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The SBI Show: Episode 104 (with special guest Michael Bradley)



Toronto FC kicked off a new era on Monday with the introduction of marquee signings Michael Bradley and Jermain DeFoe, a pair of signings that have shaken up the MLS landscape.

On Episode 104 of The SBI Show, we speak to Bradley and discuss his big move from AS Roma to TFC, and get his take on returning to the league where his pro career began 10 years ago.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I also discuss the MLS Combine, and some other moves brewing in MLS circles, including the Philadelphia Union’s push for Maurice Edu.

Give Episode 104 of The SBI Show a listen after the jump:

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  1. I sincerely hope we witness the fall of Roma (a plummet below 4th position) since they benched and lost Michael (Calm Restored) Bradley ~

  2. Excellent show, guys. Also, great job with all of the special guests being lined up recently.

    First, anyone here that still believes Bradley’s contract is for only 1 million a year isn’t using common sense. Omar Gonzalez is making around 1 million + a season, and you think MB can’t command much more than that? C’mon son.

    Second, although I understand the thought process behind your points in the show, I say MLS would be losing out by not paying Jermain Jones DP money around the 3 million range. Solid, experienced, Champions League caliber, will be a starter for the USMNT at the World Cup, would have started 2010 if he was healthy, and would be an instant, significant upgrade at his position for almost every current club. He has a minimum of 4 solid club years left in him, but you mean to tell me that MLS can just turn their noses up to that notion? I say that’s bogus…

  3. MB is my favorite player. But my god, I bet a conversation between him and his Dad to just say hello would take an hour.

  4. MB is my favorite player. But my god, I bet a conversation between him and his had to just say hello would take an hour.


    You were suppose to be the Chosen 1? TO Lead our Yanks in Europe to glory. To set an example for future generations.

    why god why

  6. awesome show once again. really stepped it up this year!

    that said MB is a really boring to listen to even though he has an interesting story.. i think its just that it takes him 10 minutes to speak a sentence.. was he always like that or did he develop that speaking broken Dutch, German and Italian over the years?

  7. I’m still on the fence with having all of our USMNT players returning to MLS. I’ll wait a season or two to really make a judgement on whether these are good career moves or not. One thing I haven’t seen discussed is what this does for the young players in the league. Now they’ll have an opportunity to compete against or learn from quality players who have spent time playing in different European leagues. Moving to MLS may not make Bradley, Edu, or Parkhurst better players, but I do think it will force young guys like Zardes, Gil, Yedlin, etc., to step up and improve if they expect to compete against a higher caliber player week in and week out.

    • +1 “Moving to MLS may not make Bradley, Edu, or Parkhurst better players, but I do think it will force young guys like Zardes, Gil, Yedlin, etc., to step up and improve”

      although I will argue that it will make Edu and Parkhurst better players as they will be playing much more consistently! excellent point either way. A lot of people who bring up the point that the middle of the roster guys still play at a unexciting level and get paid below average.. well hopefully this is a big step in the direction that can change this. its more than just a couple of dp’s and average players around them now… very good spectrum of improving talent in MLS these days

    • Excellent comment…big challenge for central midfielders to play against MB and Edu. Big challenge for defenses to play against Deuce. Big challenge for young forwards to play against Parkhurst, Goodson & Bocanegra.

    • agreed, Mo goes silent for parts of his USMNT games, haven’t seen him too much in European play, but one game I saw with Rangers he was fairly effective. Still, will have to see him play to see what he brings.

  8. Mikey is not making 6.5 million a year, but rather 6.5 million for 6 years, or 1.1 million per year.

    The Italian press is the only press reporting figures and they report the total amount of a contract, not the amount being paid for a year and leave it to you to do the division.

    Roma made a profit selling Bradley and this is also reported. Mikey was making 800,000 per year (after tax or netto) so a 37% increase in salary for Mikey.

    • But I thought it was all about the money? Isn’t that the only thing that whinging USMNT fans (not all USMNT fans, just the whinging ones) had to cling to?

    • Ives point blank said he was making about $6.5 million a year for 6 years for a total of approximately $40 million. So I guess the question becomes which report do you trust? Ives or some member of the Italian press?

      • Asking players about their compensation packages in an interview is considered rude — unless it’s the point of the interview and agreed ahead of time. His salary will be released later by the union, so we’ll know who has their facts straight.

      • If Mikey was to make 6.5 mil per year, that would make him the highest paid player in MLS, 33% higher than Dempsey. You’re telling me that to verify this we have to wait for “the union” to release the news (roflmao!!)?

      • yes, i can absolutely see that. he is 26, Dempsey is not. sure, Bradley is probably being overpaid but that is what it was going to take to get him there.

        are you saying Ives’ quote on SKC’s per year bid is also incorrect? because that number was higher than the $6.5M over 6 years you are saying it actually is. it would also mean that Edu is being offered more than Bradley from Philly. very doubtful.

        we also know TFC stated the deals, including transfer fees and salaries, were going to be about $100M when it was all said and done.

        we know Defoe is getting $7.5M for four years. so that is $30M, add on another $10M for the transfer and it totals $40M for Defoe. that leaves $60M for Bradley. so if $40M of that is his salary over 6 years, that leaves $20M. they paid $10M for him bringing us up to $90M. pretty spot on to what TFC said will be the overall cost.

        “It’s understood that the combined value of transfer fees and salaries for the two men would reach $100 million. This, in a league with a $3 million salary cap. Two guys — and they’re worth only $20 million less than Forbes’ valuation of the entire franchise.”

      • Unfortunately Ives doesn’t comment or contribute as much as he did in the past. In the old days, this might’ve been one of those instances where he jumps on the comments and battles back and forth with folks.

    • Tom, let me give you a few facts.
      1….. 1.1 million at roma is net salary …1.1 million at toronto is gross salary, when you take out 45 per cent canadian taxes it equates to about 600 thousand net. Do you honestly think Bradley is taking a half million dollar 50 per cent cut to go to toronto
      2…… Both Defoe and bradlley costs toronto 10 million in transfer fee each, Defoe is making 5.9 million gross salary per year. Bradley is supposed to make 1.1 million a year,
      I don,t think so. Ives is 100 per cent correct

    • I have seen on multiple sites that he is making $6.5m per year. Sporting offered $6m per year. The $1.1m/year number you are using is incorrect.

      • Bradley’s agent confirmed his salary yesterday: $40 million over six years, or $6.67 million per, which I believe makes Mikey the highest paid player in MLS history.

  9. Ives said there is an argument that Bradley is the best player in Concacaf. I know he means in all competitions, leagues, national teams, etc, but I’ll buy it when Toronto beats a Mexican team in CCL. (and I am no fan of Mexico, just sayin’)


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