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Real Madrid, Man United headline this summer’s International Champions Cup

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A star-studded cast of teams have agreed to return to the United States for the second edition of the International Champions Cup.

Defending champions Real Madrid, Manchester United, and Manchester City are among the eight teams invited for the 2014 ICC, with games taking place across the country. The tournament is set to take place from July 26-August 4 with the final being played once again at Sun Life Stadium in Miami.

This year’s tournament will feature two four-team groups, with each team playing three group games. The winners of each group will meet in the final.

Liverpool, AC Milan, Inter Milan, AS Roma, and Olympiacos will also join the tournament. Confirmed venues for the matches will be in New York, Charlotte, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Washington D.C., and Miami. An additional venue is expected to be announced at a later date.

Unlike the 2013 ICC, there will be no Major League Soccer teams competing in the tournament. The LA Galaxy participated in last year’s event.

According to an report, the teams are subject to change due to where they finish in their respective leagues. For example, if any of the teams involved qualify for the 2014/2015 UEFA Champions League or Europa League and have to play in qualifying matches, those will take precedent over the ICC.

In addition, as this tournament is happening so soon after a World Cup, there’s a chance that many of the star players from each team could be absent as they rest ahead of another European season.

Real Madrid won last year’s tournament with a 3-1 victory over Chelsea in the final.


What do you think of this news? Glad to see some of the world’s biggest teams come to the USA? Do you plan on attending any of the games?

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  1. I would have more interest if one or two MLS teams were included. Alas, they are not. At least MLS benefits by getting 75% of the profits SUM makes.

  2. I’m glad there aren’t any MLS teams competing in it this year. Its so ridiculous that teams would take time during the middle of the season to compete in some pointless preseason friendly tourney for European teams. If you want to work in your own friendlies as club when the team has 2 or 3 weeks off during the season that’s fine. Just don’t do these types of events like the ICC.

      • My guess is that the amount of money and time to spend is not ulimited. So, US Soccer would be way better off if all of this money went into MLS/USMNT. BS indeed!

      • If a private investor wants to invest in bringing over teams to have a tournament in the United States, please tell me why this is a problem.

        The negativity Americans show toward this sport is amazing at times.

      • The amount of life I have is limited too. I can’t wait for a Real Madrid to appear in MLS. Sorry for my selfishness.

      • Your name says it all! And if it’s any indication of what most fans feel in the US then soccer will always be a minor sport here.

      • out-of-form Ronaldo and Messi will most likely be resting after the World Cup instead of playing in this tournament.

        Or maybe they will make a 15 minute sub appearance and jog around a bit.

        Line up for tickets now!

      • You’re right, messi wont play… hes not coming. Where fo you see that barca is playing. Also, Gareth Bale isnt in the world cup and there are thousands who would love to see him play.

  3. “New York, Charlotte, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Washington D.C., and Miami.”



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