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A video tour of USMNT’s World Cup training site in Sao Paulo


Photo by Celso Bayo/



  1. My wife is from Sao Paulo am SPFC is her dad’s and cousin’s team. JK is right when he talks about how friendly everyone is in Brazil. On our honeymoon in the north east, near Camandatuba, we got a driver to show us around the town for the day. He had to stop by his aunts house for her birthday party. They wouldn’t let us leave until we had bar-b-q, beer and birthday cake. His aunt asked why we were spending al that money on the they fancy resort – and said we are more than welcome to stay at her home. Her whole home by the way was about 600 square feet. She had her own family, kids, parents all living with her yet here is this complete stranger opening her door to us – a very open and kind culture indeed.

    Unfortunately my wires thinks the violence will be too much and doesn’t want to go to the WC. It’s driving me nuts as I really want to go, our boys are 5 and 7 and her entire family is all there.

    The negotiations continue…

    • As best as I can tell their average trip will be like flying from LA to New York for a game.

      While that is not ideal it seems to me the guys can handle that especially with such a nice base.


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