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USMNT host luncheon for local media in Sao Paulo

USMNT Training Sao Paulo, Brazil

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  1. This is very good PR work by the USA. Accessibility will make them well liked by the local media, which could transform a neutral stadium in our favor.

    • I thought that…I also saw this as a move to get US players more coverage and media during the tournament to raise their stock for transfer after the WC. Either way an interesting move by Klinsmann.

  2. LOVE IT!!! the devil is in the details, and we are really thinking of everything when it comes to the upcoming world cup. This is a brilliant PR move by our USA staff.

  3. Klinsmann is really trying to make us popular. If they write enough good stories about us we might get more fans at the stadium and more of a bias towards us. At least we can win the psychological match before the actual game.

  4. I really appreciate how dedicated klinsmann is to the USMNT head coaching job. He seems to have such enthusiasm and passion for the job half the time I forget he’s German.

    • Agreed! It will be interesting to see if he ever returns to Germany full time after his time with the USMNT is up. He’s married to an American woman, has two kids (born in the US?), owns a house in Huntington Beach, has lived in California off and on since the early 2000s. I would not be shocked if he gains US citizenship, but I don’t know how feasible that is given our busted immigration system. I feel like service to the USMNT should grant automatic US citizenship.

      • ‘Tis your opinion, to which you are entitled. I disagree, but SBI isn’t the place for that discussion. Believe it or not, I didn’t even think about the political aspects of the topic, only that it takes fooooorreeveeer to gain US citizenship.

      • This topic (immigration) is not mearly political it affects soccer and the national team. That being said, yes it should take a long time to become a citizen and it would not take Klinnsman that long because he is married to an American. But if a player wants American citizenship and goes through the proper channels I think it should be tough and take a long time.

      • He has hinted that he might become a citizen. He’s had a Green Card for over 5 years, so it’s pretty automatic to become a citizen now anyway.

        And his kids were born in the US. He even lived here while coaching the Germans, something they weren’t too happy about. He might be willing to leave the country for a while now that his kids are older, but he’s very happy in California.

      • He would have to give up his German citizenship. No dual citizenship unless one or both parents have another nationality.

        Who cares, it’s not like we’re cap tying him. Wife and kids = America and I don’t need any more proof. Especially in giving up his coaching position to be with the fam in Merica.

      • The US has no restrictions on dual nationality, even for newly naturalized citizens. They are not required to renounce their former citizenship.

      • Mr. Klinsmann is married to American Citizen has two children who are American Citizens , has a Green Card and has has invested in several US businesses including his own. In short. Mr. Klinsmann can become a US citizens anytime he wants.He has already qualified.

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