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Monday Evening Ticker: Oscar issues challenge to Argentina; Ribery to miss Bayern clash vs. Arsenal; and more

Oscar of Brazil


Brazilian star Oscar insists that any team looking to win this summer’s World Cup will have to go through hosts Brazil, especially if you are South American rivals Argentina.

In a recent interview in Brazil, Oscar laid out a clear challenge to Argentina.

“I think to win the World Cup in Brazil then they’re going to have to beat Brazil,” Oscar said. “They’ll have to play out of their skins because we’re going to do everything to win this World Cup. And we’re going to run until the very end and then we’ve got the Brazilian fans with us too. So to beat Brazil at home it would have to be a historic game and very difficult but I’m sure this won’t happen. I’m sure we’ll bring this World Cup home.”

“Don’t even think about it!” added the Chelsea midfielder in reference to Argentina’s chances. “Argentina won’t win even if hell freezes over! We’d never let them win! They’re a great team but Brazil won’t let that happen.”

Here are some more stories from around the world of soccer:


Bayern Munich midfielder Franck Ribery will miss next week’s Champions League matchup with Arsenal due to surgery, according to the club’s site.

Ribery underwent surgery on his buttock last Thursday to fix a burst blood vessel. The surgery has been deemed successful, but the French midfielder has been ruled out of training until next week.

Ribery is expected to recover in time for the second matchup between the two teams, which will take place in Munich.


Wednesday’s Premier League matchup of Fulham and Liverpool is facing the risk of being postponed due to planned London Underground strike.

The match is scheduled to be held at Fulham’s Craven Cottage and Fulham are operating under the idea that that match will go on as scheduled. However, according to their website, the club will wait until Tuesday to release an official decision.

Liverpool enter the game fresh off of a 5-1 battering of title challengers Arsenal, while Fulham were able to salvage a late draw with Manchester United last time out.

According to, Arsenal’s matchup Wednesday with Manchester United is expected to go on as planned.


Manchester City’s Yaya Toure will not be disciplined for kicking Norwich’s Ricky van Wolfswinkel. (REPORT)

Construction continued in Brazil despite union threats to protest death of a worker. (REPORT)

Chicharito frustrated with Man United playing time according to Mexico coach. (REPORT)

Neymar returns to Barcelona training after missing seven games. (REPORT)


What do you think of today’s news? Will Brazil win on home soil? Will Ribery’s absence hurt Bayern’s chances at The Emirates? Will postponing this week’s matchup hurt Liverpool’s momentum?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I was watching the Summer Olympics on DVR and to my surprise I saw that Neymar not only was on Brazil’s Diving team, but that he metaled 3 times… Who knew?

  2. How stupid of Oscar to say that, this is certainly a childish comment, I would not expect such a confident comment even if Pele played for Brazil in his prime..Last time someone made such a dumb comment was Maradona in the game against Germany, which was priceless to see Argentina getting their ass kicked.

  3. Someone tell Frank’s press people that a “burst blood vessel on the buttocks” is called a hemorrhoid. At least that’s what most doctors call it.

  4. I ran the WC simulator again and, barring any upsets, Argentina have to get past the Spanish and Brazil will have to get past the Germans in order to reach the final, assuming all teams win their group to be placed in their respective brackets (which is very likely in my opinion). A South American derby would be so hype for a WC Final!

  5. He does realize that Brazil has no striker, their goalie rides the bench on a second division side, they lack the midfield muscle that they usually have, and their historically dominant fullbacks are nowhere to be found, no?
    They are probably the best young team in the tournament, but this is the worst team they have had in decades.

    • Fernadinho, Lucas Leiva, Fernando, Sideshow Bob. Anyone saying Brazil lack a destroyer isnt looking at the squad too closely.

      This is the best team theyve had in a decade. Sure Goalie isnt what it used to be. And Neymar isnt Ronaldo (orginal ronaldo) but defense, holding mid, attacking mid, wing backs. They are the favorites.

    • I’ve been watching international soccer since 1986. EVERY Brazilian team has been the worst Brazilian team in decades, even the World Cup winning sides in 1994 and 2002.

      • True dat. Felipao’s team almost missed the WC and only qualified in fourth place.

        Unless Brazil controls the ball 85% of the time and wins every game 6-1, it is the worst Brazilian side in decades. The expectations are that high.

  6. “I think to win the World Cup in Brazil then they’re going to have to beat Brazil,” Oscar said. “They’ll have to play out of their skins because we’re going to do everything to win this World Cup.”

    That’s what they said to Uruguay in 1950.. even the papers were printed up to say Brazil had won the game before the match ended..

    • What is the Over/Under on death (murder and/or suicide) in Brazil if a) Brazil loses and b) Brazil loses to Argentina?

      I put the marker at 150. An Argentinian friend said 1,200.

      • pretty dumb coments from oscar. it’s obvious that brazil SHOULD walk away with the wc trophy, as Casey mentioned they will get many calls to their favor, plus having the whole nation supporting everywhere they go will help tremendously.
        BUT, being argentinian myself, I would love nothing more than to beat them at home in front of their fans. We’ve done it once by beating italy in naples….won’t be easy at all though.

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