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Michael Bradley, Tim Ream withdraw from USMNT squad for Ukraine friendly

Michael Bradley of USA


Jurgen Klinsmann has had to deal with lingering concerns about whether the USA-Ukraine friendly would actually be played given the political drama playing out in Ukraine, but now Klinsmann is dealing with worrying about just who he will have available to play in the match if it actually winds up being played.

Michael Bradley and Tim Ream have withdrawn the U.S. Men’s National Team squad, U.S. Soccer announced on Saturday. The pair join Mix Diskerud, who had revealed earlier on Saturday that he would also miss the match. U.S. Soccer confirmed Diskerud’s withdrawal as well.

Bradley and Diskerud are missing the match due to minor injuries which allowed their club teams to request that they be allowed to stay home rather than taking part in the friendly. Ream has pulled out for personal reasons, which sources tell SBI was due to the recent birth of his first child.

The losses of Bradley, Diskerud and Ream bring the number of players taking part in the upcoming USMNT camp to 21, with Julian Green taking part despite the fact he will not play in the friendly due to being ineligible.

The absences will leave Klinsmann somewhat thin in central midfield, with Sacha Kljestan a good bet to be partnered with Danny Williams or Jermaine Jones, assuming Klinsmann doesn’t start all three together.

What do you think of this development? What lineup would you like to see take the field against Ukraine now?

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  1. Tim Ream is a good father and I applaud him for that. But, on the other hand, he has to think about his future with the USMNT. At this point, this was his last chance to prove his worth to Jürgen Klinsmann. Tim Ream can now rest assured that he will be spending the summer with his kid because he is not going to Brazil, unless he buys a ticker himself.

  2. Good thing Jurgen is an optimistic sort. He can’t seem to get all his best XI on the field at the same time to see how things might work, and give him time to tinker. Guess that’s the way the ball rolls. I’ll watch the game, but probably whine the whole time.

  3. I think the Danny Williams, Jermaine Jones partnership would be great to see, with SK coming in for JJ at the half. Williams has a real chance of beating out Beckerman for that CDMA position though I think SK will miss out. Also, Ream has little chance of making the roster, so who cares? That’s probably what he was thinking. Onyewu will get his chance, probably with JAB and Packwood both getting some minutes with him. All good. I also think they are likely to play, just because it’s in Cyprus, both teams are already arriving, and even if the Ukraine team didn’t feel up to it, the USA squad will be training and likely playing someone (like a local team as they did in Brazil just as a scrimmage). I suspect Ukraine will be there, and our guys could use the game for those few position battles that remain.

  4. From a link above on J Jones

    Jones did not play the full 90 minutes, but that is due to his recent injury and his stamina not being what it normally is.

    This friendly is going to be a mess I think

  5. Cannot imagine this match taking place with Ukraine and Russia on the verge of war. Maybe playing the match outside of Ukraine would make more sence.

      • Perspective is everything isn’t it Shawn? I’d bet the language Russian leaders are using to justify this to their people is much the same as we hear here in regards to Afghanistan, Iraq…. terrorists, national security, Russian interests, stabilization. Agree or not and I don’t… it is an easier sell being that at least its on their doorstep. Likewise, most of the world outside of the US see our military actions all over the globe as nothing more than overt imperialism.

      • Please. This is a soccer board. Plus by comparing the US to Putin you sound like an imbecile.

  6. I may not even watch the game. This was supposed to be a chance to test our group in a foreign environment, but now it just seems like a glorified scrimmage.

  7. Does anyone REALLY think that this match needs to be played at all?

    Ukraine has more than enough to deal with than this irrelevant game.

  8. Well I’m just wondering if we will have any offense at all? I think the lack of a creative mid will really hurt the forwards chances and unless the Ukraine is really bad, I could see us with a big goose egg at the end of the day

  9. JK will get a chance to see if Kljestan can partner with Jones, assuming Jones is healthy. Else, he will either pair Williams with Sasha or move Cameron up (but with Ream out that leaves a dearth of fullbacks). I suspect Castillo will start at LB with Gooch and Brooks in the middle and Cameron on the right like so:




    Bedoya–Dempsey–F. Johnson


    Of course, A. Johannsson could start and if so it might move Dempsey out to the right. And, of course, JK could use FJ as a fullback or prefer Packwood to either Brooks or Gooch.

  10. Seems like Bradley is the only person who knows what’s going on with the team and could give the team some direction that would reflect Klinsmann’s philosophy. My question: Can they win against Ukraine this way?

  11. Fine with this… Bradley is an automatic and a known quantity. Ream is a guy who has a 5% chance of catching a flight there and no hope of a single minute on the field. Let’s figure out what we still need to know with this friendly and keep it to that.

  12. I would like to see an 11 like this:


    Cameron—-Onyewu——Packwood——F. Johnson




    Im not sure about JAB this game as he is just coming back from injury and has not played since hertha came back from break, so I guess play gooch there. Id like to see Boyd, Agudelo, Williams, Castillo and Morales get some time. Maybe also give Guzan a half or 30 min.

  13. TFC preseason went poorly IMO. I’m thinking this is an “injury” rather than an injury, i.e., he would prefer to stay with his club team and get things in better shape going into the new MLS season.

  14. I’m not sure Bradley would have got the start any way. He hasn’t played a real match of any kind in months. I’d rather see someone who is closer to midseason form.

  15. Tim Ream? He was horrible a year ago but gotta admit he’s been 1 of the best CB’s in th championship this season but I doubt JK will give him another luck as Gooch is BACK

      • Yes he has played LB and from most accounts did OK, I do worry about his speed, but he is probably no slower than Bocanegra was in his prime. I suspect he is not as smart a defender as Boca which means he may need to call up some speed to recover.

      • I have read in the past where Ream is extremely fast, possibly the fastest on this Bolton team. However being fast doesn’t make him an over lapping LB. also I believe Ream has been playing LB due to injuries and his coach has been praising him for his improved play and gave home a strong endorsement recently.

  16. O/T but what do you think about Liverpool? Number 2 in the league due to goal difference and Man City having 2 games in hand, but still, fantastic news

  17. I know that they aren’t bringing anyone else in but I would have thought Spector would be a good replacement as he can play defensive mid or right back. The 4 month injury break didn’t allow him to be brought in for a couple of other friendlies so even though he may not be in top form, he deserves a look. Can’t help but wonder if maybe his manager didn’t want to risk him as he is one of the top couple of players at Birmingham.

    • Spector is actually just the nice looking version of Geoff Cameron. If Cameron dies or the team decides to concentrate on a calendar instead of winning at the World Cup, they will bring in Spector.

  18. Could this be the historic game that Kljestan actually plays his preferred position?

    I know this isn’t our full squad, but it worries me that Cameron is probably the best RB and CB on the roster, and might be the best option to sub in as a holding midfielder as well, assuming we play with three central-ish midfielders.

    • We’re in trouble when we have that type of consideration with Cameron; needed both in defense and the midfield, lol.

      They should cancel this game. In four days it could be a warzone. Now being reduced to basically a B- lineup on our part, at a time when JK needs to start finding missing pieces for Brazil, and having no idea whether Ukraine will be able to field a team that is physically and mentally ready to help in that determination (assuming the game can be played) starts to make this friendly sound pretty silly.

    • In other words, I share your view that SK should be allowed to compete for a spot in his natural position (and your frustration that he hasn’t been given that opportunity). But let’s that were to happen and SK shines. In this game, would that creating a lasting impression? Probably not. Everyone would chalk that up to it being against a national side representing a country looking at the possibility of using military action to expel an invasion they already believe has happened.

    • If he’s paired with Jones or Williams, Klinsi will probably force Kljestan to play higher than he likes, as usual, not giving him a chance to show his stuff

  19. As annoying as this might be friendlies that have a mix of players like this are good because you never know which players will be fit for game one of the World Cup. Do you think Cameron could be moved to mid. Because let’s be honest. He’s probably 1st sting RB and 3rd string MF. If either jones (who has played yet since his move) MB aren’t good to go he might be in the MF before RB.


  20. So a jones-williams partnership in middle? And im guessing castillos gonna start at LB.

    So im thinking






    • —Jozy———Aj——





      FJ and Cameron need games in at fullback. Williams and Jones like to attack while Kljestan likes to set the tempo. Bedoya, Shea, Aguedlo, Boyd and Castillo off the bench


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