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Puebla decline to release Beasley and Orozco to USMNT for Mexico friendly

DaMarcus Beasley

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The U.S. Men’s National Team were stunned on Sunday when they learned they’d be without two of their Liga MX-based players for Wednesday’s friendly match against Mexico.

According to a report from Univision Deportes, Puebla have declined to release left back DaMarcus Beasley and centerback Michael Orozco Fiscal for the upcoming USMNT friendly in Phoenix. USMNT head coach Jurgen Klinsmann avoided calling up players on Liga MX sides still competing in the CONCACAF Champions League, but he was left very upset by Puebla’s late decision.

“Well, we got notice today from Puebla that they won’t release DaMarcus Beasley and Michael Orozco which we planned on (having here) and we are very angry about this,” Klinsmann told Univision Deportes.

“The Mexican clubs released all their players for this very prestigious friendly, and for us, the World Cup is coming up and (this friendly is) very important. A team that doesn’t play in the CONCACAF Champions League next week, Puebla, which we have a lot of respect for, but don’t release our two players which are very important players to us, makes us upset. I told the players and I told (Puebla) through my people to the club, and we don’t appreciate that at all.”

U.S. Soccer confirmed the news Monday afternoon, adding that Klinsmann will not make any replacements on the roster to fill those two spots.

As the match falls outside of an official FIFA date, Puebla were under no obligation to release their players. However, it seems there was an understanding or at the very least an assumption from U.S. Soccer that Puebla would allow Orozco and Beasley to join the USMNT for this midweek World Cup tune-up.

“When the match was scheduled, it was with the spirit that both teams would have access to their domestic-based players for what is a very important game for those competing for spots in the World Cup,” Klinsmann said in a statement by U.S. Soccer. “Both MLS and most clubs in Liga MX honored that idea. While we understand their position, it’s a huge opportunity lost for DaMarcus and Michael and doesn’t contribute to the continuation of this respected rivalry.”

The disagreement leaves the USMNT with six defenders, as well as the chance for Michael Parkhurst to play left back for the U.S. as he did against South Korea on Feb. 1. Mexico head coach Miguel Herrera called up 18 players from just seven of Liga MX’s 18 clubs for his El Tri squad to face the USA. No Puebla players were called up for El Tri.

Puebla sit currently in dead last in the Liga MX standings, with one point and no wins from their last four games.


What do you think of this report? Surprised that Puebla wouldn’t release Beasley and Orozco? Think that Klinsmann shouldn’t complain if it’s outside of a FIFA date? How does this affect the potential USMNT starting XI?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Somebody call Mr Klinsmann a whaaaambulance.
    He could’ve shown some class and said how disappointed he was but understood their situation instead of acting like some kind of entitled arse.
    It looks like desperation is starting to set in.

  2. Classless and below the belt.
    but anyway rivalry renewed,
    no more warm and fuzzy feelings from US, getting Mexico, a reprieve and a get out of jail free card,
    go directly to the WC.

    PS I think Zusi has three wishes, not just one favor.
    Breaking it down.
    Two players for a non int. friendly, VERSUS getting 23 players to and a whole nation behind a world cup challenge.
    The latter, now that’s worth at least three rubs of the magic Genie bottle.
    It’s on, who let the jinn out?…

    • And Puebla cares about what Zusi did for El Tri because…?

      Let’s flip this around: Bayern Munich rising star Julian Green just signed on to the USMNT. To thank Bayern for this grand favor to the USMNT, an MLS club will offer to host a Bayern friendly in which all revenues go to exclusively to Bayern. Makes sense, right?

      • Googily whatever.
        My main point is just about that.
        There is no comparison.
        besides, I think Bayern is doing the marketing money grab here,
        Not the other way around, don’t twist it to much.
        By default or proxy, I am giving an educated guess that most Puebla fans who are Mexican, are also probably fans of El Tri.
        there is a correlation, but in the end it’s all is not that important.

        PS in closing I can see some people fail to understand or grasp my sarcasm and playfulness sometimes.

  3. I wonder if there is any connection with Martin Vasquez’ reassignment of duties. He was supposed to be our link to LigaMX. If he botched relationships with one of the teams that has several of our players, that could diminish his value in that regard.

  4. Mexico be like: This naturally opens the door for former World Cup veteran John Bornstein to be called up.. Wait no replacements will be made?!?!

    • Call in a favor for an ultimately meaningless friendly? There’s a classic “Stanford Marshmallow Experiment” you should look into….

      • Hey KGE,
        Please go ask Beasely, and particularly Orozco how missing this friendly and possibly one of the last good chances to show is so meaningless?.

      • Garrincha: I just had lunch with DMB and Orozco and asked them. They said that being called up for this friendly is everything they ever hoped their lives would ever be.

        Then they noted that, in contrast, it means nothing to Puebla, that Zusi owes DMB and Orozco no more favors than he does any other USMNT hopeful, and that “winning” a friendly is ultimately meaningless.

      • Google Eye, you are a good fool and a troll,
        no more no less.
        it’s not really about the friendly my friend, it’s about the WC.

        PS I second the motion on Gringo Torres,
        get him up if possible please.

      • Real good Lil’Z.
        There was no sarcasm in the post of which you speak.
        Perhaps a little bit of humor?.
        But no some of you are quite tiresome, and offer little to no insight.

  5. As much as I dislike this because it’s petty, Puebla CAN do this. Now if they had released players to play for Mexico, I think that would have been a FIFA no-no. Otherwise this is being blown into something bigger than it actually is.

  6. Why do people think Puebla are rude for “waiting until the last minute” to deny access to their players? The article clearly states, “it *seems* there was an understanding or at the very least an *assumption* from U.S. Soccer that Puebla would allow Orozco and Beasley to join.” In other words, you have no idea (based on this article) whether or not US Soccer ever bothered to check with Puebla 1-3 weeks ago. It’s not Puebla’s responsibility to proactively inform national teams.

    Unless you have evidence that US Soccer made plans with Puebla previously, you have no reason to criticize this as a “late” notification.

    • Wow, that is a good way to put your head in the sand. So Puebla should ignore everything, The official call-ups list. The players making travel plans? The national team coaches are constantly in contact with the teams to get their approval. I am certain Puebla officials knew well before Sunday that DMB and Orozco were traveling to AZ. Do you think Puebla officials found out last minute and ran onto the tarmac to stop them?

      • What “official” call ups list? This is not a FIFA date, just a money grab match in a place where US Soccer could sell a lot of tickets. Nothing “official” about it. They’re fighting relegation, why risk 2 key players when they don’t have to?

      • Jesse D: you are “certain”?! How can you possibly be “certain”? You make a load of assumptions and expect others to accept them as fact.

        Show me a source for these alleged “official call-ups list” and “travel plans” or I will continue to believe that your opinions are based on nothing. (Which is too bad, because I really liked most of your other comments on this thread.)

  7. Why do people think Puebla are jerks for “waiting until the last minute” to deny access to their players? The article clearly states, “it *seems* there was an understanding or at the very least an *assumption* from U.S. Soccer that Puebla would allow Orozco and Beasley to join.” In other words, you have no idea (based on this article) whether or not US Soccer ever bothered to check with Puebla 1-3 weeks ago. It’s not Puebla’s responsibility to proactively inform national teams.

    Unless you have evidence that US Soccer made plans with Puebla previously, you have no reason to criticize this as a “late” notification.

  8. Shut up Klinsmann. Maybe if you had a half-decent league your players would stay at home instead of playing for relegation bound teams all over the world.

  9. It looks like Klinsmann is starting to feel the heat.
    If your team is in last place there is really no time for you to be playing friendlies. Stay and help your team improve.
    They pay your salary after all.

  10. Because its not a FIFA sanctioned game/date they do not have to release them nor does the USA have any recourse against them….with that being said odd to say the least to wait until the last moment to decline to do so….conspiracy theory because we are playing Mexico? I don’t think so…..

  11. It seems pretty odd that they didn’t tell the USMNT 1-2 weeks in advance about this. I’d understand if they would want to keep their players to not get relegated, but this kind of decision making shouldn’t be done so hastily.

  12. Strictly from a business perspective this seems like a very short-sighted move. My understanding is Puebla is ] in last place and also in financial duress…so they’re likely going to be getting rid of a bunch of their players at season’s end for one reason or another. You think they would want to increase any amount they might get for possibly selling Beasley or Orozco by helping them get some spotlight at the world cup.
    They’ll reap what they sow.

    • I don’t know Beas and Orozco contract status but if they are signed through more than just this year, you are right.

    • Very few players get a world cup bump in the transfer window, and the ones who do have spectacular tournaments not just a string of solid outings.

      In 2010 the usmnt actually did respectably but none of bradley, benny, dempsey or jozy saw a corresponding upward club move. In fact, a lot of usmnt guys found themselves in limbo after south africa.

      I don’t really think there’s much substance to the usmnt-team-as-showcase claims. Nobody is paying attention to us.

  13. If my team was at the bottom of the table I wouldn’t release my players if I didn’t have to either. As an earlier commentator said, they were jerks not to say so right off the bat, but at the end of the day they have to do what is best for the team.

    • It just depends on what was agreed to with regard to the Ukraine game. That was an official FIFA date, but JK made a deal with MLS and FMF to leave players here and play them instead locally on a date that worked better for everyone in April. If Puebla agreed to that when it benefitted them and then reneged it is something JK should be very pissed about.

      • You are absolutely right if Puebla reneged on an agreement. Mexican teams make a lot of cash playing exhibitions north of the border and perhaps the federation ought to make it clear that their goodwill in these matters is contingent upon the degree that these teams remain trustworthy partners

  14. It’s very very naive to say that FMF had nothing to do with this, that it was only Puebla’s doing – and this is coming from a dual USMNT-Mexico fan. (I remain neutral when these two play together.) It could either be mind games or just foul play.

    • Naive is a word I would certainly apply to those who think there is foul play involved.

      The FMF and LigaMX are two separate entities. If you truly think the FMF told Puebla to not release Beasley and Orozco then I got a bridge to sell you.

      • I don’t blame FMF here. This is just really bad management at the club level. There is no excuse to have not communicated this in advance. I hope they get relegated.

      • I bet that the FMF also told Santos Lagun and Cruz Azul to not release Jesus Corona and Oribe Peralta (the two best players Mexico has in Liga MX)

      • Everyone knew they weren’t being released well in advance, they have a CCL game on Thursday. If any MLS team had made it there, those players also would not have been released.

      • Ehh?

        Cruz Azul and Toluca both released
        players for the US-Mexico game.

        Santos has Copa Libertadores this week as well and both Corona and Peralta were on the list until the frot offices for these two clubs asked Herrera to take them off.

  15. That is disappointing. Really wanted to see Orozco and I would like to see Klinsmann finally, just once, test Beasley at left wing instead of left back. But maybe it could be justified if Puebla is facing relegation, as this is not an official Fifa date. Puebla is in last place now, but I think Liga MX relegation uses some sort of complicated formula, using previous seasons to determine which teams drop to a lower league. And if Puebla sees Orozco and Beasley as key players to stay afloat, that is a good sign for the USMNT.

    • Yeah, biff, I think that’s right. This is something we’ll continue to see, from Mexican clubs and from others, as long as we play friendlies on non-international fixture dates.

    • Were you not around a few years back when left wing *was* Beasley’s primary position? Or are you pointing out that he’s not played that spot under Klinsmann?

  16. this is not surprising to me given their standing in the league. they are in dead last. no doubt the coach wants them to train with Puebla because they have a lot of work to do. and to be fresh for the weekend.

    is it annoying? absolutely. but it’s a non-FIFA date and a team that is in dead last place. certainly not looking forward to Parkhurst and Beltran being our fullbacks…

    • i’d call up Torres to replace one of them. obviously not a defender but he needs to get into the team if Tigres will allow it.

      • +1 This is one we agree on bryan. If Torres keeps playing well in April it will be very hard for Klinsmann to ignore him in May. Would really like to see Torres tested on the USMNT as a Number 8. The goal he scored yesterday he drifting from central midfield to the left when he fired. A great shot. USMNT could use that, plus he has a good free kick.

      • we had to eventually, right?! completely agree with your post. the truth is Torres has hardly ever played that #8 role when called up for the US. that is by far where he is most effective. not LM or LB.

        i’d love to see him called in and even if he doesn’t get a ton of time, JK can get a good look at him. he seems like an obvious pick for the preliminary roster.

      • great guys. Who would you cut Dempsey or Donovan in his favor? The problem is there are several #8’s ahead of him. Mix is there and I would play Zusi, Bedoya, and Bradley there before considering Torres. We’ve seen enough of Torres through the years. If he is running our attack at the World Cup we are in for some very disappointing results.

      • Torres would not be replacing an attacker in a 4-2-3-1. Either MB or JJ would have to sit and Torres would replace.

      • Agree so much. Torres is a CM, not an LM, CAM, or LB. He has only played as a CM for a grand total of 45 minutes under Klinsmann. He is our most technically gifted player and we could really use someone at CM with that skillset (it’d help with maintaining possession); a 4-2-3-1 works best when a #6 is paired with a deep-lying playmaker (Torres is our only one). I don’t know why we only bring steely #6/#8 types (Bradley, Edu, Jones, Beckerman, Williams, etc.), Torres provides something different to the table and he’s better than Diskerud. This has been Klinsmann’s only major personnel mistake, IMO (maybe along with only trying Bedoya on the right when he’s clearly better on the left or middle). In fact I think Torres has been the most misused player in USNT history, he’s a very talented player who has always played out of position…even Coach Bob only used him as a DM covering for Michael (who was all over the pitch).

      • Our most gifted technical player? Wow, considering he was the worst player in the field the couple times JK called him in, he must be really really bad physically and mentally then.

      • Which game are you referring to? You can’t really fault a player too much for struggling while played out of decision. Recently he has figured out how to play LM better and had a very good Gold Cup. If played at his natural position he will succeed.

      • Damm good post. Agree with just about everything in it. Did not realize there were other Torres fans. What I find frustrating, and what I think is one of Klinsmann’s big weaknesses (yes, folks, Jurgen is far from perfect), is when he gets an idea in his head about a player, either positive or negative, and will not budge his opinion even after a player’s club form strays far away from Klismann’s notion of the player. It seems obvious that Torres is undergoing a transformation here and yet Klinsmann fails to take notice. On the one hand, you can say Klinsmann wants more proof and wants to keep him fired up to keep imporiving. But on the other hand, Klinsmann who loves to spread his TLC, could call him up now for test and to build chemistry.

        And when you mention Bradley, Edu, Jones, Beckerman, Williams, etc., you are exactly right. I am becoming more and more convinced that Jones and Bradley should not be on the field at the same time and Klinsmann is going to have to bite the bullet and make a decision. I can see Torres playing ahead of either MB or JJ. And for people touting MB as an attacker, sorry, I don’t buy it. That is not his strength. His best position is as a deep-lying midfielder. I do think when JJ is in form he is a better choice for the USMNT. But apparently his current form is not so good and it could be that MB in June would be the preferred choice to play holding mid. And, of course, there are other options, if MB loses his form in Toronto.

      • Good points on Torres, only problem is he does not have enough bite to play cm on the international level. He gets ran over and knocked off the ball very easily.

      • Exactly! Can he pass out of the back?? Maybe, he does it at the club level, but hasn’t does so well for team USA. Can he defend, go shoulder to shoulder and win challenges in the midfield? At the international level, absolutely not. Locking down defensively especially when we are the underdog is just too important. Bradley and Jones are very good defenders. Maybe they lack the touch Torres is currently displaying, but not enough to compensate for the defensive liability he creates.

      • Jesse not every player has to be a defensive one. Most teams that use a 4-5-1 effectively pair a #6 with a deep-lying playmaker who isn’t as strong defensively. Heck Arsenal often go without a #6 (never really used one last season) and pair two of Arteta, Wilshere, and Ramsey. I’m not saying they don’t need more steel in the middle of the park but this is one of the best teams in the Premier League we’re talking about. Our best CM pairing (especially now that Jones is slowing down) would be Torres as a deep-lying playmaker and Bradley covering him as the #6.

      • Great post. And I definitely agree with you on Bradley (I think we’re the only ones). He spent most of his club career playing as a #6 and is just as good, if not better, in that role as the #8. Defensive positons are less flashy though and people don’t notice a #6 as much so they assume he is better as a #8. More importantly, we have plenty of #8’s and Bradley is the only one on the team that can play the #6 effectively. Problem is neither he nor the fans would accept that. He’s the most popular player and the fans want him in a more offensive role. And Bradley has always played where he wants to play, especially for the NT. He’s the one player on the team who is above everyone (coach included) and has the undying support of the media.

  17. Puebla just found out who the US is playing in the friendly. The brass at Puebla—so preoccupied by its last place standing—thought the US was playing Macedonia. That fact changed things. Now that the club knows the match is against Mexico. it’s just Puebla protecting its assets from the hacking, chopping and cheap-shots that Puebla knows the US players will surely suffer.

  18. Wait, seriously?

    After all the corruption and chaos surrounding this past year in terms of Puebla administrators funneling money from the club and not paying players for weeks–they have the utter gall to deny two players a national team call up?

    I’d put in a transfer request on the spot.

    • Wtf why? Beas and orozco are two of their better players. Puebla is fighting relegation and its not a fifa-date. They are not obligated to release them

      • The lowest level manager in the world can tell you that you have to communicate. Not telling the US staff until it was too late for them to consider other options is just low class.
        There are numerous times a year when these team are obligated to release players, but the National Team doesn’t push the issue. Jurgen could have flown DMB and Orosco in for the Ukraine friendly. He had that right, but was considerate of MLS and FMF. You can bet he won’t be that kind to Puebla in the future.

      • The late notice i can understand the anger towards. But i am a little happy if it means no replacements are called and yedlin gets a better look

      • That coupled with Evans being out, means Parkhurst in probably at LB and Yedlin at RB now. I’m “okay” with that, but I still want to see somemore DMB against good wingers to make me feel comfortable with him.

      • How does this make Puebla look to other internationals thinking of transferring there? This is a dumb, shortsighted move.

    • I actually thought that was a reason. When Puebla stopped paying the players, the players went to the media about it, while also stating that they would continue to give 100% on the field. I thought this (explitive) move by Puebla had that in mind.

      Not to mention Mexico’s had a terrible qualifying campaign, with the U.S. starting the trend of Azteca being a winnable environment. Plus the “Dos y Cero” thing. They might still be bitter.

      It’s a stupid move, to say the least.


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