Report: Chivas USA could be positioning for name change (Updated)

Report: Chivas USA could be positioning for name change (Updated)


Report: Chivas USA could be positioning for name change (Updated)


Edgar Mejia


Chivas USA could be heading for a total makeover after a horrendous year both on and off the field.

Chivas Guadalajara Licensing LLC has filed four trademark applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, two for the name Los Angeles SC and two for Los Angeles F.C. The news was first reported by SB Nation’s Chivas USA blog, The Goat Parade.

The first two trademark applications for each name offer goods and services including “Entertainment in the nature of soccer games.” The second trademark applications are for the protections of goods and services including items for sale such as gloves, hats, and scarves. Red, black, and gold are three colors mentioned in the applications and featured on the logo designs. The applications have not yet been approved.

(UPDATE– Chivas USA owner Jorge Vergara confirmed to ESPN Deportes that he is considering a name change, but one isn’t imminent.)

Just exactly what that means has yet to be revealed, but it does seem to suggest that Chivas USA is considering a change in team name and logo.

Chivas USA didn’t respond when reached for comment.

In terms of the logos, the design for Los Angeles SC features a star-shaped crest with a cross through the middle of a black background, dividing the logo in four. On the top left is a gold star, top right is a gold castle tower, bottom left is a gold lion, and the bottom right is a gold bear.

The design for Los Angeles F.C. features a shield crest with a gold frame and a back background. Within the frame is a red castle tower and in front of that, an interesting design of a bear and a lion as well as a soccer ball at the bottom of the crest.

It remains unclear whether Chivas Guadalajara Licensing is associated with Chivas and their owners Jorge Vergara and Angelica Fuentes but the trademark names seem to indicate a connection. The trademarks were all filed on Jan. 17.

It also remains possible that these trademark filings are for a potential USL Pro team operated similarly to LA Galaxy II, or for Chivas to tie down potential names of a new team if they did decide to rebrand in the future.


What do you think of this report? Do you like any of the potential name changes and/or logos? Think that Chivas USA has to rebrand themselves? Think there was any pressure from MLS to do this?

Share your thoughts below.

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