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Klinsmann reflects on January camp, South Korea friendly

Jurgen Klinsmann

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With an active January behind them, the U.S. Men’s National Team is now just four months from the World Cup in Brazil.

Speaking to U.S. Soccer, coach Jurgen Klinsmann reflected on making the most of the start of 2014, from evaluating Major League Soccer players after a long break to the benefit of the USMNT’s two-week camp in Brazil. He also assesses his team’s performance against South Korea and what it means for the future.

American fans are excited about soccer and they see the USMNT’s development, Klinsmann added. He said fans notice, “that we’re trying to get it to the next level. We try to push younger players into that roster and we keep the door open for everybody.”

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  1. With the defense injury issues he’s gonna have to seriously look at Lichaj for the March friendly as well as Gooch if his calf issues are healed by then. Little disappointed JK didn’t use the SK friendly to try the new defenders he sent home early. There’s no point in bringing them in and not seeing what they can or cant do.

    • I would think he got an idea about their abilities in training. If there’s little/no chance of them making the WC squad, there’s no point in playing them over the more likely candidates.

      • I think Lichaj is hurt and will be out for a while. Probably not an option for March friendly based on what I heard about his groin/abdominal situation.

    • thought that espnfc video was quite interesting. While I haven’t read or listened to every single thing Klinsmann has said to American media, that message seemed particularly tailored to what looked like an audience abroad. I wonder if he would say the same thing to Grant Wahl, for example. Also, when certain players on the team hear their national team manager say something like that, what do they think? I know Bradley consulted with Klinsmann about his move back to MLS and that they were apparently on the same page. Still, I can’t help but think Klinsmann is essentially expressing his disappointment at a guy like Bradley, who in his mid 20’s made the decision to come “home” as opposed to continue fighting for his place in what will likely be a Champions League side.

    • Thanks for the link. However, the title is very misleading. Desire and belief are two very different things, especially in football. I think that many US fans as well as some US players may be insecure about the team and some fans over react to developments. You see that almost daily on this site.

  2. Chandler’s out for 8-10 weeks does that mean no WC for him I know Jurgen is big on the who in form thing when it doesn’t come to his core players.


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