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Monday Kickoff: Milan could leave San Siro; Moyes calls Fulham draw “a new low”; and more

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AC Milan could be leaving their long-time home before the end of the decade.

Milan have called the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza home since 1926 and have shared it with intra-city rivals Inter Milan since 1947, but their stay at the San Siro looks to be coming to a close, according to reports in Italy. Milan, under the leadership of Barbara Berluscona, are looking into building a new stadium on the site of “Expo 2015,” reportedly about 3.5 miles from the San Siro.

The new stadium could begin construction in 2015 with an expected move-in date ahead of the 2017 Serie A season. Milan have until March to submit an official proposal for a stadium.

Arexpo, an organization set up to buy the land and supervise the development for the upcoming Expo, confirmed that Milan were interested in the land last November. Inter are expected to remain in the San Siro and help pay for it to undergo renovations to remain a state of the art arena. The stadium is scheduled to host the 2016 UEFA Champions League final.

Here are some more stories to start your Monday:


David Moyes is beginning to wear thin on the patience of Manchester United fan.

The club drew for the 13th time in 25 league matches this season thanks to a stoppage-time goal by Fulham, despite holding the majority of possession and putting in a 81 crosses into the middle.

“It’s been a bit like that this season,” Moyes told BBC Sport. “[Sunday] was as bad as it gets. We dominated.

“There was only one winner in the game, and that was Manchester United. I don’t know if we could have done an awful lot more. Maybe we could have defended a couple of times a bit better, taken a few more of the chances we made, but we completely dominated and we should have won the game.”

Up next for Man United is a key mid-week trip to the Emirates Stadium to face Arsenal, who were on the end of a 5-1 thrashing to Liverpool on Saturday and are in need of some confidence.


The Lisbon derby between Benfica and Sporting Lisbon was postponed until Tuesday after strong winds damaged the Estadio da Luz and scattered debris across the field. (REPORT)

Brazilian National Team forward Fred could miss up to two months with a setback in his recovery from a thigh injury, potentially hurting his chances of making the World Cup squad. (REPORT)

Real Madrid head coach Carlo Ancelotti confirmed that after three months out, Raphael Varane will start against Atletico Madrid in the Copa Del Rey. (REPORT)

West Ham United have agreed to sell the Boleyn Ground, where they currently play their home matches, when the club completes their move to the Olympic Stadium in 2016. (REPORT)

A transfer bid by Barcelona for 17-year-old Dinamo Zagreb prospect Alen Halilović was rejected by the Croatian club. (REPORT)

Hamburg coach Burt Van Marwijk has been given the dreaded “vote of confidence” after a 3-0 thrashing at the hands of Hertha Berlin. (REPORT)

Shakhtar Donetsk forward Maicon died at the age of 25 after suffering fatal injuries in a car crash in Ukraine. (REPORT)


What do you think of these reports? Do you see Milan leaving the San Siro? Think Man United has run out of luck?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Moyes FOREVER. Give him a chance.

    Atleast a summer so he can evaluate some talenty at the world cup. maybe ebven another winter transfer season to really see.

    Ok Ok Im a liverpool fan. But still dont sack him. Pretty please.

  2. The draw with Fulham was a “new low,” was it Mouse? If so, it was a new low in a season of new lows that began with your hiring. Come on, Glazer family – bring on the sack.

    • Just looking at the rosters of the top 7 teams I would think
      1 – city
      1a- Chelsea
      2- Liverpool & Arsenal
      5&6 Spurs/United
      7- Everton
      The standings don’t match up exactly, but are pretty close based on personnel and performance.
      United really need to drop their underperforming and highly paid “stars”, De Gea and RVP covered a lot of flaws last year.

      • And yet, last year Sir Alex found a way to manage them to a title. Right now, Sir Alex is sitting in his rural Scottish manor, sipping a single malt, eating a nice plate of haggis and getting his kilt dry-cleaned in anticipation of his triumphant return. Or, maybe he isn’t.

    • Apparently only Juventus owns their stadium. All the others rent from the city and hardly make any money off tickets. It seems to be paying off for Juve.

      • true. the italian stadium situation is a mess. many italian first division clubs don’t even own their own youth complexes, much less their stadium. juve’s is absolutely beautiful and there might not be a better one from a spectator’s perspective.

  3. The post-game interview from Moyes, with even more ridiculous quotes uttered than are in the news item above, probably will go down in history as the most pathetic ever in the history of soccer. Meulensteen got his sweet revenge for being axed by Moyes and was crowing about it in his own post-game interviews.

    • The reality is Fulham could have scored 3 or 4 had they taken their chances. United could have scored 9 or 10. But guess what? So no Moyes, there wasn’t only ‘one winner’ you baby.

    • FFC way overdid it with a Kinnear-worthy bunker effort but in all fairness Moyes needed to sit back the last 5-10 himself and close it out.

      You won’t catch me saying a much needed point because FFC had a chance for three and are now dead last. You pick up some moral victory ties and you’re QPR last season, relegated. FFC needs wins, and the immediate portion of the schedule is not friendly….Reds, WBA, CFC. The Dempsey loan is not amounting to much and time is running out. Concerned.

      • I don’t think you can define Fulham earning a point at Old Trafford as a moral victory. It is a big win for Fulham (yes, three points would have been bigger), and that point at the end of the season could mean the difference between dropping or holding in the PL. But the focus of my comment was Moyes and his silly-sounding excuses and claims that his team had a good game at Old Trafford when they were not able to beat the cellar dweller of the PL. The guy is off his rocker and you could see it pained him to have to shake hands after the game with the grinning Meulensteen.

      • The last time they won a game in League was New Year’s. The only win since then was Norwich in FA Cup. I understand in the abstract a point away to ManU is usually OK but 4 points and many GA adrift, a tie doesn’t do much. Keep alternating ties and losses and they will be playing Championship football next season, even if the ties are worthy ones. Similarly, if theGA trend line doesn’t alter — and they gave up another fast two — that doesn’t look like a team staying up either. They have to start winning some games that are “unexpected” otherwise it starts to become a walks like duck quacks like duck situation on relegation….if they can only beat bad teams they are going to finish up where bad teams do.

        I know the result looks bad for Moyes and was a balm for suffering Fulham fans — to an extent — but big picture how that played out doesn’t help either of them.

    • Yeah, that press conference was ridiculous. I’m not a United fan at all, but I’ve always liked Moyes, so I’ve been in favor of giving him at least a full season to find his feet. But his comments demonstrate that he’s completely lost the plot and is now crumbling under the pressure.
      Now we get to see the Glazers’ priorities. Do they really want to eat most of that 6 year contract? Or will they let the problems get worse until there are long term consequences?

  4. Has the “vote of confidence” ever just been a genuine “vote of confidence”? Also feel horrid for Fred, RIP Maicon, and I wonder when Fergie will swallow his pride and sack Moyes.

    • Like I said last week, it’s been so long since ManU had to fire a manager I’m not sure if the current staff know quite when and how to do it. Fergie was there 20+ years and while they had down periods the up periods were such that a performance slip was tolerated. But Moyes is no Jack Kennedy….err, Fergie.

      The TV crew also seemed to suggest part of Moyes’ second goal celebration was pointed upstairs towards the directors’ suite. Winners can be rebels but the first time he finds the banana peel people will remember what he did.


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