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Red Bulls set for preseason trip to Jacksonville, will face Union in friendly

Tim Cahill, Mike Petke


The New York Red Bulls will be spending their entire preseason in the Sunshine State.

The Red Bulls will head to Jacksonville, Fla. for a short stay that is sandwiched in between a pair of trips to Orlando, multiple sources told SBI. The visit to Jacksonville, which the club is expected to announce in the coming days, will include a Feb. 12 friendly vs. the Philadelphia Union at EverBank Field that had previously been announced by the Union. (UPDATE: The Red Bulls confirmed the friendly match against the Union on Wednesday morning.)

New York is currently in the second week of the first phase of its 2014 preseason in Orlando, but will head back home for the weekend this Friday before leaving for Jacksonville. Following that trip to the northern Florida city, the Red Bulls will head back down to Orlando to partake in the Walt Disney World Pro Soccer Classic and close out their preseason.

The Red Bulls open the season on March 8 with an away game vs. the Vancouver Whitecaps.


What do you think of the Red Bulls picking Jacksonville as a preseason destination? Wish they would have gone somewhere else? Intrigued by the friendly vs. the Union?

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  1. NYRB better add a third DP, whether it’s another strikers or an attacking midfielder to Cahill can play up top with Henry, otherwise I don’t see them competing with the top teams.

  2. OK i’m not a big Adu fan myself but man ya’ll bash the heck out of him yeah he hasn’t been consistent as club player but if you look at his rap sheet for the USMNT he’s been one heck of a player when he dons the red,white,and blue. He’s better than most wingers the US has at the moment I wouldn’t say he’s starter material but he sure has that spark example the game in Panama. He did amazing against mexico in the gold cup. If he gets in form and does work for blackpool if he gets a permit I wanna see him in Brazil.

    • Dude,

      Is very simple… $$$. I don’t think they will sell more than 15k tickets, but Kahn is a huge soccer fan. I think he’s more interested in a soccer team in Jacksonville than he is interested in the Jaguars. Is also the same reason why the USMNT will very possibly have their WC send off match in… you guessed it! Jacksonville.

      I don’t know where you are from, but I am from Jacksonville and it is an honor to at least have a preseason game in this area. Mexican Clubs also had preseason games here last summer.

      Thanks for bashing a City that’s trying to grow interest for the sport.

      • Hey Dan,

        Perhaps he is a bigger business fan than he is a soccer fan? He does have more interest in football than throwball. And yes, the Jags are in the toilet and I laugh about it 🙂

        Before the US v Scotland (45k tickets sold) game in 2012, the last meaningful soccer game played in Jacksonville was in 1999 when the US played Germany (I think the attendance was 18k) It wasn’t until the US v Scotland in 2012 that there was a “significant” (It was just a friendly) soccer game in this city. And it was brought here by who? Kahn. Now there have been a couple of preseason MLS and Liga MX games. I mean, the guy is trying and as a Jacksonville resident I have to give him credit.

    • Victor, if you could somehow give Milevsky Cahill’s or Keane’s attitude overnight, I agree with you. But it’s not the Milevsky we know. He doesn’t have the right mindset to cut it in MLS. He actually tweeted something about MLS. I would like to see it, but probably not with my team (RBNY).


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