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Must-See Goal: Luis Rodriguez

LuisRodriguezAtleticoTucuman1 (InfoBAE)


    • See my response to Brain Guy above…

      The ball was at midfield. The GK was standing on the 18. Nothing at all wrong with his position. Pure genius from the goalscorer.

    • Really? What if a through-ball was played? You want your GK standing on the goal-line. Nothing at all wrong with the GK’s position.

      This is just plain incredible vision and awareness from Rodriguez. Unreal.

      • I’ve never played the position, but it looked like he was already where he should be if a through-ball had already been played. That’s why you see the goalkeeper rushing off his line to deal with an attacking player trying to latch onto a through-ball. I agree he doesn’t need to stay right on the goal line, but he looked way, way out to me. Just my perception, though.

      • I checked again. The ‘keeper was slightly *outside* his area, with no attacking player within 40 yards of the goal.

      • We’re just going to have to agree to disagree here. I can see coming out if the ball is at the other end. But this guy was in no-man’s land for no good reason. There was no one within 40 yards who could even run onto the hypothetical through-ball. Six yards out, even the PK spot, fine – but he was 20 yards out.

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