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Revolution bring back Davies on free transfer

Charlie Davies New England Revolution (New England Revolution)


The New England Revolution didn’t play forward Charlie Davies that much during his loan stint with the club in 2013, but the former U.S. Men’s National Team striker will have a second chance to become a major part of his hometown team after the Revs signed him on a free transfer on Thursday.

Davies joined the Revolution on loan in August from Danish outfit Randers FC, but was limited to just four substitutes appearances for New England as he sat behind the likes of Juan Agudelo, Saer Sene and Dmitry Imbongo on the team’s depth chart. With Agudelo gone and Sene recovering from a broken leg and dislocated ankle suffered late last season, Davies projects to play a more prominent role in 2014.

“We’re pleased that Charlie will be re-joining us and that we were able to find a way to make it work with MLS and Randers,” Revolution general manager Michael Burns said. “Charlie came in last summer and showed us a lot of good things, and we’re looking forward to seeing him integrated into the squad more in 2014.”

Davies, 27, has struggled to establish himself since recovering from life-threatening injuries sustained in a deadly car crash in October of 2009. He has been largely limited to substitute’s appearances during stints with French side Sochaux and Randers, but did enjoy a successful run with D.C. United in 2011, scoring 11 goals while on loan from Sochaux.

The Revs will be hoping Davies can recapture the form he showed in 2011, and team sources have stated that, despite not playing much for the Revs in 2013, he did impress in training and should play an important role in 2014.


What do you think of this development? Happy to see Davies brought back by New England? Think 2014 could be the year he has a breakthrough?

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  1. Mike Burns is an idiot. Signing a bench player at on a free transfer is about the best Burns can do. Where are the other off season signings? There are none. The Revs will fill out their roster via the draft and in the end, we have a college allstar team.

    New England could be so much more if only Burns would leave and the Kraft’s would sell the team to anyone that cares to invest and not look at the team as nothing but a tax write off

    • Bingo! The kraft family Are the best thing that has happened to football in New England, ….. And the fcking worst thing that has ever happened to soccer in the Boston area.

  2. well, lets see what happens this season in new England. cd9 may not have the same burst, but he still has the instinct and he is now free of being a loaned player and can really play for himself now. I bet he shows big improvement this season, over what we have seen at dc united and new new England.

  3. I always thought that his story has the potential to make an excellent movie.

    Up-and-coming striker, making waves, playing well in Europe, flashy, a little arrogant going into a World Cup with tons of expectations. Then, BOOM. It’s all over with one stupid decision.

    Seems like that could work.

    CD career and talent is like that one amazingly beautiful girl who you could have, should have , would have had but it didn’t happen and whenever you think about it you just would rather not.

    It’s over folks. The old Davies is gone, never to be back again.

  4. As a DC fan, I am happy to see him with the Revs. I wasn’t impressed at all while he was in DC; most of his 11 goals were PKs. I wish CD the best, but I’m skeptical he still has what it takes–even in MLS.

  5. “With Agudelo gone…”

    The move to Stoke fell through because he couldn’t get a work permit. Did I miss something else?

    • I bet Charlie goes to bed every night with that shadow over his soul.

      He must truly suffer. He could have been HUGE. He truly had it all.

      • Hahaha!

        That lawsuit turned me from super fan to anti-fan.

        Take responsibility for your actions, good and bad.

      • Um, sorry but that has to be one of the silliest comments I’ve ever seen. You call for Charlie to take responsibility but don’t want to hold the nightclub to the same standard? It is their very serious responsibility to properly and safely sell alcohol to patrons. Since they ended up settling the lawsuit out of court, we’ll never know the extent of the nightclub’s failures that night. But if their own counsel determined it was necessary to legally rectify (at least in a monetary sense) their failures of responsibility that night by paying a settlement to Chuck, I’m gonna go ahead and assume the lawsuit was a pretty reasonable means of making sure the nightclub took responsibility for their actions as well.

      • He is at least partially responsible. Had he not broken curfew that evening, he wouldn’t have been injured in the car accident. Still, over-serving customers, especially the driver, the bar/pub/restaurant is ALWAYS liable.

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