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D.C. United forms “strategic partnership” with Inter Milan

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With both clubs sharing an owner, it was only a matter of time before a connection would form between D.C. United and Italian club Inter Milan.

In a release from D.C. United on Monday, the two clubs have entered a “strategic partnership” together, which according to the release includes the “sharing of team, organizational, and competitive” practices.

We see this as a positive relationship for Inter,” Inter vice president Angelo Moratti said in the release. “We appreciate the cooperative opportunity and look forward to working with D.C. United now and in the future.”

D.C. United are currently in Indonesia as they get ready to face Persib Bandung in a post-season friendly on December 6, set up by owner Erick Thohir, who bought a controlling stake in Inter last month. Inter are currently in fourth place in Serie A, but are ten points behind leaders Juventus.


What do you think of this news? Excited to see the two clubs develop a partnership? Think that some Inter youngsters could find themselves at D.C. United for seasoning and experience?

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  1. I believe DCU has had “strategic partnerships” with about half the teams in the world. Until I actually see something concrete from this, it’s the same BS peddled around every such “partnership.” The foreign team gets a friendly in the US during the summer break and Dave Kasper can go whisper to the next Pittsburgh Riverhounds reject he brings to DCU that, by the way, “we have a strategic partnership with Inter, so the sky’s the limit on your future.” Indeed, the fact that at the same time this partnership was announced, DCU also decided to retain Kasper, the architect of the worst season in league history, for another year speaks volumes about what all this really means — absolutely nothing.

  2. Loved the quotes on “Strategic Partnership”. I visualize Dana Carvey saying it in a yet to be discovered secretly taped SNL skit.

  3. As a novelty to be pulled out once a season or so, United could design a home uniform based on Inter’s design, though with DC logo and sponsor. Just a thought. Maybe it would become like the Notre Dame green jerseys.

      • It probably means Inter will play a friendly with us next all-star break. Beyond that, looking at calendars and my rotating desk-top globe, the shared practice thing sounds like a non-starter.

      • By the way, when Inter says it will benefit from the partnership, they’re thinking jersey sales – which is why they will agree to come play a friendly. A lot of soccer kits sold in the Washington area.

      • I do not know if this is the case or not, but many times partnerships like this will allow teams to train with one another in the off season and are often “preferred” teams to loan young players. These would be typical benefits for DC.

        The benefit for Inter is that it guarantees a friendly for Inter in DC every year and gives Inter a foothold into the growing American soccer market.

  4. This new owner from DC scares me a bit. Is he really a soccer fan or just another vergara or some american rich head buying the sport of soccer but with more aspirations.For example, if he really is the big deal owner, then i wonder what kind of gem of soccer stadium he will get DC. Not only a top gem sss, but will he attract big DPs and sooner than later a big coach.
    Im pretty sure this Inter MIaln connection benefits DC in the long run, but i repeat, is this owner the big thing or just another rich head buying soccer, like rapids-chivas usa-red bull-crew-salt lake owner.
    By the way, DC should go for Liverpools stadium design that wont be done anymore.

    • I don’t care what he is, if he can get us a stadium like Red Bulls gave NY, then he can be or do whatever he wants. He’s a soccer fan, but he also has financial stakes in other sporting teams – like most owners.

      What DC needed was money. That’s why he and his partner were brought in. We could use some Hill experience, too, but we’ll take what we can get.

      Getting a stadium in DC involves the government. We don’t have any government experience on our board/front office.

    • Was just about to make this comment. And considering Inter’s long-standing stadium relationship with AC, it seems a match made in stadium heaven!

      With one or two exceptions, these strategic relationships pan out to a friendly. I don’t expect us to gain anything and for them to lose anything by partnering with us. None of our players are capable of getting in their reserve team, so they aren’t using it for scouting. And Serie A youth players tend to play in the lower leagues, so I doubt we see any players sent our way to develop.

      • Lol, re stadium heaven comment and pretty much agree with your take on this strategic partnership. Hamid is the only one I could see as having high enough ceiling to play in Italy someday. Talent-wise, he is good enough to make their reserve team.

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