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Must-See Goal: Zlatan Ibrahimovic

ZlatanIbrahimovicPSG1-NantesLigue1 (AP)


  1. if he wins the CL, he would have won everything a player can win in club football.

    we need to get him in MLS. Pay him 15 million a year and sign him to a 3-4 year contract. MIAMI FC

    look at his stats for SWEDEN. He was a decent striker for them up until missing out on world cup 2010. he was even disappointing considering his talent but he was made CAPTAIN and suddenly he became HUGE. his goal scoring rose. i believe he has 49 goals in 96 matches for SWEDEN.

  2. Sad that most players would only dream of scoring a goal like that. Zlatan, not so much. For him, that’s just a goal not a golazo, I bet that doesn’t even register in his personal top 10-15. I would be jumping up and down if this was any other player. Now, I just expect this from Zlatan. That’s how good he is. About the only thing he can’t do on a pitch is beat up Oguchi Onyewu. He tried, at least.

  3. This guy is always makin spectacular plays.. MLS Needs throw the bank at this guy. Plus you know he has headline material just comin out the mouth!! MLS could use it!

    • I could see him making SC top 10 plays a dozen times in MLS and enjoying being super rich in Miami but not giving a _ about his MLS team… If PSG/Qatar want to pay for him sure… Don’t see that really working out well for a new MLS team.

      • Finds the gap between three defenders and curls it to the upper right corner. Pretty nice. I’m not a fan of his because he is kind of a jerk. He can score some great goals though.

      • Someone hits a screamer almost every match day – it’s Ibra this time so everyone goes nuts. I just don’t like the guy – I think his work rate is usually horrible, and he isn’t efficient enough in terms of creating space for teammates.

      • it’s not just that it’s ibrahimovic. it’s just that he always scores incredible one touch screamers from outside the box. he’s had a few ridiculous ones in the past few weeks, and his bicycle against England will always define him. he only needs one touch to score a ridiculous goal. maybe thats why his work rate isn’t great (which i don’t 100% agree with, but i definitely understand the criticism), it’s because he knows he can score from wherever

      • I can appreciate a player that is a threat from anywhere around the penalty area, but watching a screamer for me is sometimes like watching home run highlights of baseball games – gets old after a while. – I’d rather see the off the ball movement of Suarez, Vap Persie, or Aguero… I think Ibra has the intelligence to play that way – and you can even see at times how he is capable of creating space for himself – but sometimes he is just content to stand around. What I dig about football is the chess match – I want to see players moving for one another – to pull defenders out of position and then take advantage of the space – the game is about intelligence, not just the ability to ping the ball.

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