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Must-See Own Goal: Real Sociedad



  1. Not sure if anyone watched this but earlier a Sociedad player got a straight red for dissent, definitely not suspicious at all.

      • And the red happened right after the Pen wasn’t called.

        That’s why you fall over when someone touches you. You try to stay up and you don’t get anything called.

    • spanish la liga takes dissent/disrespect toward referees very seriously, depending on what’s said. so unless we know exactly what he said, i don’t think you can say the red was that suspicious.

      • +1, I see the officials get berated every game with no consequence, its part of why I rarely watch the league.

      • yes. like i said, “depending on what’s said”. seems that you can whine all you want, but for instance, accusations of biased targeting (a la cristiano ronaldo on sunday) will get you punished in a hurry.

      • I do admit. He didn’t argue much after seeing the card.

        But maybe they are polite when they whine normally. Or maybe he was closer to the ref than he thought he was.

      • I guess you’ve never watched a Barcelona game…its comical how they surround the ref when they don’t get a call they like. You see five, six players going up to whine to the ref.

      • Like he said”depending on what’s said”
        I don’t know how many times I’ve seen Rooney tell the referee to ” eff off” without consequences. In La Liga that’s a straight red card.

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