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Soccer Thursday: Your Running Commentary

LuisSuarezLiverpool1-ManchesterCity2012:2013 (Getty)


A full day of English Premier League action awaits as the British isle’s annual celebration of the day after Christmas commences.

Kicking off the day, Manchester United visits Hull City knowing that a victory can help David Moyes’ squad jump up to sixth place in the standings. Later in the morning, U.S. Men’s National Team stars Jozy Altidore and Tim Howard face off when Sunderland travels to Everton, while Arsenal plays in their second London derby in four days when West Ham United hosts the Gunners.

Finally, the day wraps up with two of the highest-scoring sides in the Premier League facing off at the Etihad Stadium. Luis Suarez takes on Edin Dzeko and Alvaro Negredo in what could be one of the best matches to watch all season.

If you will be watching today’s action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action. (Today’s TV schedule is after the jump):

7:45am – Hull City vs. Manchester United – NBC Sports Network

10am – West Ham United vs. Arsenal – NBC Sports Network

10am – Everton vs. Sunderland – Premier League Extra Time/NBC Sports Live Extra

10am – Chelsea vs. Swansea City – Premier League Extra Time/NBC Sports Live Extra

10am – Newcastle vs. Stoke City – Premier League Extra Time/NBC Sports Live Extra

10am – Norwich City vs. Fulham – Premier League Extra Time/NBC Sports Live Extra

10am – Tottenham vs. West Bromwich Albion – Premier League Extra Time/NBC Sports Live Extra

10am – St. Johnstone vs. Celtic – Fox Soccer Plus

12:15pm – Blackpool vs. Leeds United – beIN Sport USA

12:30pm – Manchester City vs. Liverpool – NBC Sports Network

2:30pm – Nottingham Forest vs. Queens Park Rangers – beIN Sport USA


  1. IMHO the best striker in the world is that goofy-looking, big-tooth, Uruguayan. He is just too good for his own business. There are many gifted players on the field these days but as far as pure number 9’s, Suarez is the man.

    Too bad he is such a jerk.

  2. Sakho falling apart for Liverpool, MC smell the blood in the water and are pressuring him hard

    great fun back and forth game, great link up play both teams

    • They looked good…expect for the final third.

      I only caught the second half but they still seem lost once then get into the final third.

      • I thought they actually looked worse in possession up a man then they had in weeks. Just seemed to hold on in the second half.

      • agreed, less possession but so much more commitment. it’s pretty clear to see I think but maybe it’s just me. They concede at least a goal if this game was played two weeks ago or before imo, probably lose it somehow

      • I haven’t seen many Sunderland games, but I agree about commitment. Team looked to be on same page defesively and comfortable with Borini on left and Fletcher up top. Jozy did help with preserving 3 points during his short stint.

      • Jozy to score against Cardiff, book it.

        Actually, more likely to book a Jozy start, nobody passes him the ball, he makes a few plays, gets 1 half chance that he misses which starts a long discussion between Jozy supporters (he’s the best player on their team but gets no service) vs Jozy detractors (1 goal in xx EPL games doesn’t cut it).

      • Considering the game is in two days and Fletcher started today I’d say it’s pretty good chance Jozy starts Saturday

      • The fact that he was rested today suggests he will start. I don’t see the need to polarize the fans though. I don’t think he’s the best player on his team but I also can’t tell you he’s played terribly either. Sunderland’s struggles go beyond a single player.

      • AcidBurn is right. That is EXACTLY what is going to happen.

        It would be funny if it weren’t true. 🙁

        Here is to hoping I am wrong.

  3. Walcott making all the right plays and the differences for Arsenal. He showed some fight and spirit vs. Chelsea in that hard core slugfest earlier this week after being away, and that has carried over. playing really well, very aggressive.

  4. message to the Premier League…. if you don’t show the audience the result of the use of goal line technology… how is anyone to believe you are actually using it and it works.

    Fulham had one that certainly looked very very close to crossing the line and pushed back out by the keeper… fine if it is no goal but SHOW IT…

      • Thanks!

        Since I am not British and don’t have too much interested in the country, other than football, I had forgotten about Boxing Day. Therefore, I wasn’t aware of the games.

        Again, thanks for the information. Now I know! 🙂

    • I mean… in all honesty? 3 games in 1 week was prolly a bad idea. 4 game in 2 weeks would be worse. 1 of those went to OT. (I can say that right because Extra time would be ET. And then I just think about aliens and bicycles.)

  5. Within 5 minutes in the Stoke match there have been 2 Stoke players sent off as well as Mark Hughes, a penalty saved, a goal a minute later and then 2 more players booked.

  6. Stoke’s coming apart at the seams. Had 2 men sent off and missing Mark Hughes too (tho that may be a bet gain there)
    Newcastle penalty just saved – unbelievable…

  7. Could the league just relegate Sunderland now and spare us from five months of having to be subjected to watching their awfulness?

  8. So is Dempsey the only MLS player that will be going on loan this offseason? And will Brek Shea, Maurice Edu, Oguchi Onyewu and Juan Agudelo find playing time somewhere at the start of the new year?

    • I feel like someone has to take a chance on Agudelo at some point and just give him minutes. I have the feeling that he’s more of a gamer than a training stud, and the skills he brings simply don’t shine in MLS. I think he and Johannson are our strike pair of the future. The two of them in sync would be a handful for any CB pair in the world.

      • “Relax”, lol. Do you have anything of substance to add to the conversation Tommy? If not, leave this discussion to the grown-ups.

      • I believe Relax is the key word today Joe – make sure you relax! An adult would take that comment pretty easily and not flare up like a child. Say you – say me – say it together.

      • Yes, maybe little Joe didn’t get the Suzie Talksalot doll he asked for Xmas. Dont be so sensitive, dude. You seems stressed that Deuce was the only announced move so far. I’m just reassuring you that there’s a long month of transfer activity ahead of us. Have some decaf and chill.

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