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Nike releases “Dare to be Brazilian” advertisement

Neymar - Confederations Cup - Brazil



  1. Surprised at the comments. I loved it. I like the reference to it being just a game in the mind of great players – that joy of playing is part of what makes them great.

  2. Ehhh…not nearly as good as Write the Future or the two previous Brazil ones, the game against Portugal all over the stadium or the one in the airport.

    Although Thiago Silva is too cool for school in his bit. Nice.

  3. I mostly liked it, but the midgets vs gigantic Argentines thing was a bit weird.
    The Luis becoming a cartoon giant part was pretty bitchin’

  4. So at 33 seconds in, I thought it was Ronnie from the Jersey Shore but looks like its really fat Ronaldo…not Nike’s best commercial

  5. Love, love, love, love Nike ads from past World Cups. This doesn’t quite measure up, but thanks for posting it anyway. Looking forward to seeing what ads they will be releasing as the World Cup gets closer.


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