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Video: Kevin Hart visits Manchester City



  1. They should have just put him in a room with Micah Richards and just hit record.

    For those of you that don’t know, even though I’m not a City fan, I do subscribe to their Youtube channel as it is by far the best of any major team that I have seen. Micah Richards is basically the class clown on ManCity, and he shows up in more videos than team sheets.

      • I don’t know anything about his captaincy, as I said I’m not a ManCity fan. As for what I mean, just go to the channel and search the videos using his name. I think one of the top ones is where he makes the photographer at an advertisement shoot think that he injured himself.

  2. I thought dude treated it like he would any other sport. Which is a huge sign of respect. Some of you guys are way to sensitive.

    • My thoughts exactly.

      The man is not pretending to know anything. I think he is clearly making an effort to understand the game. Idk where all the hate and hostile comments are coming from.

      • Hmm…I’m “too sensitive” to realize it. So, I’m “TOO SENSITIVE” to realize he is a tool. Too sensitive. Ok yeah, I totally see how that makes sense now.

        And just for schnitzengiggles, please explain how he’s a tool.

  3. Painful to watch, as expected, but I did appreciate his non-BS answer to her question: “Are you a football fan?”… “No, I’m not.” A lot of American celebrities make up a story about supporting a team and blah blah blah, but not this guy. Good for him.


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