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Happy New Year (and Happy Birthday to SBI)

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year everybody. It is a special day for us at SBI as well because today marks the sixth anniversary of our independent launch.

Yes, today is SBI’s sixth birthday.

As we embark on our seventh year in business we will look to keep improving on bringing you soccer news and analysis from the United States and the world. As is the case each year, we will try to bring you improvements and new elements to our coverage to keep making SBI your source for news on all things American Soccer.

Please feel free to share with us what you like seeing on the site, what you would like to see less of, and what new things you would like to see us add to our coverage.

Today marks the first day of what should be another exciting year for soccer fans. From  the CONCACAF Champions League to the upcoming MLS season and ultimately the World Cup, there will plenty for American soccer fans to enjoy.

Thanks to all of you for your continued support and be sure to stay tuned as we keep things rolling in 2014.



  1. I would like to see more photos of Sydney Leroux, Alex Morgan, and Hope Solo. I’ll let you know when I think of something additional to improve the site.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Anyone catch Jozy’s late appearance? Looked like he set up a couple of chances from the commentary I read? How about Shea? Commentary sounded as if he were pretty lively.

    Whattaya got, boys?

    • Jozy worked hard for his teammates and tracked back defensively, even picking a Villa player’s pocket in his own half. He set up two scoring chances and made some good passes in the middle third. His only bad move was an opportunity to lead a break in the middle third only to have a terrible touch let him down and give the ball back to Villa. At one point Fletcher made a piss-poor cross and then started yelling at Altidore.

      The key stat for Sunderland is 16 shots and only one on target. Sunderland’s midfield just can’t create quality chances. Guzan had an easy day at the office.

    • Good rebound 30 minutes from his outing last weekend. He only had one bad touch and one turnover in his 30 or so minutes. He set up Giac and Colback nicely for chances but they both squandered. The Colback pass was particularly nice off of great hold up play at the top of the box. Jozy drew several defenders before laying off to Colback who had two runners in front of the goal mouth for tap ins. Colback was on the left, running towards the touch line and could have either chipped the ball over the keeper across the goal mouth or tried to slot it through. Instead he opted for neither and simply blasted the ball over the net from an impossible angle. Jozy and Fletcher were screaming at Bardsley and Colback etc all day for the poor decisions and inaccurate passing.

      • This. Sunderlands midfield is cr@p and would rather blast the ball into row Z instead of trying to find their strikers.

        One other play I remember is where Jozy wanted to do a give and go with Giaccherini but G didn’t pass the ball back to Jozy who was calling for it in a nice position to go in on goal, instead Giaccherini tried an awful shot himself.

        Hard to evaluate Jozy when nobody passes him the ball.

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