much political, side-talking BS in all of this.

    Dempsey left Fulham on a very sour note. He had been making a stink about wanting to leave to get a crack at CL ball but Fulham’s manager wasn’t having any of it. Then he leaves, pisses off all the fans and management at Fulham to play one season for Tottenham who didn’t even make it into the CL. Makes the move to Seattle for BIG $$$$$, loses his edge and performs way under expectation. Now he is back and it’s all wonderful? I doubt it.

    Let’s see if this works out…

    • If he performs well enough to keep Fulham from the drop zone, it would go a long way. Then again if he has a Sounders-like disappearing act and Fulham still gets relegated, even his few remaining supporters with the club will never forgive him.

  3. I can’t imagine the psychological miles on the guy… Nobody ever said these guys had to be actors. I guess it “feels like home” to him though… What’s up with the loneliest xmas tree in the world?

  4. This dude freaks me out, he never looks happy or satisfied. He looks a like a comic character on a mission. He alao needs a makeover and needs to figure out another open personality. Its like jerry jones or jorge vergara character.


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