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The SBI Show: Episode 113 (Talking Julian Green, Americans Abroad, and more)

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It may just be two days of training, but Julian Green’s decision to join the U.S. Men’s National Team for a brief training camp in March has USMNT fans buzzing about the prospects of the Bayern Munich prospect playing for the USA.

Episode 113 of The SBI Show kicks off talking about the Green news, and what it means. We also discuss the abundance of dual nationals in the national team setup, and why that’s not a bad thing.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I also discuss a successful weekend for Americans Abroad, the latest headlines in MLS (including the rumored Miami Vice team name for David Beckham’s expansion team).

Give Episode 113 of The SBI Show a listen after the jump:

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What did you think of the show? Agree with our take on Green? Excited at the prospects of Green choosing the USA? See Danny Williams or Sacha Kljestan earning a start against Ukraine?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Ives – I think you are drinking the kool-aid a little bit with Jozy Altidore. In the podcast, when your co-host was excited about how “in-form” Aron Johannsson is for AZ you poo-pooed his enthusiasm for AJ implying that it was relatively easier to score goals in Holland versus other European leagues. This may be true, but then in almost the next sentence when referring to Jozy Altidore, you were singing his praises b/c of all the goals he has scored in Holland saying, “He’s scored like 50 goals in two years! Have people forgotten that?”

    So, when Jozy scores them in Holland it’s a great accomplishment, but when AJ scores, it’s not such a big deal??

    For me, the whichever striker is in the best form should start for the Nats b/c that player’s confidence is highest. Jozy has even admitted to “freezing up” in front of goal lately.

  2. I read an article (poorly translated from french) that pretty much said Anderlecht’s manager thought Kljestan still wasn’t 90 minutes “match fit” coming off his injury and was why he hadn’t started him. Also worth noting that the Belgium Pro league has playoffs so you can kind of afford resting guys at times in the season like MLS. With that said theres been alittle pressure on the manager for there recent run before this last match.

  3. literally L-o-l’ed at Garrett’s part on scoring. Wish I could meet up with you guys in AZ!

    Great to see some the American’s abroad putting in good shifts this weekend such as Danny Williams and AJ/ Agudelo combo over in the Netherlands. While I do agree with Ives about Jozy finding his true form in the later part the season, it will be interesting to see if AJ can keep up his momentum at AZ and how well this translates into Brazil.

    In regards to Toronto FC, the right players have been acquired and that now the test truly does lie with Nelson. The owners are putting a lot of trust in a guy with little coaching experience but clearly they must be seeing something they like to not just change him out. Going to be an interesting MLS season to say the least.


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