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SBI MLS Save of the Week: Brian Perk


    • -1, Perk’s save preserved a point for the Gs. Perkins’ might have been prettier or something, but Seattle would have won either way, so his save didn’t really matter much.

      • It still wasn’t a particularly impressive save though, that is fairly routine. I get that it was important for saving points but I would expect a starting goalie to make that save every time.

      • So you were expecting something more aesthetically pleasing to your eye. That’s incredibly subjective. A lot of GKs made arguably pretty saves over the weekend. There has to be something more objective in the selection process. Perk’s save had more impact on the game.

      • Save of the week is all about how impressive a save is on the difficulty scale as far I’m concerned. There are dozens of saves each week there preserve a win or draw, just because a save does that doesn’t make it good. It was a solid save and he did well to push it wide but I just don’t think it’s even close to Perkins on the difficulty scale.

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