The latest on the Julian Green/USMNT situation

The latest on the Julian Green/USMNT situation

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The latest on the Julian Green/USMNT situation


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Nothing has changed in the four days since news first broke on Julian Green’s decision to join the U.S. Men’s National Team for a March training camp, but with some misinformation floating around, it’s a good time to catch people on what has transpired.

Green has committed to spending two days training with the USMNT in Frankfurt ahead of the March 5 friendly against Ukraine. He is not playing in, or attending, the Ukraine friendly.

Contrary to a premature report from German outlet Bild released on Friday, Green has yet to commit to playing for the United States. Sources confirmed to on Friday that Green had not begun the application process to file a one-time Change of Association switch, which he would need to play for the United States. Green’s father also confirmed this to be the case via Twitter over the weekend.

On Tuesday, an MLS Soccer report quoted Green’s agent as confirming earlier reports that Green had only committed to attending two days of training, and had not made a decision on playing for the United States.

So where does this leave things?

Pretty much where they were on Friday, with a promising development, but still not the ultimate decision to play for the United States. U.S. fans can see it as progress though because it was Green who backed out of a call-up in November, so the fact he is willing to take part in a camp this time around suggests he is opening up to the idea of playing for the United States.

In other words, U.S. fans should be encouraged, but don’t go overreacting or celebrating just yet. The best fans can hope for is that Green enjoys a good experience during that short stint with the team, and it potentially leads to another look in the near future. Talk of the World Cup is still premature, and presumptions about which way Green will ultimately choose are pretty pointless right now.

On the promising side is the fact that Green’s father Jerry is such an outspoken supporter of Julian Green playing for the USA. The decision is still Julian’s to make, but Jerry Green has not been shy about letting people know his preference.

What do you think about all of the Julian Green hype? Excited about the possibility of him playing for the USMNT? Think folks should take it down a few notches? Hoping Klinsmann can also convince Gideon Zelalem (assuming Zelalem ever secures his U.S. citizenship)?

Share your thoughts below.

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