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Shea scores in Barnsley friendly

BrekSheaBarnsley1 (Barnsley)


Brek Shea showed last Friday why he was such a hot commodity last January for Stoke City.

In a mid-season friendly match at Republic of Ireland club Dundalk, Shea scored one of his on-loan club Barnsley’s four goals in a 4-1 victory. Shea intelligently dribbled away from two defenders with a Cruyff turn and a quick change of pace before playing a nice one-two pass with a teammate and slotting home.

While the opposition there was clearly not as high as the level of defending Shea would see at the English Premier League or even Championship level, it’s a good sign to see that the 23-year-old is still confident enough to pull off that move.

Up next for Shea and the last-placed Barnsley is a home match on Tuesday against Blackburn.

Here’s a video of Shea’s goal:


  1. I was talking with my brother Mike the other day about Brek Shea. Mike doesn’t rate him highly. I like his willingness to take risks and commit to strong attacks on goal. I think this goal from last Friday displays those qualities well.

  2. Say what you will about the level of the opposition and the situation, but I’m sorry, that took some skill. We just don’t have a ton of guys with that level of ball control skill who make decisions that quickly. I’m not saying to put him on the team based on that, but that’s why he’s still in consideration for Brazil.

  3. Some people are questioning the merit of this goal scoring exploit deserving a post … I care not to wade into this matter but what I will say is this, That was some nice foot work to evade the double team, a well weighted pass followed by a good burst into the channel and an EXCELLENT choice to shoot first time (showing confidence in one’s shot/diminishing the chance at defense by the keeper/showing teammate he should keep feeding you as well) AND he stuck it in the AULD ONION BAG!

    Berk Sherr FTW!

  4. Brek Shea has good size and does have good technical skills, but he looks out of place in the argy-bargy of the Premier League, especially against the lower side of the EPL teams who do not have the budgets to procure the very excellent defenders that Man City. Chelsea or Arsenal have.

    The lower teams in the EPL and those of the lower divisions are filled with tough, well-meaning (mostly) technically deficient defensive players who play hard and foul hard.

    That why I think it was important for Brek Shea to go down a division and get into the thick of it with the lower division teams.

    He will be a better, less intimidated player, coming back to Stoke.

    • Yeah. Always felt his biggest problem is composure, and his confidence seems to be up and down like a yo-yo.

      Jurgen hasn’t given up on Shea for the obvious reasons – it’s obvious to anyone with eyes that Shea is a vastly bigger, faster, more athletic, and yes, more technical player than the guys he was playing, looked like a man among boys in that game. He looked very much like you would expect an International player to look.

      When he’s confident, and feeling it, he can break a game. When he’s not…he’s putrid.

      He needs to get his feet under him there in England, gain some confidence and belief. People underestimate the psychological aspect of soccer, a lot, and Shea has always seemed like more of a hothouse flower than most.

  5. “Make an impact especially against low level teams”……Nothing to be excited about as far as this performance because this is what he (and our other top players) is suppose to be doing against low/average teams. If you can’t score, be a massive threat or have a convincing impact against weak opposition what are you going to do against some of the best defenders the world has to offer…..on the biggest stage of soccer?
    Its good to see him finding his form and confidence…..

  6. Love seeing Brek do well, even against this opponent. He provides something off the bench for the USMNT that few do, and I give him 50/50 shot at making it to Brazil.

  7. Good to see him getting his mojo back but for gods sake, you see that first touch? He nearly sent a throw in back over the throwers head! First touch has always been my issue with brek… the rest of his game is there, sometimes.

  8. Oh, my! He’s actually playing in FRIENDLIES now! For Barnsley! And scoring goals! Look out world, here comes Brek Sheah!

    Christ, give me a break. I wish him the best but right now he’s a non-entity who has no shot whatsoever at going to Brazil. Well, that’s not true. He could go as a tourist. But if he actually went with our national team it would be serious, serious cause to be worried.

    • he has looked like a great option off the bench if you ask me.

      is he close to fulfilling his potential? no. is he a lock to be in brazil? no. does he look like the smoothest player out on the field? no. does he often make defenders poop their pants? yes. could he change the game and add a different dimension to the team when we need a goal? yes.

      if we have the best squad (meaning all of our top players are in top form), he will be there.

  9. I don’t know why, but it cracks me the hell up when i see how TERRIFIED Brek Shea and Geoff Cameron look in still photos of them playing soccer. haha. Not saying they are scared, but man, they are always caught in these facial expressions as if someone with a knife is coming around the corner.

    regardless, go Brek!!

  10. at this point who cares about the level of the competition. he need to get his confidence back and start doing what he does best – scoring goals. I’m happy for him and hope he continues to start, scores more goals and earns his way back to stoke. if this is the first step in that direction – I’ll take it. Andowlove

  11. so he scores 1 goal against an Irish team (arguably on level with League 2 aka 4th division England) and he warrants a post

    yet people were in anger about Gooch scoring against League 2 opponents.

    Shea needs to shape up or get out. Should have gone to belgium or holland instead of chasing the money at STOKE

    • I believe your overreaction trumped any potential overreaction found in the above SBI blog post. He is currently on a loan with a Championship to ‘shape up,’ as you put it, and apparently has garnered some good early reviews at Barnsley. Also, it is his career, and he can do as he pleases with it. Sounds like you took this move a little personally for whatever reason.

      • You just described about 20% of the commenters on the site. I’m not sure where all the anger and rage comes from.

      • It comes from jealousy of never being any good at soccer which makes them belittle other players to make themselves feel better. Its the same principle as those that are insecure about their height/athletic ability so they constantly rehash the “but Messiā€¦.” garbage

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