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The SBI Show: Episode 102 (with special guest Patrick Mullins)

Marquez Fernandez (17)


The MLS Draft is a week away, and as SBI prepares to provide wall-to-wall coverage of both the MLS Combine and MLS Draft, we are kicking things off by having one of the draft’s most highly-rated prospects on The SBI Show.

Episode 102 features Maryland star and reigning Hermann Award winner Patrick Mullins on to discuss his preparation for the Combine, his own background, and even who he’d consider taking with the No. 1 overall pick if he were making the pick.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I discuss a wide range of topics on Episode 102, including all the latest happenings in MLS, including Camilo’s attempted escape from Vancouver, and even some NASL talk, specifically the Atlanta Silverbacks’ decision to eliminate the head coaching position.

Give Episode 102 of The SBI Show a listen after the jump:

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  1. Great show guys. They just keep getting better.

    In terms of guests, I’d like to hear some off-the-field insider perspective of MLS. I think one of the younger, owners (Heineman; Paulson; Precourt); or a GM (Lagerway; Hanauer; etc) would be very interesting. Would love to hear about topics such as why MLS was an attractive investment, or how the search/development of talent has changed and where it’s headed.

  2. Ives,

    A couple of recommendations for future guests:

    1. Paul Gardner – considered by many to the Dean of US soccer writers. He is in New York and I would love to hear his thoughts on the podcast. Yours truly named him the “Gloom Merchant” years ago in a Soccer America competition,…and while I get a little tired of the stream of negativity,…he has sean everything over the last 40 years and he has great insights.

    2. Eric Wynalda for obvious reasons!

    3. Claudio Reyna for two reasons. Would enjoy getting some insights into NYFC and would also love to hear his thoughts on the entire sham that is the USSF Academy program. I will forward a copy of a letter I sent to Gulati and the USOC on that topic if you are interested.

    4. Kasey Keller for three reasons. First,…how is he finding the transition from playing to commentating. Second, his thoughts on USMNT. Third,…I always thought that he would have aspirations to run for a USSF position and would like to know if that is the case.

    5. Clint Mathis!

    6. Randy Lerner, John Henry, Ellis Short or one of the Glazers. Would love to hear viewpoints of American owners of EPL teams and ask,…why no MLS investment!!!

    Hope this is useful.

  3. I dont understand why people think that pro/reg is an absolute requirement to be a legitimate/successful league. Look at the NFL. They have 32 teams, no pro/rel. Players are developed in lower tier leagues (NCAA), and these leagues produce great players. I dont understand why in a country as large as the US, we have to limit our league to 20 teams and incorporate pro/rel. Prmotion and relegation have nothing to do with how the sport is played. Yes, it has something to do with strategy throughout a season, but strategy also has nothing to do with individual talent development. Pro/rel has nothing to do with developing a players ability to throw a stepover taking on a defender or to see the perfect through ball. Those skills are developed in independent of how a league is organized… they are developed based on the rules of the sport, which are also independent of how a league is organized. I love the playoffs, and I think its silly to assume that we have to copy and paste from other countries in order to produce the best talent in the world.

    • Mat,

      Respectfully disagree. I agree that pro/rel is not necessary for MLS to be a legitimate league. However,…a league with a single table, that crowns a regular season champion and has pro/rel is far superior than a league that does not. A regular season match in such a league is far more intense/meaningful than a league with the current MLS format (conferences, playoffs, no pro/rel). Personally, I would MUCH rather watch a regular season game that has something more at stake. The second chance that playoffs offer takes the edge off,….which leads to my next point.

      You are dead wrong if you don’t think that pro/rel contributes to player development. Have you ever played or coached in a league with pro/rel? I have. The pressure resulting from the possibility of pro/rel is huge,…no matter if you are in an amateur, semi-pro or pro league. The PRESSURE a player faces under such circumstances contributes to their development.

      As I mentioned above,…I have an idea to address some of these issues but that is for another day.

      • pro/rel awards mediocrity. playoff systems dont. when teams dont make the playoffs, they drop players. The team that comes in last place is in the same situation as the team that comes in second place. you never hear anyone say “congratulations everybody! we were the 17th best team in the league!! lets see if we can do it again next year!”

  4. I had to laugh at the dismissals of some of the names I suggested. Lederman: it was really about life at la masia and adjustment from the us. But you’re probably right about the NY times article covering as much as you could (and the fact that its a non-starter). Gooch would be interesting, NOT because his career is floundering, but because it might be interesting to hear about what’s next, plus maybe some of his experiences in all of the different leagues and teams he’s played in. Surely, he’d have some interesting perspectives.

    Also, maybe it might be interesting to get someone from us soccer who could talk about how they scout for players around the world and how they are able to evaluate hundreds of different players outside of the us and determine who gets called up. Or it might be interesting to get someone from MLS who can talk about the Paul arriola situation and what MLS is doing to better bridge the gap between academy and first team

  5. Solid show, fellas.

    Also, Ives is correct in that having Sofia on the show without video is probably somewhat a waste. A man can dream, though, and I dream often…

  6. Good show, idnt know who those pro/rel guys are but some guest talk/debate might be interesting

    Are they in the biz, press or just fans?

    • Good show. Couple of thoughts:

      1. Nice interview with Patrick Mullins. I saw him play at the Final Four. Two (humble) observations,…..1) he has an excellent first touch; 2) he is one cool customer when it comes to scoring opportunities. I am thinking he is less AJ Wood and more Best XI MLS.

      2. Completely agree with Ives on Pro/Rel discussion. Chances of it becoming reality are 10-20 years out. Ives is also correct in that there would need to be 40-50 Tier I clubs in the country meeting minimum stadia requirements. (Ives,….I have an idea which is focused on improving the competitiveness of regular season games that uses elements of Pro/Rel. don’t want to go into it here. Let me know if you are interested in hearing it.)


  7. I agree that the drop-off between MLS and NASL is too large for pro/reg at the moment. Does pro/reg between NASL and USL-Pro happen sooner than MLS-NASL?


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