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Indy Eleven sign former Hoosiers Ring and Ambersley, bring roster to ten players

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With preseason just around the corner, Indy Eleven’s inaugural roster is starting to come into view.

In a ceremony at Indiana University’s famed basketball stadium Assembly Hall, Indy Eleven president Peter Wilt and head coach Jurgen Sommer revealed the signings of former Indiana men’s soccer standouts Brad Ring and Mike Ambersley, taking Indy Eleven’s roster to ten players.

“Adding Mike Ambersley and Brad Ring not only gives our roster two more starting-caliber players, it also strengthens the bonds to the finest collegiate soccer program in the country,” Wilt said in a statement. “Indiana University has provided soccer fans across Indiana championships to celebrate on a regular basis and has done so with great integrity, and that’s the blueprint Indy Eleven will strive to follow.”

Ring, a 26-year-old midfielder, spent last season in between the San Jose Earthquakes and Portland Timbers, who acquired him in a trade last September. After being drafted by the Earthquakes and sitting out the 2009 season to heal a hip injury, Ring went on to make 38 appearances in total over the next three seasons for both clubs.

A career lower league player, Ambersley, 30, has proved himself to be a solid forward across USL Pro and the NASL since 2006. After being drafted and released by FC Dallas before making an appearance, Ambersley’s career has taken him from his hometown of St. Louis to Rochester, Atlanta, Tampa Bay (where he won the 2012 NASL title) to last season where he played on Minnesota United FC.

Ring and Ambersley join the eight other signings the club has made since October 1, starting with goalkeeper Kristian Nicht.


What do you think of this news? Like the signings? Think Ring and Ambersley can make an impact with the Eleven?

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  1. I don’t care about the name or the crest. I’m just glad there is another professional team in the US. This country is too big for MLS to effectively scout, train and provide opportunities to every deserving player. The more 2nd and 3rd division teams the better.

  2. Ambersley was well-loved and a fan favorite with the Rowdies. After we (the Rowdies) won the championship, my recollection is that Mike hurt his knee in the off-season or preseason. When he got healthy he struggled to get quality minutes.

    Good guy and good pick up for Indy. Not sure how long he’ll last though.

    • Living in Indy I am excited to finally have a decent level of team here. I do have to admit that the name is lamentable and I voted for a different name. Supposedly, the name is a reference to a Civil War Regiment, but that is just TOO obscure and since there are 11 players on the field the name seem really trite. Who knows if it will change, not likely any time soon, but I sure hope so eventually.

      • This is helpful for most folks, but I already was well aware of this as I am a bit of history buff, especially the Civil War. Unfortunately, as I noted in my post, I believe this is just too obscure and requires too much effort on the part of an average fan to really appreciate.

  3. That name of indy eleven is so weird, why not just use the whole word indianapolis and represent that nice name of the city.

      • and just because SF has had earthquakes why should a soccer club in San Jose be called Earthquakes? I’m trying to follow the logic.

        Earthquakes is probably the most cringeworthy name in the soccer world.

      • i know right? Lol

        I mean..a name like New York City FC has some class to it. It’s not overstated. It’s a football club that represents NYC.

        San Jose Earthquakes? Oh god…arena football league anyone? Its cringe all over. A soccer club named after a natural disaster? Horrible.

    • This thread is interesting to me because when the team name was first announced people were pretty much supportive across the board here at SBI.

      Eleven has a soccer connotation and apparently Indiana was the home base for the 11th brigade (or something like that) during the civil war.

    • Indy Eleven is in reference to the 11th Indiana Infantry Regiment during the Civil War. It was apart of U.S. Grant’s Army of the Tennessee (or West Tennessee depending on what source you favor) which won the Battle of Shiloh and the Siege of Vicksburg. It was then transferred to the Army of the Shenandoah where it finished it’s service.

      The 11th Infantry was affectionately known as Wallace’s Zouaves after General Lew Wallace and the fighting style they were trained in – Zouave. Instead of what lay historians understand about fighting in the civil war (tight formations at regular march), Zouave’s fought like a modern day platoon – 3-5 feet gaps between each soldier, always at the quick or double quick step, and when firing they did so in a prone position rather than the standing or kneeling position that inflicted so much damage on a regular company. There was also a very distinct uniform distinction for Zouave regiments (usually red pants with a blue jacket accompanied by a red sash or hat).

      The crest incorporates the checkerboard of a race finish flag as well as lady victory that stands atop the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in the center of Indianapolis.

      Still think the name/ crest is bad?


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