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Roma announce development of new stadium

Stadio della Roma_1


Italian club AS Roma displayed on Wednesday the development of a new home stadium, Stadio della Roma, to be completed by the start of the 2016-17 Serie A season.

Roma, who currently sit second in Serie A, unveiled the new 52,500 seat “modern colosseum” Wednesday in an unveiling by club president James Palotta, who is based out of Boston. The stadium is a state-of-the-art project that has been in the works since Palotta and a group of American businessmen took over the club in 2012.

The stadium has the capacity to expand to 60,000 seats for events such as a UEFA Champions League final and will be situated southwest of Rome.

“We have worked exceptionally hard over the past two years and particularly
in recent months in collaboration with Mayor Marino and his administration in
developing this stadium project for AS Roma, the City of Rome and our great
fans,” Pallotta said in a press release.

“The city and fans deserve this a world class stadium. We are confident the Stadio della Roma will be among the best in the world and a key driver for the club’s continued success.”

The stadium, which will see Roma move from the currently shared and out-dated Stadio Olimpico, will also be privately financed and feature amphitheaters, a restaurant and outdoor concerts. Just the stadium alone is expected to cost

“It is extremely important that the project provides a safe and secure year-round sports, entertainment, shopping an dining experience for the people and visitors of Rome,” Pallotta said. “For a stadium development to be truly successful today, it must become part of the everyday fabric of people’s lives. This integrated project provides such an opportunity, creates thousands of jobs and many new and sustainable business opportunities.”

Finally, the new development will include a brand new training facility for the club, including two full-sized pitches, a small pitch and state-of-the-art facilities.

Additional pictures of the stadium can be seen below.

Stadio della Roma_3 Stadio della Roma_2 Stadio della Roma_7 Stadio della Roma_6 Stadio della Roma_5 Stadio della Roma_4

What do you think of Roma’s new stadium? Worth a visit?

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    Shouldn’t “colloseum” be capitalized since its a proper noun? I hate grammatical mistakes, but love this stadium. I would love to see a game there.

  2. Privately financed. Another benefit of promotion/relegation. It takes away the leverage from an owner threating to move the team if the city doesn’t build him a new stadium every 20 years.

    • Although an upgrade, and obviously new, I give the design a B.
      Lacks context and the use of void space within takes away from the volume of the pitch.

  3. I have been to the current stadium and concur, nice atmosphere but terrible viewing experience. Not to mention the stadium is just old. This is one of the glaring reasons Italian soccer is down as many stadiums are old and out of date. This is great for Roma, the city of Rome and for Serie A.

    • Almost all Italian stadiums are City owned. I think only Juve owns their stadium.(One reason Juve still has money.) This means the much of ticket sales go to the city rather than the club and creates little incentive for a club to try to pack the stadium every week.

      Cities also won’t renovate them and club won’t pay for it as they don’t own it soooo like you said. They are all old. It’s kinda killing their teams. I think its good as well.

  4. Where in Rome will the stadium be located? I’ve read a few articles and can’t seem to find this information. Or perhaps I’m just missing it …

    • “The Stadium is being build on the grounds of Rome’s former standard bred Hippodrome, southwest of the city. It is conveniently located at the intersection of the GRA (ring road around the city) and the highway to Fiumicino International Airport.”

      • In other words they are moving the stadium from the edge of the center city out to the periphery. I stayed near the Olympic Stadium once and it is walking distance to various tourist spots and on the edge of the city proper. The airport is out of Rome near the water. This would shift things from walking to public transport and cars. I know European cities are packed in and land is expensive but it’s ironic our trend is re-gentrification with stadium development while they trend suburban to find the land. In their defense, they probably have better public transport to move people to such a stadium. But one of the virtues of stadia built into neighborhoods is you can simply walk. I used to walk to watch SW London teams play.

      • Inner-city land is still remarkably cheap compared to euro costs and land use. They don’t have gentrification in old Europe – only the wealthiest live in the inner city. But to your point, I can’t understand why some American stadiums are still in burbs, with gentrification being so common. Their is an inherent cost to cheap land.

      • Land, people willing to sell it, and the money to buy it all at the same time. There is no empty land in a city these days and getting imminent domain for a stadium might be ugly PR and expensive.

  5. I know its off topic but there was no thread for commentary today. Sunderland absolutely should have equalized late in the game today, O’Shea missed a very easy header while uncovered in the box.

    • But then how well you convert your chances over time is part of what separates a Liverpool from a Sunderland. How many chances has Jozy blown? This is how one team has 84 GF, +45 GD, and 1 point off the lead, while the other has 27 GF, -19 GD, and is fighting relegation.

  6. If you look under your seats, everyone attending today’s show gets a stadium. “You get a stadium!” “You get a stadium!” Etc. etc. pandemonium erupts.

  7. Any word on how Roma fans and the public in general are viewing the stadium plan? C’mon! That’s the missing dirt here!

    • Seriously. Americans voting to fund stadiums owned by billionaires is ridiculous. Illitch just got the City of Detroit to pay for a new stadium. Illitch the billionaire. Detroit the bankrupt city.

  8. Looks nfl american to me 🙂 and it reminds me of union first design. From the outside is soldier stadium and it looks like modern stadio azteca from mexico.
    Hopefully miami, nycfc, dc, LA2, orlando end up with something like this.
    No more stubhub stadiums please 🙂
    By the way, is there any hope for revolution. Will they ever rebrand and get a stadium.
    Also, the group behind romas new stadium, are from austin tx right and austin wants mls. I read austin is going to have open land for a new arena and stadium.

    • Ha yes painting the club crest on the turf at midfield is not something I’ve seen a whole lot of in European football.

  9. I’ve been to the Stadio Olimpico for Roma v. Inter … awesome atmosphere but terrible for watching a game. You feel miles away from the action and depending on your seat you might be watching the game through a glass partition.

    This new stadium and the new ownership is great for Roma. Love how the design echoes the Colosseum.


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