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Chandler sidelined 8-10 weeks with torn left meniscus

Timmy Chandler Nurnberg 2 (Getty Images)


If you were hoping to see Timmy Chandler’s recent strong run of form translate into a U.S. Men’s National Team call-up in March, you will be disappointed to know that an injury has robbed him of that opportunity.

Chandler has been diagnosed with a torn left meniscus and is expected to miss the next 8-10 weeks after sustaining the injury in FC Nurnberg’s 2-0 loss to Bayern Munich on Saturday. Chandler suffered the knock early in the match and had to be removed after just 10 minutes.

The injury comes on the heels of a string of solid club performances from the 23-year-old right back and rules out any chance of him being called into the Americans’ upcoming road friendly vs. Ukraine on March 5.

Chandler had been performing well in recent weeks for Nurnberg – who are now in the relegation playoff spot in the Bundesliga – and many observers believed he could return to the fray with the U.S. next month after not making an appearance since playing in a World Cup qualifier vs. Honduras in February 2013.

The injury has, however, put a dent in his World Cup aspirations and makes the Americans’ right back situation even more concerning.


What do you think of Chandler suffering a left torn meniscus? Bummed that he will miss the friendly in Ukraine? Still think he has a chance to make the U.S.’s World Cup roster?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. RB is one of the weakest positions for the USMNT. If he is somehow healthy by the end of April, I would not be surprised for his call up to the team. Evans is not a RB. I like Evans, but I seen him get torched by speedy wingers from Panama in the World Cup and recently with a sub from Korea’s 2nd or 3rd stringer. USA needs to beat Ghana and CR7’s Portugal and they are loaded with world class talent and speed. We need his help.

  2. I do not know if JK will have a May camp with 30 players like Bradley did before the 2010 WC, to chose the final roster of 23 or not. (Arena had 24 in 2006, with MB being the last man out.) If he does, I think Chandler will be there.

    The most casual observer of the USMNT will have no problem identifying the two positional strengths of this team (keeper and midfield) and the two positional weaknesses (back line and forward). The back line is the most inexperienced and weakest. At forward, there are at least a list of players who have performed well over at least a full season for club and if even a few were injured, others who while having different talents are arguably at least nearly as good are available.

    In the back line the only healthy international player with years of experience are Goodson and Beasley, who is playing “out of position”. At CB Gooch is also a truly experienced international player, but injury has both slowed him and made his availability less likely. Besler and Omar are likely the starters, but Goodson is pushing for a spot, many others are possible backups (Ream, Orozco, Brooks, Cameron, Spector), each has strengths and weaknesses. Bocanegra probably will not be invited, but it is probably unreasonable to think he could not contribute.

    At fullback, it looks like Dolo will not be able to recover in time, but hope springs eternal. Right now, it looks like the fullbacks with the most solid club performance are Cameron and F. Johnson. Beasley, Chandler, Evans, Castillo, Lichaj, Spector or even Ream are possible backups. Talent-wise, I think Chandler is the best of that lot. It is not a disaster if he cannot go, but it does make things riskier.

    • Forgot Parkhurst who is another backup at fullback, but it does not change the main point that pickings are slim for the USMNT for fullback and Chandler is solidly in the mix.

    • Dennis,

      “the two positional weaknesses (back line and forward). The back line is the most inexperienced and weakest.”

      These heated arguments over Cameron vs. Evans/Parkhurst, et. al., are reminiscent of the old cliché about rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic argument.

      None of our individual players are likely to overly concern anyone on Ghana, Germany, or Portugal. CR7 alone is probably more talented than any two or even three US players put together, for example. I think the USMNT will advance but for them to do so, It won’t be about our players as individuals.

      They will have to give their best performance as a unit, meaning the forwards, midfield and defense and keeper stick together.

      And if Timmy gives a repeat of his 2010 World Cup it won’t matter, the US will be done.
      I have yet to see Cameron give a signature performance at right back for the US the way he has at center back. Which is why I prefer him to Gonzo. But either player is fine.

      The US defenders as a group are largely a bunch of interchangeable pieces.

      Most of all none of these so called positional issues will be settled until May, when JK will finally know who is in the best form leading up to Brazil and who healthy and who is not.

  3. This is very disappointing, really wanted to see him start in the ukraine match and earn his spot, but knowing klinsmanns belief system, theres a low chance of him making the 23. Hoping dolo could maybe get back into that spot, as I do not trust evans one bit, and i dont believe he should go to brazil. Our two RBs for the world cup should be cameron and parkhurst, with fabian johnson and i guess beasley on the other side. Our cbs should be besler, gonzo, goodson and maybe someone like JAB if he wants another CB, someone like orozco, ream or onyewu could step up as well

  4. The irony, I suffered the exact same injury on the basketball court today. It hurts like h*** when you feel that pop. Hope he has a speedy recovery.

      • I was driving to the basket and off a spin move a guy tried to stop me as I came down he pushed me, my left knee twisted and popped. I knew it was bad, instant pain, went to the emergency room and after an MRI it was determined that I had a torn left meniscus. I thought it was a coincidence that Timmy had the same injury. It really sucks for him, I hope he recovers in time and make it to the world cup. I was playing outdoors at my college campus, not exactly a hardwood floor.

  5. Kingsly, you’re a very odd individual. Not only are you celebrating an injury to a national team prospect, but you’re acting like a child getting involved in name-calling on the internet. Let’s grow up a bit, shall we?

    Anyways, this is a blow to the national team. For the sake of competition, it would have been nice to see how Chandler stacked up against other US call-ups in the coming months. Hopefully he makes a full recovery. Losing a national team prospect who played fullback at a moderate-to-high level in the Bundesliga is certainly not something I’d be celebrating – especially considering the other options we have back there.

    • They started it…

      In all seriousness was I supposed to see this? You should post under my comment. I get baited in, but at least I’m the one out of these men, who habitually visit this site for the past 3 yrs, who actually wants to have a actual conversation and can legitimately defer to someone superior points. And really how serious am I supposed to take this comment section. Do I have a reputation at stake or something?

      And really, I meant good as in “good he won’t be here in camp” as opposed to “celebrating his injury”.

      As far as to what Chandler means to our team, I stated my viewpoints above in the post and I honestly think that. And also like I said above, in future, if he were to demonstrate some maturity and humbleness ( and in all fairness he has somewhat, but a big part of me thinks it’s only because he realizes now that this is the team that would have him, however disappointed he may be about it, and would rather be at a WC then not ), I would welcome him into the fold the nxt cycle.

  6. RB is Geoff Cameron’s spot to lose now. Best case scenario for Timmy Chadler is that he recovers quick and kicks ass until May and maybe Klinsmann calls him in to be the backup RB.

  7. Chandler more than deserves a spot, he is head and shoulders better than abyone except cameron.
    The only people who should be in the convo for RB is
    1. Cameron
    2. Chandler
    3. Yedlin
    4. Lichaj
    maybe fj but i prefer him on the left

    • Yedlin does not deserve to be in the conversation for RB at Brazil. Dude deserved his call-up on a MLS-only squad, no doubt. But he certainly didn’t show anything at all, let alone anything spectacular enough in that chance he had to immediately thrust himself into a serious Brazil conversation.

  8. Timmy if you read these posts I hope you realize a lot of us are pulling for you and hope you can represent the US at the World Cup.

  9. Really and damn shame. I had Cameron projected as our starting RB but Chandler gives us a speedier, more offensive-minded alternative. Plus he is a viable option at LB that would allow us to keep Fabian Johnson at LW.

    He certainly could still come back in time to sneak onto one of the last spots on the roster, but given that he’ll miss the March date, it’s pretty unlikely.

    Those of you who are taking glee in this really need to take down a notch. The “will he or won’t he” drama ended over a year ago. The reason he’s been out of the team is that he played horribly in Honduras, then struggled for his club. He’s an American player now and the only issue is whether he’s good enough to help us.

    Hopefully, he can make a strong recovery and get back to where he was before the injury. Even if he doesn’t make this World Cup team (and that was always an open question), I’m hoping that he, along with Fabian, Brooks, and Gonzalez can form the backbone of our defense for the 2018 cycle.

  10. Wow a lot of low blow comments because the guy is injured. The stupid “karma” excuse, etc. Well hope you same people knocked on wood. What goes around, comes around. Regardless of your personal opinion of Chandler, it is never right to say he deserved the injury. Think before you comment.

  11. Kind of conflicted on this one. Never want to see anyone injured — and certainly not anyone in the USMNT pool in a WC year — but I agree with some of the comments above about not really wanting Chandler in the mix, despite his obvious talents.

    I am sort of old school on this, but I don’t really want anyone in the squad who is not 100% committed to the cause. IMHO, Chandler has not shown this level of commitment.

    All this nonsense aside, hope he has a speedy recovery.

    • No that’s normal. I Recently injured my knee. In 4 weeks you’re back and can walk comfortably. But you still feel tender so those other 4 weeks you rehab.

      • That’s about right. Athletes at the highest level are actually practicing within one to two weeks. He will have a bunch or motivated therapist working with him constantly.If there aren’t any setbacks, he should be playing within 8-10 weeks or maybe even sooner. The question will be his form thereafter. There will be at least one May friendly before the cut.

  12. If it is a partial tear Chandler may be ready for a May friendly. If he is healthy and in form for his club, he has to make the WC.

  13. A lot of celebration for an injury. Really messed up to see how many of you are happy that this kid got hurt for the next 2-3 months.

    For some reason, you guys are for the try-hard guys like Parkhurst or Beas, but when there was a potentially more talented option here, you have already judged him and decided he doesn’t try hard enough. The past is the past and he was trying to get back to form to play this summer and he would have been a damn good option too. Although you may not see it right now, this is a little bit of blow to the World Cup. We’ve seen Parkhurst before and I just can’t see him being able to handle the wingers that Portugal, Ghana or Germany will be sending our way… sorry, they aren’t all South Korea.

    • +1
      Even inthe gold cup vs central american b squads, parkhurst was not all that great. Somewhat decent but i definitely dont wanna see him against portugal, ghana, etc… I remember when the US played brazil, he came on as a sub for like 10 minutes and was absolutelt torched by neymar and marcelo

    • Cameron should start at RB. I think sometimes fans overthink things. We have a guy who’s playing every week in the PL at right back and doing an excellent job. He’s clearly the best option there.

      • Right in theory. In the past when playing their for the nats he’s had shaky performances.

        The only way for him to play well there consistently for us is if Klinsmann starts actually playing him there, but thus far Klinsy being convinced he’s a CB first and foremost, he hasn’t seen as much time their as he needs. But with some actual reps there, I’m sure he could do really well there

      • Like vs Ukraine.

        And if there’s any positive here, at least this injury (should) remove any questions about him starting there in March. Before it may have been too tempting to have FJ–?–Geoff-Timmy w/ omar and besler apparently not coming.

      • I personally feel like its a blessing. I never liked so many German-Americans in camp. If there are a few in camp, their more willing (or forced) to integrate themselves and speak english, where as in past (you can even see in USMNT vids), they congregate within their clique and speak German.

        I mean, how confusing would it be, for instance, for Chandler to be on the right, Johnson on the left and Brooks in the middle paired with Gooch. At some point, because let’s face it, English is their second language, some of these guys are going to start speaking German on the field if they can’t find the right words in English. And how confusing that must be. Lol, I can imagine like really American guys (for lack of a better word) like EJ, or Clint being like “WTF?”

      • @Kingsly Alexander: Club players communicate on the field despite having different first languages all the time.

        Stupid comment.

      • wow. i wonder how all those epl teams manage to succeed with german, french, dutch and spanish speakers all on the same team!!!!

      • You have to examine past performances in context, Kingsly.

        The first 2 caps Cameron had at RB, he was playing in a variety of positions for Stoke (2 season ago).

        The most recent caps at RB (while he’s been playing consistently there for Stoke, week in and week out), he’s been great.

        There is no question that Cameron should be starting at RB for the USMNT…that is unless he is the best option at DM or CB due to injuries.

        Chandler would have been a great backup or LB option.

      • Exactly! If Cameron is our starting RB, he still needs a backup. He could get injured or he may be needed at another position. Chandler is a good option, why would you want to take away Juergen’s options? Makes no sense. Chandler at left back was an intriguing idea that I was interested to see.

      • Chandler is more talented than Cameron at RB. I think (if he gets healthy) Chandler should be RB and Cameron should play CB,

  14. You all who are celebrating realize our current backup for right back is brad Evans out of position? One thing to play him against Jamaica, another against Portugal.

  15. Good. In all honesty, as talented as he may be, I don’t care for the headaches he might cause or the ppl he might irke from being on our WC squad.

    For all the talent he has, I’d rather do with someone who’s gonna work their tale of and do a competent job (at the least), such as Parkhurst.

    I don’t want him on our squad. 2018 maybe, but is wanna see some humbleness and maturity before a spot is laid down in front of him. He’s likely to squander it with the attitude he’s presented in the past anyways.

      • Yes, exactly…because you’re able to provide his agent with some powerful penetrating insight based upon your close-up observation of Chandler’s performances each week and your reading of coverage in the German press.

        In fact, if anyone knows Chandler’s agent 00 and I’m surprised you aren’t in regular contact — they should alert him to read your insightful commentary.

      • You’re an idi0t. You always have been. If you have a bone to pick with my view points then come out with it. Otherwise, don’t be sophomoric because you don’t like what I have to say

      • Learning new words slow?

        Your another idi0t


        Not you, just those who wanna come at me of of left field like these Slow and Fish

      • Celebrating injuries is moronic. Before you start criticizing vocabularies, try learning some basic grammar. Thanks.

      • I wonder what kind of person celebrates injuries like that. I have to assume the type of person for which other cheer when they have a heart attack. Here’s to your cardiovascular health!

      • The insight would be that if you don’t want to face major backlash from American press and fans (besides idi0ts who conceptualize rosters based on video game ratings or something akin to that), don’t try to use our team as leverage to try and get in looked at by another team.

        I think that insight as a result of his BS has been very penetrating.

        A little ironic you criticize my post for lack of insight and observation when your post is just spam directed at me

    • I think perhaps we (US fans and coaches) put alot on him before he was really ready. We just saw he was getting starts in the Bundesliga and thought he must be great. While his club situation hasn’t actually been all that stable until recenlty. I thought the door was closed on him this cycle for awhile but I don’t see any reason it shouldn’t be for the next one.

    • I think you’re going too far the other way when you’re like, oh, ok, we’ll just start the committed and competent Parkhurst. If the current bunch of committed players was that competent we wouldn’t be constantly spitballing replacements.

    • KA is celebrating an injury so a coach CAN’T pick him for a World cup team

      Kingsley is smarter than the coaches of the nat team
      He doesn’t mind other people getting hurt for what he wants
      He will be calling me an idi0t in the next post.

      Even after all that he will call me an idi0t.

      • If Timmy is our best option, we are in trouble. Don’t people remember just how weak he looked last time out?

        He won’t be going now

      • I just love comments like these. Yes, he looked terrible. He also played 90 minutes on Saturday in mid 40’s temps before taking two planes totaling approximately 12-13 hours, went through 7 time zones and played 90 minutes on Tuesday in 100 degree heat. Let’s see anyone play well under those conditions.

        Lest we forget, the entire team sucked that day.

      • That’s one game. I’d rather believe in talent shown over numerous club matches than one game. Taking an approach of “Oh, this player played very well in ONE USMNT game” is dangerous and would be ignorant.

      • Wow… I’m glad you’ve analyzed a sample size of 1 match to come to your well-supported conclusion.

        Timmy’s been out of form, and JK has specifically said that he hasn’t called Chandler up based on form, not commitment.

        Since Christmas, Chandler’s fought his way back into the starting XI at Nurnberg and has made the Bundesliga Team of the Week several times.

      • He really looked bad when we were at Honduras but I think it was nerves. When you have a match like that (top 5 teams in CONCACAF), you have match equal to the European schedules. Bottom line is he should have done better considering his league.

    • He’s only 23. I don’t understand why people are so hard on young athletes. In case you all don’t know choosing a national team isn’t as easy as picking what tie you want to wear to work. It’s a crucial career decision. He chose the US when he played in Honduras there’s no going back now all we can do is get behind him and support him

      • Freddie Adu has been outcast for years and he’s only 24. I don’t like him but he is a good example of this type of behavior from posters on this site.

      • I would say Timmy Chandler has had a more successful club career than Adu. Adu is outcast because of a long term drop in form. As a union fan, I barely wanted him to start when he was in Philly. Hes been good before, but Adu is considered out of play because of long term lack of success. He also plays at a position that we have other options. Chandlers arguably the best at his spot if healthy. Adu is too if at the top of his game, but the midfields too deep for that inconsistency. Adus not outcast on these boards, he’s simply not in the picture.

      • In fairness Adu has been a pro for a decade. Chandler has been a pro 6 years and has only been a German first teamer (as opposed to a II teamer) for 3 years. Chandler also looked very good in his appearances 3 years ago where Adu seems to look poor outside of Camp Cupcake or Gold Cup, neither of which are A Team settings.

        I see Chandler more in the nature of Shea or Agudelo — if he committed — someone on the younger end whose flashes of quality are offset by poor outings. Enough performance to make a 23 but not enough consistency to be put in the XI in pen, like say Howard or Bradley. That being said, if he’d been committed in the slightest and stayed healthy, this would have been an easy backline to make.

    • It took him nearly a year to find this recent form. Its hard to say if he has 10 weeks off if he’ll just step back in as the same player.

    • D-U-N. Done. If he even cared. He won’t be training until April and while we might indulge a stalwart’s missing friendlies and rehabbing an injury, in his context he needed to be there in March to manifest “commitment” and make his case. I don’t see us bringing a player to camp whose recent commitment was zero, who had no recent chance to gel with the team, and who himself would be probably rehabbing back into fitness and form.

      Holden and Gatt, certain others, another story. But that’s because they showed up and played. Klinsi is pecking order-friendly and he seems post-Honduras to grasp the locker room zeitgeist better. So I can’t see him elevating a player who doesn’t seem committed past the regulars — even if he’s more talented — particularly when he’d be betting on a recovering horse.

      I’d personally like Chandler involved but his actions plus this injury have made his bed. Sometimes with World Cups it’s not how good the team would be in the abstract if everyone was committed and healthy, it’s what you can actually muster.


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