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The SBI Show: Episode 114 (Talking Chivas USA’s sale, MLS deals, and more)

Erick Torres, Bryan de la Fuente


Chivas USA has been a laughing stock of MLS for several years now, but Major League Soccer’s decision to step in and buy the team away from bumbling owner Jorge Vergara signals a new era for MLS.

Episode 114 of The SBI Show takes a look at Major League Soccer’s decision to buy the club, and what it means for the league. We also talk about the decision to keep the team in Los Angeles.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I also discuss a busy week in MLS moves, including Teal Bunbury’s trade to New England, Armando Moreno’s escape to Club Tijuana, and much more. We also discuss the parallels that can be drawn between how American fans are treating Julian Green, and how they treated Freddy Adu back when he was the teen sensation everyone was talking about.

Give Episode 114 of The SBI Show a listen after the jump:

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What do you think of Episode 114? Agree with our take on the Chivas USA deal? Think we’re going a little overboard about telling people to take it easy with Julian Green? Do you hate internet trolls as much as we do?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Great point in regards to Bradley. There has always been a prejudice towards American players in Europe….an American player with the same skill set as another player from Europe, S Amer or Africa is always passed over in favor of the latter. I think teams at the lower half of the tables make great sense for American players….they will likely get playing time and an American costs half as much as a Brazilian/Argentian/insert other major soccer country whic equals good value for the transfer and allows them to acquire a player with a better skill set at that price.

  2. Personally, I don’t mind the end of show rambling. If you don’t like it, just shut it off at the end. No harm done, unless you have some OCD thing where you have to listen to the very end of every podcast. Sometimes you guys crack me up. Garrett is actually pretty funny when he’s not frantically trying to change his opinions to agree with Ives.

  3. I don’t believe people hate certain players. I think they want the US to win with the most capable players available. Some of this negativity also shows up because the team seems so unsettled right now. Nobody knows exactly who the players are. That is partly Klinsmann’s fault because he constantly leaves the door open for a last minute changes. In the fans’ minds there still is a big question about the so-called spine of the USMNT. At some point he needs to leave well enough alone.

    • Not sure how you read much of the fecal matter written in th comments section and come to that conclusion. There are some great commenters but clearly also a segment of the population that is just filled with unreasonable hatred.

  4. Just hope they don’t try to unload Chivas USA on San Diego. The MLS missed that boat and the window has closed. We have the Xolos 20 minutes away in Tijuana and are better off for it.

  5. Ives can you just clarify why Diego Fagundez is not eligible to represent the US right now if he has previously taken part in u14 and u17 youth national team camps

      • I understand that but what I don’t understand is how he was able to participate in youth national camps in the past

      • Kids who don’t have citizenship often take part in youth national team camps in the younger age groups because they don’t need to be citizens simply to train in camps. There’s no U-15 World Cup so those younger age ranges are a place where coaches look at prospects. Freddy Adu trained on youth teams well before gaining his citizenship. I happened to be in Bradenton when he first secured it.

        So in short, any kid can train in youth national team camps. There’s nothing that keeps them from doing so, citizen or not.

  6. “…fishing in fish infested waters…” lol

    I guess if you’re going to fish, that’s the best kind of water in which to do it!

    Solid show, people…

  7. I read the Slate Magazine article on Internet trolls that your referenced, Ives. I always kind of figured these guys were pathetic, sadistic losers, but it’s good to have scientific confirmation. Good stuff.


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