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Must-See Assist: Steven Gerrard

StevenGerrardLiverpoolCelebratesGoal1-Everton2014 (Getty)



    • Thank you. I’ve seen plenty of passes like that one before. EVERY single USMNT fan should have Ramos to Stewart etched on the inside of their eyelids.

      • No way, Ramos is my favorite National team player, but there’s no way his pass against Columbia can compare. Ramos chips it forward off the dribble, Gerrard hits his first time with the outside of his foot to not only weight it correctly, but angle the spin into the striker’s path. That pass was better than anything I’ve seen from a USMNT guy. Please prove me wrong, cause I want to see more great assists!

  1. Brilliant service by Steven. Happy to see him get some recognition for his weighted passes. Also came up big burying that penalty. Splendid season so far

  2. He really is pure class and a joy to watch. All the intangibles you want in a midfielder, skill when it’s needed, control, composure, and amazing ball striking ability, be it shooting, passing, or crossing. One of the best midfielders in the game this past decade or so.

    • top 5 midfielder in the PL era

      Yep. top 5 being Veira, Keane, Gerrard, Scholes, Lampard

      1 of the best English players ever

      • +1

        I really like that top 5. Stevie g’s versatility has always been a bit of a gift and a curse in my eyes, He has played throughout the midfield for club and country but his ball striking abilities and commitment are of the highest order. If him and Lampard played in different times, each of them would have been more appreciated

  3. The best Liverpool player ever.

    The best English midfielder ever. Name 5 who are better

    Honestly out of midfielders today, I can only rate Xavi as being better. Xabi Alonso, Beckham, Lampard, Schweinstiger come close but no cigar. Gerrard is the BEST.

    shame he doesn’t have a Premier League trophy. it’s the only 1 he’s missing. Fernando Torres definitely misses having him

    • “Midfielder” is a too broad term which includes positions that cannot be compared: defensive mids, attacking, wings, etc. For example, Reus and Ribery are midfielders, but should not be compared to Gerrard—totally different roles.

      I think you mean center mids, to which you could add several to your list of current great ones: Pirlo, Gundogan, Iniesta, Ozil, Toure, Pjanic.

      I don’t care who is “best.” Those debates are meaningless to me.

    • Kenny Dalglish, John Barnes (player who Gerard modelled himself after), Ian Rush, Xabi, Luis Suarez.

      I love Gerrard I’ve watched him since I can’t say but I’ve watched Liverpool for longer. He’s in the pantheon but he isn’t Zeus.

      • Off Topic asked for English midfielders.

        Dalglish is Scottish and was a striker/ atacking midfielder
        Barnes was a winger
        Rush was Welsh and a striker/center forward
        Xabi (Alonso I presume?) was Spanish
        Suarez is Uruguayan and a striker

    • “best English midfielders ever”?

      I don’t know about better but at least as good were/are Scholes, Lampard, Robson, Bobby Charlton, Beckham are in the conversation with Gerrard.

  4. Daaaaaaaaaang.

    Glad to see the “must-see assist” entry, I’ve always thought that much more of the glory should go to the passer than generally does.


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